I saw a random post that says, in times like this, you better start a journal to document everything. I am a Social Studies teacher and I know for a fact how important written accounts are when studying History and so, I decided to resurrect this space.


For the past two years, I have gone micro-blogging in my facebook and instagram accounts. This global crisis known as COVID-19 has forced me back to this bigger platform in the hope that ten years from now, when I want to remember how this decade started and how this fearsome coronavirus took the world by storm, I have this to refer to.

Today is Day 1 of the community quarantine in Metro Manila, Philippines. In a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Philippine government decided to put the entire National Capital Region on a lockdown or community quarantine as how they would like to call it.  Other major cities and provinces outside NCR have decided to follow suit as well. While some were quick to point out that this should have been done sooner, most were just simply glad that it was finally done. In times like this, I guess, it is rather pointless to play the blame game.

Things are not looking good right now. There are about 140 positive cases of COVID-19 with only 2 confirmed recoveries as of 6 pm tonight. Hospitals are scrambling to get their hands on PPE kits for their health care workers and front liners since these valuable medical equipments are not easily available anymore due hoarding. A blanket of fear has enveloped the entire region and its surrounding provinces, if not the whole nation, as people start to become anxious thinking about what will happen next in the coming days.

Offices are being forced to adapt flexible work arrangements, some businesses are starting to close, and most schools abruptly shut down leaving students no chance to say goodbye to their classmates and teachers. Everyone is being forced to stay at home and social distancing has become the new norm.

At this moment, as the figures continue to rise, they remain just simply numbers to me since I have no direct relation to these figures..yet. What would frighten me the most is when one of these figures suddenly become one of my friends, workmates, neighbours or worse, close relatives or family members.  It scares me to think that one day, I will wake up to the news that one of the people I know or close to my heart has suddenly contracted this virus.  I shudder at the thought that when that happens, they might not survive it.  I feel sad at the thought that I won’t know exactly what to do to help them except hope, pray, and trust that in Jesus’ name, they’ll get through this and we’ll get through this.

But then in my state of frantic panicking, I would also remember this thought that got me through the worst of times: God is the one who calls the shots and when you know who your boss is, come hell or high water, you will remain at peace. Major slap in my face, I tell you.

In times like this really, we just have to seek God’s grace as we endure the wait and the not-knowingness of things.  We just have to simply trust that God is at work even if we can’t see or feel it clearly yet. Hang in there, people.








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