COVIDiaries-19: Love in the time of Coronavirus

Written by Blanca

March 18, 2020

And the people stayed home. They rediscovered, among others, the joy of eating meals together and waking up leisurely to the sound of loved ones moving about in the house. They made time for work at home but also for taking the weeds out in the garden, cooking, and cleaning the house.

Parents engage their kids in unhurried conversation about anything under the sun while married couples, well, squabble because they cannot stand each other anymore for long periods of time. Work has sadly made them drift apart. But during unguarded moments, when they think the other one isn’t looking, they say a silent prayer of thanks to heaven for their spouse. For clearly, they still love each other dearly despite always being at odds. All the while the children, in between reading, playing, and art, they look around them, and marvel in joy and wonder at the contentment and peace this situation has brought their hearts.

Those without spouses and children to think of, for the first time in their lives, don’t regret not having any. As it is, they have their hands full taking care of their aging parents. When they are not in front of the computer doing work or binging on their favorite netflix series, they play with doughs, read a book, and dream of great possibilities. In their solitude, they promise themselves that when this blows over and the dust has finally settled, they will bravely go after what they want.


…when fear and uncertainty boldly stare them in the face, they strip themselves off of pride and arrogance

And the people who cannot afford to stay home because they need to work and care for others, they wake up everyday with heavy hearts. Where they find the strength to get up in the morning to continue the daily grind, no one knows. It is especially difficult for someone who lives in a bubble to understand. And so, they quietly go about their daily tasks, driven by love and moved by a noble mission to serve others at all costs. Bone tired and weary, they fiercely pray that this soon shall pass so they may also have an equal chance to go home to kiss their loved ones a little longer and hug them really tight.

And most people stayed at home, and in their quiet moments, when fear and uncertainty boldly stare them in the face, they strip themselves off of pride and arrogance. They climb off from the high pedestal that they uncharacteristically and unknowingly placed themselves in. They get down on their knees before the Lord in deep surrender to humbly pray for His grace and for His comforting presence during this difficult time. And finally, in all their human weaknesses, they acknowledge fully His authority, power, and dominion over and above all things.

And only then did earth and humanity begin to heal…

Inspired by a post shared by Fr. Declan McInerneys parish of Clonfert FB page

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