A Mother's Prayer

A mother’s gift is to give life. But in the daily demands of feeding and forming, cleaning and cautioning, tending and teaching, her gift can get lost in the layers. She needs to remember that her work begins with herself. To be attentive to others, she must listen to her own heart. To care for others, she must take time for herself. To teach self-love to others, she must act lovingly towards her own body and her time…

A Mother’s Prayer


I need your help today.

I want to care for those you’ve sent into my

life, to help them grow in body, mind and

spirit, to help them develop the special gifts

you’ve given them.

But I also want to free them to follow their own

paths and bring their loving wisdom to the


Help me embrace them without clutching,

to support them without suffocating, to correct

them without crushing.

And help me to live joyfully and playfully

myself so they can see Your life in me and

Find their way to you. Amen.