Moms of previous generation were mostly domesticated divas who juggle their time between raising children and managing the household. Modern day mommas however, are as right at home on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today as they are in the kitchen, uploading perfectly executed photos, updating online statuses, liking, sharing, and commenting on posts.
While the social media networks have admittedly brought us together in ways that were not possible before, we, moms, however should always keep in mind that even in these environments we continue to be our children’s role model. Therefore, we should act accordingly. Here’s are some social media etiquette that every online mom should know when conducting themselves in facebook, twitter, and instagram.
Practice “cybercivility”
Anything we share online, may it be comments, images, articles etc. give others a collective snapshot of who we are and what we value. Our children,most especially, watch, read, and absorb all that we do digitally. Sad to say, if you go over the comment section of almost any controversial article in the internet, you will be surprised at the number of rude and cruel comments from adults themselves. For our children to grow into respectful and caring individuals who knows how to use technology responsibly, we have to behave appropriately, constructively, and respectfully in the online community too. Kids especially teens become the example we set for them.
Avoid oversharenting
Facebook, twitter, and instagram have made it easy for moms to document children’s milestones and share the joys and challenges of parenthood. In fact, they have successfully made updating and uploading our life in the internet a social norm. However, all these sharings come with a price. Stories of how excessive sharing of personal information has compromised families’ most especially children’s safety, with the worse being digital kidnapping, have been rampant in the news lately. As a parent, we are responsible for our child’s protection and privacy. We need to be mindful of what we share and how much we share in social media because once it is out there, it is hard to undo. Anyone can access and use them no matter how strict our privacy settings are. They become part of our child’s digital footprint too.
Show respect and courtesy
Gina, mom of China, 13 and Sophie, 15 shares, “One time I felt nostalgic, I shared an old photo of my girls when they were about 7 and 9 years old. I never realized how much this upset my girls until China came up to me one day crying, ‘Mom thanks to you, my friends are now calling me chubby chinchin.’ I made the mistake of uploading and tagging my girls in the photo of them wearing bathing suits!” Respect and courtesy also applies in social media. Just because our children are cute in the photo does not mean that they would love seeing it on facebook or instagram. We still need to ask their permission first before sharing a post, video, or image of them because no matter how cute, funny, or inspiring their images and experiences are, they are still not ours to share. Not all parents of our children’s friends also would welcome seeing photos of their children in social media for privacy and security reasons. It is best to ask clearance from them first before posting or tagging them in photos with their children.
Parent Offline
Although social media provides us with an ingenius way of connecting with family and friends in an instant, it still can never replace personal interaction when it comes to parenting kids. Nothing beats spending quality time with your children offline. They appreciate us more when we are not lost in our smartphones and screens or too busy liking and commenting on their posts and pictures. Let’s face it, what may be a supportive action for us may be embarassing and instrusive for them when we do it online. Compliment them, call their attention, and discuss issues and concerns with them in person rather than in the comment box of their facebook, intagram, and twitter accounts. Be that kind of “invisible mom” in social media and you are guranteed to receive a million likes and love from your children, especially from your teens.

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