Don’t be alarmed my friends, I am not going under the knife to have some  sort of plastic surgery or face lift. I am just going to have the surface of my face scrapped off so I wouldn’t have to stare at my pimple laden face everyday. Kidding aside though, one of the things that I promised myself to do this 2013 is to take good care of my skin by keeping my acne under control. I am one of those people still asleep when the goddess of beauty decided sprinkle some fair, clear, blemish free magic skin powder all around. With the rate my pimples are going, it  looks like they’re here to stay for life so I have appointed 2013 as the year that I will seriously do something about it.
Acne as you probably know cannot be cured. It is a condition characterized by blemishes that form when  hormonally triggered sticky sebum (oil glands) combine with dead skin cells to clog pores and form blackheads or whiteheads.  Everyone’s skin has a P. acnes bacteria, when this gets trapped inside these clogged pores and multiply, it causes infections under the surface.  And this leads to inflammations or the visible red, raised and often swollen and sore lesions  we know as pimples.
Acne is a continuous cycle of clogging of the dead skin cell pores, acne bacteria growth and multiplication, oil accumulation, and inflammation and swelling.  This cycle leads to breakouts. The acne cycle starts two to three weeks before the actual breakout becomes visible. It can happen simultaneously in any of the thousands pores on the face. This condition can last for about 5 to 7 years, some data shows though that the average woman with adult acne  can have it for 20 years since it is also associated with menstrual cycle, stress, hot/humid environment, and heavy make up use. It can occur and recur throughout the age of 20s, 30s and 40s.
Though it is incurable, it can be kept under control by starting a daily skin regimen that includes medicines to unclog the pores, decrease the bacteria, and calm the inflammation.  Daily maintenance with a medicated program is the key to avoid an unexpected breakout that can lead to temporary or permanent scarring.
Successful acne treatment starts with finding the right product that would prevent acne from getting out of hand. One of the trusted anti acne system  is Proactiv. Developed by Drs. Rodan and Fields, Proactiv addresses the factors that maybe silently occurring in any one of the 10,000 pores on the face.   It uses a combination therapy system, the first of its kind, which has several products that heals the blemishes you currently have and helps keep the face from forming new pimples .  Reports showed that most people who used Proactiv noticed an improvement in skin texture, tone, and pore size within the first few days of use. With continued use of Proactiv twice daily, fewer breakouts occur and further clearing is expected.
zproactiv 1
Proactiv doesn’t cure acne condition since we have established that it is incurable, its ingredients though like allantoin, panthenol, ale vera, glycolic acid work well to improve overall texture, tone, and appearance of skin. So with continued use, it may also clear away dark spots and help fade discoloration on all skin type since it helps exfoliate dead skin cell for better penetration of the medications.
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We should keep in mind that acne will always be there as long as the reasons for it are there (e.g. oil accumulation, bacteria proliferation, inflammation, and dead skin cells). And also as long as we keep on stressing ourselves, doesn’t watch out our food intake, and experiences hormonal imbalance. Completely understanding the causes of acne, how treatment should be effectively done, and continued use of the best nonstop treatment for acne such as Proactiv are the only ways to control it.
I have to admit that I sometimes fail to stick to my acne medication treatment due to lack of time and I guess laziness that is why I do get humongous breakouts all the time. This 2013, I promised to be more disciplined in keeping with my skin regimen. I also promise to watch what I eat, and slow down a little to avoid stressing myself too much.
For those of you interested in kissing your acne goodbye this year, Proactiv Solution is available in the following outlets:

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  2. Proactiv Mall Kiosk:
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Proactiv Kit has the following items and it also provides a Money Back Gurantee:
Step 1:  Renewing Cleanser
Step 2:  Revitalizing Toner
Step 3:  Repairing Treatment
Free:  Refining Mask
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Price:  Proactiv 30 Day Kit (P 2495) / Proactiv 60 Day Kit (P3395)

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