Our Lady of Fatima

Written by Blanca

May 16, 2020

When I was about 7 years old, my mom underwent surgery. Since ate and I were still young then, my dad had to leave her in the hospital alone to take care of us.

 When she was discharged, she told us of the dream she had during her first night there. A man armed with a knife slipped inside her room and when he was about to do her harm, a lady suddenly appeared before them. The brightness of the light coming from her crown scared the man away but her presence brought my mom so much peace, she forgot about being worried or frightened about being left alone. She was able to sleep soundly despite her discomfort.



“The brightness of the light coming from her crown scared the man away but her presence brought my mom so much peace.”

My mom couldn’t forget the lady that appeared in her dream and so when she fully recovered, she and my dad scoured all the shops that sell religious images in Baclaran until they found the exact replica of her. She was Our Lady of Fatima. They brought her home and to this day, She holds a special place in our altar.
Over the years, in good times and in bad, we would kneel before her to pray the rosary, imploring Her help, and seeking Her intercession. She is the one who taught me to believe, adore, and love God even more especially during my moments of grief and sorrow.
In this extraordinary time of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, the rosary that She taught us to pray continues to bring us hope and comfort.
Our Lady of Fatima, please intercede for us and for the whole world. 


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