40 Day Lenten Devotion 2018
Day 1: Dear Lord, help me fix my steady gaze on you this lent. May I develop a heart that longs only for you and a spirit that delights in pleasing you.
Day 2: Dear Lord, may we remain firm and committed in loving and honoring you this season of lent. May our choices be guided by your holy spirit, and our actions be blessed by your grace. Amen.
Day #3: Dear Lord, thank you for always anticipating my needs, for lining up solutions to my problems even before I bring them to you, and for being one step ahead of me all the time. May I always be aware and sesitive to your gentle insistent proddings so I won’t easily give in to anxiety, worry, and despair. As I affixed my steady gaze on you this lent Lord, may peace that you alone can give rein in my heart. Amen.
Day #4: Dear God, “what if your blessings come through raindrops. What if Your healing comes through tears. What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near. What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?!”—-Then I welcome each and every heartache and all the sleepness nights. I won’t detest the struggle or give up the fight, if this is what it takes to have you and know that you are by my side, I welcome them Oh Lord, for I know these are your mercies in disguise.
Day #5: Dear Lord, may your loving grace sustain me this week as I try to accomplish all that you set my heart to do. When life tries to pull me away from you, may I hear your loving command to follow you more clearly.
Day #6: Dear Lord, may I always remember that it is you I seek and long to please. When the pressure of succeeding at something becomes too much, may I always remember that as long as I do everything for your honor and glory, all my efforts, lovingly made, will be enough to make you proud and happy.
Day #7: Dear Lord, may I never forget to offer to you each and every discomfort and difficulty I face each day. May I not succumb easily to discouragement and despair when they come. Instead, may I recognize them for what they are—my ticket to heaven and my only way to you.
Day #8: Dear Lord, thank you for getting me through the toughest days and for providing me with the strength I need when I feel like I have nothing left. You are indeed the source of all grace. I praise and honor you always.
Day #9: Dear Lord, today I choose to focus on the good that my cross brings. I choose to be grateful for the graces that come from it. I choose to believe that as long as I embrace it close to my heart, I will be blessed always and in every way that matters.
Day #10: Dear Lord, show me the way of love that I may always do even the hardest things with great joy. Show me the way of love so I may always respond to people, even to the difficult ones, with kindness . Show me the way of love that I may always see you in others.
Day #11: Dear God, this week I trust that you already have a ready answer to all my prayers, right solutions to all my problems, perfect plan to all my undertakings, and even contingecies just in case I mess up and fail to recognize your gentle insistent proddings. I trust that you will connect and lead me to the right people who will help me bring to fruition all that you have set my heart to do. I shall draw heavily on your resources, on your grace Lord, and trust that everything in my life this week and in the days to come will work in accordance with your own mighty will. Amen.
Day 12: Dear Lord, how swiftly you respond to my prayers, how sensitive you are to my needs. Many times, I do not have to ask, you just simply give. I am blessed and grateful to have you as my Father. In return, I promise to be as attentive, devoted, and commited to you.
Day #13: Dear Lord, teach me true humility so I may learn to do my work in quiet joy and be motivated only by a deep desire to please you and give you glory. Teach me true humility so that it is your affirmation and not some wordly recognition I will seek. Teach me humility that I may learn to follow the path of Christ, and remember that success or victory is a grace that can only come from heartfelt and humble service.
Day #14: Dear Lord, may my heart and mind remained siLENT and focused on you alone this blessed season of lent.
Day #15: Dear God, bless me with a kind heart that is slow to anger and is not quick to judge. A kind heart that can forgive and understand even those who appear too difficult to love.
Day #16: Dear God, in the face of difficulty and uncertainty, I choose to give thanks and praise to thee, and promise to trust where I cannot understand.
Day #17: Dear Lord, many times we’ve found ourselves in places we never thought we will be. I used to question things but then over the years, I have learned to just simply trust that wherever we may find ourselves in, it is your will and your plan we are living. We are exactly where you will manifest to us fully your blessings. Thank you for this trip, Lord and for the people who are with us in this blessed journey.
