Since christmas is just a few sleeps away, I am sure a lot of you are thinking of the perfect gift to give yourself or your loved one this christmas. If you or your loved one likes to collect mementos of special moments like me, then pandora bracelet and charms are the perfect gifts to give yourself or somebody close to your heart.
I started collecting pandora charms only this year. A few months before my late husband died, he promised that he’ll start my own pandora collection. One of those promises that he never did get to complete but still manages to keep despite his death.:)
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You see this year, my cousin from the States surprised me with a pandora silver bracelet. I thought I would never get to have one since I was reluctant to buy for myself here because it is expensive (4,500 pesos for the sterling and leather bracelet). So you can just imagine how totally thrilled I was when she gifted me with the silver pandora bracelet. Since the charms were a bit costly too(1,920 for silver charms regardless of size and design, 3,500 for danglings, 2,500-3,500 for muranos, and 4,500-6,000 for the two tones), I decided to window shop charms first at Pandora Resorts World.  I went there with my mom and daughter and guess what?! I went home with 3 charms. As luck would have it, the clown charm was on sale at 900 pesos and my daughter with a little prodding (*wink*wink) from mom decided to buy it for me.The clown reminds me of my late husband who filled our home with so much laughter when he was alive.  My mom got excited when she saw how cute the charms were too and so she instantly bought the Amore’ charm (her namesake) and the limited edition money bag for luck for me.
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But wait as if my luck with charm collection wasn’t enough, my friend’s brother went on a trip to Hawaii where there’s a big Pandora flagship store. He graciously agreed to buy me the love bouquet two tone charm that was on my pandora wish list. He bought it in its original price of $45. I was able to save 2,500 pesos since they sell it here for 4,500. The love bouquet charm is pretty special as it  reminds me of  my husband’s one special act of love a few weeks before he died. He gave me a big bouquet of long stemmed roses for the first time on my birthday. The love bouquet will always remind me of that.
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Pandora charm collection can be addicting I tell you. To make it worth your money and to make the charm collection pretty special, buy only charms that hold a lot meaning for you. Save up for that one or two special charms that will remind you of that memorable trip you took, that important milestone you completed or that special person in your life. If you have relatives going to the States, ask them to buy the charm that you want.  Beg, cajole, bribe them if you have too! Haha! Believe me you will save a lot of money since the silver, murano, and two tone charms are cheaper there.
For now, I am saving for the frog prince charm.  I have a penchant for kermit the frog and my husband used to indulged my addiction. He will always be my own frog prince. And I also like to have the cute little girl dangling charm that reminds me so much of my daughter.
If you want to express how you cherish the moments you had with your loved one or remember the unforgettable moments you had with them in a special way, say it with charms. Start your Pandora collection now.
Pandora Stores can be found in Fiesta Mall, Greenbelt 5, Resorts World, and BGC. To view the latest Pandora collection, you may visit

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