Two Saturdays ago, my husband and I went malling at Trinoma. Since, we are from the South, it was sort of a big thing for us as we don’t normally go farther than Ortigas for gimmick days. Naturally, the first thing that we scouted was the best foodie place to have lunch. We wanted to eat in a place that we don’t usually frequent. One that doesn’t serve the usual fast food. We were looking for a casual restaurant that offers meals that fit our budget of 500 pesos.
The best choice was The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak. We noticed how the overhead lighting made the restaurant look cozy and laid back. There were enough cushioned seats at the sides and bench tables in the middle. The service staff were extra nice, accomodating and courteous.

There were a lot of sizzlin’ choices to choose from. Pepper Rice Meals Ala Carte starts from php 192 to php 355 while Pepper Rice Meals with single served iced tea starts from php 197 to php 377. You can choose from a lot of food offerings such as Pepper Rice Overload, Sizzlin Steaks, Soups, Hamburgs, Salads, Pasta Specials, Furai Specials and Desserts.

We ordered both their Pepper Rice best sellers. Mine was the Beef Pepper Rice (php 208). The meat is tasty and tender. The Teriyaki sauce that comes with it has the right amount of sweetness, it goes perfectly well with the beef seasoned with salt and pepper.

Beef Pepper Rice

My husband, on the other hand, ordered the Pork Barbeque Pepper Rice (php 197 with single served iced tea) with an egg on top (sorry I just had to say that. hehe). Just like the Beef Pepper Rice, it is tasty. The barbeque sauce was heavenly too. It juicier and more tender than the Beef Pepper Rice though. My husband and I ended up swapping orders.

Pork BBQ Pepper Rice

As an extra treat, my husband ordered for me the New York Cheesecake because she knows how much I love cheesecake. It was super delish.


The meals fit our 500 budget if not for the cheesecake. We will definitely be back for more of its affordable gastronomical treats.:)
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