So have you decided which planner you’ll  get for yourself  this 2013? I am pretty sure a lot of you have done your research already and been to the bookstore to check out some of them. And I know that a good number of you has been frequenting  coffee shops as well, not so much for the coffee but for the stickers.  Trust me, I understand how you feel because year after year, I always find myself in the same situation.
This year though it’ll be different, a week before my husband passed away, he gifted me with a July 2012-Dec. 2013 pocket planner so I will be using that for now.  But this does not mean though that I have set aside my quest for the perfect planner.  I am still at it but this time not to buy for myself but to share with you which one is worth your money.
Last year, my daughter’s ninang gifted her with a doodle planner from Filed and I have to say we both fell in love with it. And this year, I will be buying her another one again too! The concept of this doodle planner is very unique. You can use them in a lot of ways.  It is not your usual generic planner where you only jot down your plans, schedule, to-do’s,  expenses, and that’s it.  It is all that and more.

The Filed 2012-2013 planner comes in two colors, black and white.  When you purchase one now you can get the limited edition plushy toy, Moodi. What’s good about this doddle planner is that you can color and decorate the artwork featured every month any way you want and like it!

It provides a lot of spaces where you can doodle whenever the mood strikes you.

It is not all about schedules and tasks, you can also engage in super fun goal setting and future planning with its cute features.

If you are fond of  coloring, scribbling, and doodling at the back pages of notebooks like my daughter and I, this planner is definitely “tHe oNe” for you. I highly recommend this as Christmas gift to friends or to  your tween or teenage daughters/sons or “inaanaks” as this will not only teach them the skills of planning and organization but will hone their creativity as well.  This planner will encourage them to think out of the box and express themselves through art and writing. It definitely leaves a LOT of room for creativity and imagination. And what’s more it is proudly a Pinoy brand! All the more that we should buy and use this.  Hey, we gotta love our own, so enough of the american pop culture inspired planner, its time we proudly flash our very own unique planner.:)
Best part  is, Filed is giving away two 2013 doodle planners with bandoliers (one black, one white) to two lucky reader/follower of Blancnotes. All you have to do to join the raffle is follow these simple steps  (remember to do all steps to qualify):

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  • Tweet about this giveaway by sharing: @getFILED and @blancnotes are giving away 2 doodle planners. Join now @friend1 @friend2” (don’t forget to properly tag Filed and Blancnotes)
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  • Answer this question using the comment box below, “What do you like about Filed’s doodler planner?” Don’t forget to leave your complete name, email add, URL of your facebook and twitter posts and your city.

You can send in your entries until 11:59 pm of November 30. Contest is open to Luzon residents only. I will pick the winner thru Goodluck!:)
To order the 2013 Doodle Planner, CLICK HERE.

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