Day #18: Dear Lord, we take different paths to get to you. Some journeys are easy while others are not. What’s truly amazing is this, however different our journeys are, you have blessed each and every one of them so that in the end, we may all enjoy a life of full blessings and grace.
Day #19: Dear God, sometimes we get lucky and meet friends who’ll make us feel like we just had the best conversation with you after being around them. It is because when they speak of the faith, their words ring with sincerity, wisdom, and truth. They also live out the faith with so much passion, they radiate joy. I just want to say thank you Lord for blessing my life with this kind of friends. Friends who help me grow in faith, and make me appreciate and love you more.
Day #20: Dear Lord, when I find it hard to forgive and understand others, may I always remember how easily You forgive my own shortcomings and how generously you show compassion and mercy towards me everyday.
Day #21. Dear Lord, how swiftly you answer my prayers and how attentive you are to my needs. I am truly blessed to be loved by you. As I commit to a life that is pleasing to you, may I always live up to your expectations. You have my heart forever, Lord and I promise to serve you in any loving way I can, now till forever. Amen.
Day #22: Dear Lord, may my heart be moved only by compassion and a burning desire to love others at whatever cost and my spirit be strong and ready to brave and withstand even the fiercest of storms. May my eyes remain joyful and my smile bright despite knowing sorrow and grief, and may my lips speak nothing but faith and loving grace, even in the face of defeat.
Day #23: Dear Lord, may my heart and soul long for you alone, and my mind be filled with only thoughts of you. With every strength, may I learn to translate my faith and love for you in actions, blessing, inspiring, and enriching the lives of many so your name will be glorified. Amen.
Day #24: Dear Lord, may I always humbly seek your mercy so I will receive your grace. By your example of charity, patience, and understanding, and through your transforming love, may I learn to show compassion and mercy even to those who are difficult to forgive and love.
Day #25: Dear Lord, I will start the week with a grateful heart. I thank you in advance for my prayers that shall be perfectly answered this week. For the unexpected opportunities that shall fall on my lap, for the little yet significant miracles that I shall witness, and for the big and small victories that I shall achieve in the coming days. A week may seem short to experience all these but I know that with you, anything and everything is possible.
Day #26: Dear Lord, I take your word that you will restore whatever is broken and heal whatever afflictions we may have. I believe in your wonders and miracles, Lord and I have complete trust in your saving word and healing love.
Day #27: Dear Lord, I am grateful that you’ve met every occassion of sorrow in my life with grace until there’s nothing left for me to feel but joy in your presence. I fear not the future for I know you have gone there before me and that whatever happens, it shall be according to your plan and in my favor.
Day #28: Dear Lord, teach me how to be as gracious and merciful as you, slow to anger, patient, understanding, and kind. May all that I do be born out of compassion and love. Amen.
Day #29: Dear Lord, when I want to do little else but pull my hair out or throw my hands up in the air in frustration, I am glad there’s always heaven to look up to and you to call on. Thank you for taking care of my worries today and tomorrow, Lord.
Day #30: Dear Lord, that was some work week. I am thankful for every occassion I found myself stressed, mentally drained, bone tired, and emotionally weak this week, for they reminded me that indeed, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.???❤️
Day #31: Dear Lord, I will stay where you’ve put me and allow you to direct my days. I will continue to trust and believe I am here because this is where I will be abundantly blessed, and that this place will connect me to greater opportunities ahead.
Day #32: Dear Lord, instead of making me weak, may my cross gives me strength and inspires me all the more to press forward and rise in faith this week. May it continue to open a lot of opportunities for me to live and receive your grace.
Day #33: I grew up near this old brickstone church in Las Pinas that houses the Bamboo Organ. That is where I was baptized and confirmed, and where as a teenager, I promised our Patron Saint, Tatang Jose, that if I ever find a man as decent as him to marry, I will personally drag him there and present to him. Truth be told, five years after leaving my hometown, I stood before St. Joseph’s altar swapping “I dos” with my own version of St. Joseph, Nan, my obedient, steadfast, and loving husband. The one I asked and prayed for from him and the one he faithfully gave to me.
