Back in 2010, I wrote about how I discovered (CLICK HERE TO READ).  At that time, it has already made a name for itself as the leading local online classified ads where you can score great deals. And since then, I have been an avid fan and follower, most especially of their promos and contests.   I have always been impressed by the bold and innovative ideas that the young and dynamic Sulit team always come up with. From its easy to managed and  easy to maneuver interface, efficient buy and sell mechanism, strong security features, and its aggressive marketing strategies, I say it has clearly  gone a long way from being an experimental project  meant  to gather data and test the feasibility of an idea to where it is today.

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Sulit was founded by boyfriend-girlfriend turned husband and wife team of RJ and Arianne David.  It was a product of both their dream and vision of creating an online classified ads that would provide earning opportunities to Filipinos.
Backed by Arianne and RJ’s self acquired skills through years of experience in the IT industry particularly in web development and design as well as RJ’s know how in software/product testing, plus fueled by their desire to create a place where people will have the opportunity to offer their service, talents and skills, was finally launched in September 2006 at RJ’s bedroom.   For the complete story of RJ and Arianne’s Sulit journey,  listen to this audio presentation.

Sulit’s rise to fame in the field of online classified ads was clearly not just a product of  sheer luck.  It might have started as a stroke of genius but since its inception, it has worked within the parameter of  sound technical expertise.  Sulit is  managed by a team of technical experts, with RJ at the helm, who has broad knowledge in search engine optimization and has a good pulse of the how the “netosphere” works. The many citations and awards that Sulit received are testaments to its successful climb to the top.

Sulit’s success can also be attributed to it’s goal of providing only the best service to both its online buyers and sellers.  Their quick customer response to queries and concerns have earned for them the trust and loyalty of their customers.  It is this service oriented nature that has made them enjoy  excellent rating in terms of page views and rank consistently.


Every aspect of it may it be buying, selling, and marketing has always been conceptualized and designed with the whole Sulit community in mind. PLDT SME Nation acknowledged this when they awarded the founders RJ and Arianne David the 2012 PLDT MVP Bossing Award.  This award is given to outstanding individuals who have shown exemplary leadership in the field of entreprenuership by creating jobs and livelihood opportunities for many people.

RJ and Arianne’s mantra of  “paying it forward” has continuously provided Filipino netreprenuers  more opportunities to improve their lives. The many fun contests and promos that they launch with amazing prizes also show how serious the company is in sharing the blessings that it enjoys with the whole Sulit community.  And part of its goal of maintaining good interrelationship within community, it also hosts gatherings and parties where all Sulit staff, sulitizens and media partners get to know each other.

At present, is continuously reinventing and improving itself in order to provide its users  a safe and efficient system where they can do their business, may it be selling or buying . As it updates itself to keep up with the changing times, it still continues to uphold the very same values of teamwork, respect, integrity, social responsibility, and innovation that helped them reach the top. It also continues to build and maintain an online community that breeds on honesty, mutual trust, and perseverance. With the rate things are going, we can expect Sulit in the future continuing  if not exceeding its current self in its deep desire to enrich lives through technology and innovation.


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