Last Saturday, I was invited to cover the last day of the Pyromusical show at the SM Mall of Asia. I don’t usually watch Pyromusical because I dread the traffic, the thick crowd and the long queues. But since they promised a good seat, a free meal and free access to Silver, Gold and VIP areas, who am I to resist.:)
I arrived early in MOA so I decided to check out the scene first at the Silver, Gold and VIP. It was free standing. I noticed an elaborate set up against the sea wall which is for VIP. Since I had a media pass, I got in easily and wandered around. Food and drinks were overflowing and the view from there was just perfect. When I was about to sit down and grab some refreshments, I was discreetly told by one of the yellow boys (bouncing security err security bouncer) that the area was open to patrons only and medias were not allowed, only ALL ACCESS pass holders were allowed in the area. Haha! So much for feeling like a hundred bucks. So I went back to the area designated for media to lick my wounds, I mean, to await for the fireworks display errr pyromusical show to start. *big smile*

*For VIP Patrons Only*

*For Media and Guests*

It started a few minutes late with the last entry from Italy doing its very best to wow the audience. By this time, I was already enjoying myself especially since it was my first time to witness this up close. I was fascinated by the colorful exploding fireworks in the sky and was swayed by the crowds Ohhhs and Ahhhs. But then, it ended sort of abruptly for me though, without a proper fantastic ending. There was a thirty minute break so we trooped down to the buffet area for a delish dinner. Tummy full, heart happy indeed:)

The second part was the Philippines’ Pyromusical Exhibition. Since the Philippines was the host country, we weren’t part of the competition itself but we were expected to showcase our very own pyromusical presentation. It had a beautiful start, the choice of music was great, there was that element of surprise, and loud cheers kept coming from the crowd as fantastic fireworks after foreworks lit up the sky. Woot and catcalls can be heard from the crowd amidst the loud blair of the music and the loud booms. But much to everyone’s surprise, there was no accompanying fireworks when Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You, started playing. Due to a technical glitch, the Philippine’s pyromusical presentation had to be stopped for 15 minutes or so. Sad to say, a big number of expectators left in disgust. When they were able to fix the problem, not everyone was able to witness how good the Philippines’ exhibition was. Good enough to bury the technical glitch incident. It ended just how any pyromusical entry should end–colorful and grand. Funny thing is by this time, both my iphone and digicam’s battery have ran out too so I wasn’t able to capture it in picture or video.:(

Overall,I enjoyed my first Pyromusical experience. I had to hand it to SM, security, crowd control and traffic were clearly in place. They were able to successfully create a festive atmosphere and was able to pump excitement among the crowd. The venue set ups were strategically planned. You really don’t have to be a paying customer in fact to enjoy the show. One thing though, they should add more security who will put order in the traffic at the mall parking lots after the show, it took us an hour or so before we were able to leave the building. There wasn’t enough mall personnel to help direct the traffic or they have abandoned their posts after the pyro.
I would love to be back next year to cover this again because I had so much fun except that there’s this nagging thought that kept popping in my head. I know SM is big on environmental protection and preservation so I hope that they didn’t create much air pollution with this pyromusical thing. I also hope that they have studied its effect on the environment before they agreed to hold this yearly or have taken the necessary steps before and after the pyro to ensure its protection. I was thinking of the bay and the harmful toxic chemicals that were left floating in the atmosphere after the pyro. Just a thought. Would love to hear their take on this so they can shed light on this matter. Calling SM, anyone care to explain? Just asking.:)

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