I used to be an online contest fanatic. There was a year where I was winning on-line contest almost every month. Usually they were from contests where you had to answer a question or come with a witty remark for you to win. I was never lucky with raffles. But then, Blancnotes happened, so now most of my energy and time are devoted to developing this site and growing its community.
Whereas before where I would join all online contest imaginable, now, I only choose the ones whose products I really like and adore like Proactiv Solutions. I am happy to share that they have an ongoing contest on their facebook page right now till March 31.  The chosen winner will take home a year’s supply of Proactiv Solution (six-packs of Proactiv 60-day kit for a full 1 year supply).
Joining is so easy. You just have to follow this simple mechanics:

  • Post your most creative photo-with-text.
  1.  Enthusiasm – 50%  (demonstrates that you truly, deeply, urgently love and want Proactiv!)
  2. Creativity – 25%  (your answer is fun, engaging, and not boring!)
  3. Impact – 25%  (quality of response from the fan page community on your answer)

What are you waiting for, join in the fun. Upload your entry at the Proactiv Solution Facebook Page now!:) I just did and here’s my Proactiv FB entry:

"I deserve to win a one year supply of Proactiv solution because I deserve to look effortlessly beautiful and naturally glowing everyday. Only the magic touch of Proactiv can make all the pesky zits disappear, leaving me looking and feeling like a movie star everyday!"

Who knows, you just might be the lucky one.:)

About Me

I am better known as Nan’s widow, Bianca Angela’s mom, and Woodrose’s Mrs. Dela Cruz.  I am a full time teacher and mentor, a freelance writer for various print and online publications, a marathoner, and a curator of inspiring faith stories.
I am also the author of the best selling book, Grace Upon Grace: A widow’s journey.:)


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From Amazon:
“This book describes the author’s personal journey in faith and grace as a widow and single mother to her cancer warrior child. It chronicles how she managed to rise above her fears and found joy even in moments of grief and sorrow. …”

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