Good news to shopaholics out there, The Great Northern Sale is happening once again this July and I’ve never been more excited. I am a sucker when it comes to great deals and discounts. I am proud to say that most of my clothes came  from the sales rack. There’s nothing like finding the perfect blouse or pants in unbelievably low price  from a pile of clothes or seeing the dress or shirt you’ve been pinning for for months with a 50% red tag.
My husband always tells me that I become a different person when I enter a mall on sale.  My eyes become sharp and piercing and my mood automatically changes from grouchy to giddy as soon as I start rummaging through piles and racks of clothes.  I am sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that shopping especially during mall wide sale can bring you to a different kind of high.
I used to suck at shopping during red tag days, but because I was persistent to be good at it, constant practice finally paid off*wink*wink*. I have finally learned the ropes of successful shopping on sale.  I am sharing with you now some shopping tips that help keep my sanity in check and my buying impulse in control during those red tag days at the malls:

  •  Go to the mall early to get the best deals.  Malls on sale become usually  crowded around noon to mid afternoon. That way you’ll also get a good parking space.
  •   Set a realistic budget for yourself before hand. List down how much you are willing to pay for a blouse, pants or shirt, and stick to it.  Don’t bring too much money or all your credit cards as these will just tempt you to spend more. Believe me when I say that when you know that there’s extra  money in your pocket still, you will all the more become loose with your spending especially during sales. You might end up penniless and worst, with a surmountable credit card debt.
  • Shop with a friend who has a good head on her shoulder. A friend who can honestly tell you if its a good buy or not, and a friend who can knock some sense into you when you happen to insist on buying something you don’t even need just because it happens to be on 70% off.
  •  List down all the things you really need at the moment and specifically scout for them while there’s a sale. Purchase only the things that you actually need and will be able to use, otherwise leave to the others who will have better use of it.
  •  Bring only a small bag for your personal belongings and limit the things you will carry with you to just the essentials. That way you wouldn’t have to lug a heavy bag around and still have one arm free to check out stuffs.  It is also best to bring a big eco bag where you can place all your shopping bags so you won’t have to worry about leaving behind or loosing your purchases in the middle of all the excitement.
  • Be mindful of your personal belongings as there are a lot of crooks roaming around during sales looking for things to steal and pokets to picked on.
  • Head straight to your favorite store and brands so you can snag a good deal there first before you move on to the other stores. In my case, I always check out Forever 21, Bayo, Mango and SM Department Store at SM City North Edsa before I head to the others, they always have the best deals during mall wide sale.

So there you go! Let’s hit SM North Edsa on July 13-14-15, 2012 as the Great Northern Sale will happen once again on those dates.  You’ll find major discounts everywhere you look! 70% off on selected brands. Plus you’ll get the most exclusive deals on all brands, stores and dining places. See you all there!

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