Last week, I was invited to the Press Launch of Kumon Philippines’ upcoming Education and Parenting Seminar which will be held on May 19, 2:00-4:30 pm at SM North Edsa, The Block. With this year’s theme, “Achievers of Today, Ready for the Future!” (How Parents Can Guide Their Children Amidst the Changing Landscape of the Philippine Education), Kumon aims to impart once again values and insights to parents and educators that will help them effectively support their children in achieving their full potential despite current changes in  Philippine education.

The press launch was held at Chateau 1771 at Greenbelt 5. Over sumptuous buffet and delicious dessert,  Mr. Tadashi Nakatsuka, President of Kumon Philippines and Ms. Inna Duller, Kumon Philippines’ Public Relations Leader, shared with us the  mission, vision and thrust of Kumon Philippines as well as how it can help students withstand the challenges of the K12 curiculum.

Chateau 1771

sumptuous buffet

delicious dessert

Ms. Inna Duller

Mr. Tadashi Nakatsuka

Kumon is not something new to me. In fact, I often hear it said and mentioned by my students and their parents.  But then it was only during the press launch that I fully grasp the extent of Kumon’s commitment in instilling the right values and discipline among children. Values and discipline that would help them develop their love for learning and in the process make them independent and responsible for their own studies.

In order to fully understand the Kumon Method, Ms. Inna Duller explained it  in the context of what KUMON stands for:
K.   Kindness Movement.
Kumon Method of Learning was founded by Mr. Toru Kumon. It  started when he decided to create arithmetic materials for his own child to help him improve on Arithmetic, the subject that he was struggling with. He designed original math problems that allowed his child to progress on his own and improve his math skills gradually. Through his method, his child discovered for himself his own abilities and gained confidence in his own capabilities. Mr. Toru Kumon was a firm believer of  the undiscovered potential and abilities of children that surpass even the expectations of adults.  He also believed  that what was possible for one child was possible for others too and so he set out to offer to others the opportunity to study with his Method.
U.  Understanding the child.
Kumon’s key factor is individualized instruction. Kumon believes that the key to individualized instruction is studying at the “just the right” level where at any time, with maximum effort, a student can progress on his own without being specifically taught. It aims to develop among children the joy of learning and of achieving something so the starting point of each Kumon student is determined individually at a level where they can attain a perfect score of 100 on their own. And from there, he would gradually progress until he reach his optimum level.
M.  Mastery of the basic skills.
O.   On their Own.
Kumon empowers, at first hand, the child to attain mastery of the basic skills needed in order to move to higher content. The worksheets are designed in such a way that a student progresses in small steps until he advance smoothly at the level appropriate for him. The examples and explanations provided encourages a student to self-learn and be independent.
N.   No Two Children Are Alike
Kumon sees each child as unique thus, the Kumon instructor observes each student’s study behaviors. Every Kumon Instructor’s primary concern is to ensure that the student experience over and over the sense of accomplishment and confidence that resulted from thinking through and solving problems independently. Careful observation of each child is done by every Kumon instructor in order to provide the appropriate instruction and proper guidance that each child needs.
Kumon’s Logo is a child’s thinking face because it represents the faces of children who learn, think and grow within KUMON Centers.

Since 1954, Kumon Method of Learning has been equipping children with important life skills needed to help them face challenges in the future proactively and with the right attitude. They have been instilling values of self -confidence, perseverance, positivity and independence among children. Values needed to make them ready for the future.
If you want to know more about the Kumon Method, you may visit them at this website. And if you want to know more about how you can help your child be ready for the future, you can join us on May 19 at SM North, The Block for Kumon Philippines Education and Parenting Seminar. The event is free of admission. It will be hosted by Ms. Chiqui Roa Puno. Come and listen as Mr.Henry Tenedero, an Education and Reform Advocate and President of the Center for Learning and Teaching Styles Philippines (CLTS, Phils.) talks about the different challenges in our education system and Ms. Susie Tsoi, Kumon Instructor of 10 years, gives helpful tips on how you can effectively guide your children in facing the current challenges in the educational system.

Mr. Henry Tenedero

Ms. Susie Tsoi

To register for the said event, email your complete name, mobile no., and general address to or call 8850226.
See you there!

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