Cathy Limson is the artist/designer behind Bedazzle, a successful accessory brand that has grown a strong and steady following among collegialas and yuppies alike for its affordable and fabulous accessory pieces. She retired from her post as assistant directress in a local pre-school about two years ago to chase her dream of becoming a successful fashion accessory designer and to start building her own empire full of beads.:)

For three years we shared hearty lunch and laughs together. I never would have thought that the same hands that held the spoon and fork that scooped morcon and sisig from my plate would be the same hands that would later create fantastic accessory pieces. I knew she had an eye for fashion because she would often come to work in her most stylish clothes. But back then, I didn’t have even the slightest clue that she would turn out to be a successful accessory designer. It was because she hardly puts on earrings, let alone string her neck with jewelries. But then life as we know it has a mind of its own, it will lead us right to where our heart chooses to go. In her case, it led her to Bedazzle.
It was her mom who first showed her what beading was all about. Unlike others who attend workshops to learn the art and the skill of beading, she studied on her own by watching tutorial videos. It was only later when orders started pouring in that she decided to seriously enroll herself in a beading class to further improve her craft. Her knack for knowing what clicks, what sells, what people like comes from her natural ability to tune in to people. She likes to observe the buying behavior and fashion preference of her customers. She tries to update herself on new fashion trends by reading fashion blogs. But then, she is not one who is a slave to fashion, she shies away from fashion trends that obviously are a bit too much and makes it a point to stamp her own creative style in trendy pieces to make them stand out from the rest. She confessed that though she gets inspirations for her creations from the blogging world, most of the time she just follows her gut-feeling and so far, it has never failed her.
For Cathy, there’s no hard and fast rule for success. Good relationship with her clients has given her an edge in this business. Orders pour in for the simple reason that they get a very good value for their money and in her shop, they are treated like princesses. She had her fair share of bad days though, days when she couldn’t face her beads due to tiredness, days when her stocks run low and days when she had over-demanding clients to deal with. But what keeps her going during days like these is her immense love for her craft. She sees these problems as opportunities to test how far her creativity can take her. And oftentimes, she even amazes herself when she would be able to produce accessory pieces for her collection and for her clients even under deep pressure. For her, this is when fulfillment comes. Love for fashion and her passion is her key to success.
Here are some of my favorite Bedazzle pieces from her earlier collection. I so love wearing them because they are the perfect accessories to my otherwise boring wardrobe.

classic pieces from Bedazzle

I love how she can pick the right materials that would go perfectly well together. She usually gets her materials from divisoria. She would make do of what is available in the market and just let her hands do their magic on them.

my arm candy fom Bedazzle

It never occurred to me until this moment why somebody like Cathy, who clearly doesn’t like putting on accessories, will turn out to be a successful fashion accessory designer. I guess it is really because to be good in your art, you have to go beyond the limits and trappings of your own self and start creating for others. It is only when your art becomes a source of joy to others that you can truly say that you are successful in your craft and worthy of all accolade. Cathy clearly knows that and from the looks of it, she will continue to dazzle the world of her customers with her artsy accessory pieces in the years to come.:)
Now we’ve come to the best part, in our desire to give back to others, Bedazzle Acessories and Blancnotes will be giving away these fabulous accessory pieces from Bedazzle Accessories to one lucky follower.

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To know more about Bedazzle’s fabulous collection, visit Cathy’s pages here: multiply and facebook. You can also drop by her shop at University Mall in La Salle Taft, 3rd floor just across the LRT station.

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