Aside from ballet shoes and flats, one of the things that I absolutely love are bags. Yep,  I am a certified bagaholic. If I win the lottery, I would probably be at Greenbelt 5 in a heartbeat buying  all the Louis Vuittons, Prada, Channel, and Birkins that I can get my hands on.  For the meantime, while I am wtill awaiting my luck, I am just contenting myself with “shopping” for them at Pinterest. Pinning them there is free! 🙂
One of my favorite bag brands is Lacoste. I love their bags because they are classy and are made of good quality.  My husband knows how much I  love Lacoste bags so he would buy them for me as birthday gifts, my small collection actually came from him. They are a bit pricey  but definitely worth every penny. My Lacoste bags still look as good as new even if I have them for quite a number of years already.

Contrary to popular belief, Lacoste bags and leather goods are made from man made leather and not from crocodile skin. You might be wondering then why the company chose the crocodile to be Lacoste’s logo. Well it was because Rene Lacoste, tennis champion and founder of Lacoste Company himself, was known as “The Crocodile” for his tenacity on the tennis court. He had his animal nickname embroidered on his shirt and from then on, the Lacoste brand was forever linked to the Crocodile.

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Last May, Lacoste SA Chairman, Michael Lacoste, Rene Lacoste’s son himself was here. He confessed that though it was not his first time to come to the Philippines as he has been here before for business reasons, this was actually his first time to come here on a mission. He, together with a dozen 2 year old crocodiles, media, and group of environmentalists boarded a truck and headed to San Mariano, Isabela last May 19 to complete his mission.
Mr. Lacoste’s company is part of the international conservation initiative Save The Logo. In the Save The Logo program, companies whose logos featured endangered species are called upon to contribute to the preservation efforts of these species. The 2 year old crocodiles who accompanied Mr. Lacoste belong to the highly endangered species, Crocodylus Mindoremis or Philippine Crocodile. This species is  endemic to the Philippines.  It is projected that they will become extinct in the next ten years if no action is done to preserve and conserve them.  Mr. Lacoste initiated the release of some 12 young crocs in Dunoy Lake in Isabela in the hope that they will soon propagate.

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He hopes that with Lacoste’s involvement in the conservation efforts of the Philippine crocodile, much attention will be given to the Mabuwaya Foundation so that they can get  the support of local authorities.  Mabuwaya Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Isabela State University and Leiden University in Netherlands with the aim of protecting the Philippine crocodile and its natural habitat.
Let’s hope that a lot of companies will follow Lacoste’s lead and actively involve themselves in the preservation of endangered species too whether they use them as their logos or not.
Now time for a little giveaway, I got inspired with Lacoste involvement in environmental causes so I am giving away two animal print bags from Rubi (don’t worry, these are canvass bags, they are not made from real animal skin). I will choose the winners via

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