Dear St. Joseph, I ask that someday, may you bless Bianca and all the young ladies with husbands who will protect, love, and care for the family the same way you have loved, protected, and cared for Mama Mary and Baby Jesus. Bless them with husbands who, like you, would seek, listen, and follow the Lord’s will with all their hearts too.
Day #34: Dear Lord, I love how you direct my steps and line up solutions to my problems even before I ask for them. I love how well orchestrated your answers to my prayers are, and how they always leave me dumbfounded in awe. Indeed, everything is ready in your plan, I just have to learn to trust.
Day #35: Dear Lord, no matter how uncertain things may seem, I shall continue to live with this expectancy that something good is coming my way, and that you are ready to amaze.
Day #36: Dear Lord, you said out of difficulties grow miracles. I’ll take your word for it. I won’t complain nor be anxious. I will just simply wait patiently for my miracle.
Day #37: Dear Lord, may I always remember to put love in everything I do for love is love, there is nothing attached to it other than, service.
Day #38: Dear Lord, it comforts me to know that you are a constant in my life and that your presence will always remain. I look forward to a future with You.
Day #39: Dear Lord, if there is one thing I learned from Jesus’ sufferings it is that, despite the circumstances, despite the pain, hardship, and sorrow, still do love, still do all things with love.
Day #40: Dear Lord, I underestimated your ability to deliver again. I once more gave in to that fearful, cautious voice inside my head that says, you are dreaming too big, you are aiming too high, you are not managing your expectations. I turned a blind ear to that gentle yet persistent whisper in my heart that says, trust, surrender completely, He will make it happen. Lord, thank you for letting me know today that you are aware of my petitions and that you’re always on it. Sorry for letting my fears and doubts get the best of us again.
Day #41: Dear Lord, sometimes your reasons are lost to me but I firmly believe that you know what best is for us and so, I choose to trust where I cannot understand.
Day #42: Dear Lord, today is mine but tomorrow is clearly yours. There’s nothing I can do but trust and believe that what lies ahead has already been blessed and planned beautifully by you.
Day #43: Dear Lord, I hope that when the time comes, I will be given the chance to spend my last night, my last supper with my loved ones. I pray that like Jesus, I may be able to share a hearty meal with them, and be given the chance to show them through my loving service just how much they mean to me. In my hour of death, may I be in the loving company of my family.
Day #44:”O all you that pass by the way, look and see, was there ever a sorrow to compare with my sorrow.” (Lamentation 1:12)—Dear Mama Mary, I never really knew how painful it was for you to see Jesus suffer on the cross until I stood beside the recovery bed of my own suffering child after her surgery and during the few times I’ve witnessed her battle illnesses. My sorrow even then was nothing compared to your sorrow. As I watched my child cry in pain, my heart broke into a thousand pieces. I can only imagine what it must have felt like for you seeing your own child suffer and die on the cross to save us. As I venerate the cross today Mama Mary, I venerate you as well for giving birth and raising our reedemer, our savior, Jesus Christ. You are the perfect example of deep courage, humility, and trust. May I learn to be the perfect handmaid of the Lord like you. May I learn to carry grief and sorrow gracefully, and may I learn to submit myself and surrender my child graciously to the will of God like you.
Day #45: Dear Lord, like Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James and Salome in the gospel today, may I always be amazed by your power to bring back to life whatever it is that is dying in us; flickering hope, failing health, diminishing dreams, and broken relationship. If there is one thing that your son, Jesus Christ’s resurrection taught me it is that with You, anything and everything is possible, the miraculous is almost always at arms reach, just simply waiting to happen anytime, and these awe-inspiring wonders that oftentimes leave me breathless, as long as we remain in faith with you, they shall never, ever cease.

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