I have been contemplating since yesterday if I am going to write a Mother’s Day post or not. Not because I have ran out of nice things to say about my mom or my experience as a mother but because as it is, much have been said about motherhood.
It is ironic how people put so much effort on this day given the fact that for the rest of the 364 days a mother consistently puts in the same amount of time and effort in providing, giving, and loving.

I think we should all the more be doing these sweet gestures to our mothers during ordinary days since it is during this period that our mothers do these small and big things that never fail to make us feel really special.
I received the best Mother’s Day gift today but I must say that what I will remember most about it is not so much the gift itself or the ceremonial way it was handed to me but the thought that my daughter took notice of the many things that make me happy during the days that we spent time together. And armed with these thoughts, she sought to find the perfect one that would delight me the most. I guess the fact that it wasn’t just any random gift but a well thought out one makes it really special.

My Mother's Day Gift: Cath Kidston In Print (a book)

My mom specifically requested for us not to go out today to celebrate Mother’s Day. She wanted us to just stay at home so she can cook for us our favorite Kare-Kare. Cooking has always been her source of joy. She does this ordinary task daily with so much love and passion that every meal is always a special one. Today, we just had to indulge her. But not after stopping by McDo for a simple breakfast.

Mother's Day breakfast with mommy

She is at her happiest when she is in the palengke, picking the best choice of meat, walking along the vegetable aisle, and surveying the wide array of fruits. She is in her best element when she is haggling with the vendors or cooking behind the stove. As usual we had the best Mother’s Day lunch courtesy of our very own in-house Chef, Mommy. You see, the best thing about my mom is, she always manages to make each day extraordinary with her cooking and loving and given that, we have learned to surprise her with little gifts or bring her out on dates even when there is no special occassion.

In the end, what matters most to us mothers is not so much the gifts and the fanfare that come with the celebration of Mother’s Day but those little thoughtful things that you will do with great love for us Mother’s Day or not.

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