Last Saturday, I was invited, to cover Jeni Epperson’s book signing event at The Block, SM North Edsa. I was happy to oblige because I am an avid follower of her blog and a fan of both her facebook and twitter pages. I was excited to meet her in person and listen to her talk about her book, Fashion + Food Entertaining at Home and In Style.

Jeni was her usual gracious and bubbly self as she candidly answered the audience’s questions during the Q & A and shared anecdotes of how her love for “”platu-patuhan” (toy plates) and fashion played an important role in the concept of her book. Jeni described her current “baby” as a handbook on how to make each dining experience at home, wether it be with your family or friends, an unforgettable experience. It contains recipes and suggestions on how to be the perfect hostess and how to create the perfect dining scene that would make your guests and loved ones feel extra special.
Aside from her book, Jeni also shared with the audience the four things that guides her in life which she called her her four mantras:
Balance family and fashion. She encouraged mommies and wives to live style everyday. She shared how she makes it a point to do her motherly and wifely duties in fashion and how she always tries to create a home that her husband and children would always look forward in coming home to everyday.

Live the life you imagine. She talked about how important it is to enjoy life while pursuing one’s dreams. She shared that as a woman, we should always work on the kind of life that we want without loosing our sense of self and family.

Make your dreams a reality. She talked a little about her journey as a model, fashion stylist, writer and blogger. She credits her experiences in these fields, the things she learned from the people she has worked with, and her fans and follower as her force and inspiration in achieving her dream of having her own book. She adviced us to discover our interests, bank on our talents and pursue our dreams.

Make each moment count. She revealed that this thought guides her the most everyday. She enjoined everyone to throw one’s self whole heartedly to whatever it is we’re doing and fully enjoy and savor the “right here, right now” everyday.

Somebody in the audience asked her to give three reason why we should buy her book, and she has this to say, “It is fab. It is all about making each moment count. It will teach you how with minimum effort you can create maximum impact.”

showing off her fab shoes by John Campbell

If you ask me how Jeni Epperson is in person, I would say she’s exactly all that. And if you want all these to rub off on you too, go grab her book now and start learning from Jeni. From the looks of it, she has clearly mastered the art of living life in style.:)
Fashion + Food Entertaining at Home and In Style by Jeni Epperson is available at all National Bookstore for 1,100 pesos.:)

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