Cannon Ball Moments

Written by Blanca

May 28, 2020

 A friend told me the other day, you’ve come a long way since Nan died, have you ever thought of what your life would be like if he was still around. I have imagined it many times and in my mind, I am always the picture of deep contentment, but not much of personal and spiritual growth. 

Just like how that cannon ball changed the trajectory of St. Ignatius life so did Nan’s death for me. And while I cannot begin to imagine how God reasons sometimes, I have come to understand that these cannonball moments that He would send our way that oftentimes knock the wind out of us or shake us to our very core, these are what would propel us to press forward and rise up in faith. These are what would lead and connect to what greater things God has prepared for our future. They may not look like it at the start but when viewed through the lens of faith, we’ll be able to eventually see clearly how they are meant to bless us instead of hurt us. 

Image credit: “Cannon Balls at Fort Zachary Taylor on Key West” by Lee Edwin Coursey is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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