I’ve never been good in the kitchen. I am a lousy cook in fact. Somehow, I never got the recipes right which is the reason why I have high regards for people who can effortlessly whip up delectable dishes and fantastic kitchen creations just by mixing stuffs. They just know, like when to add a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Though I know you won’t trust me in your kitchen since I don’t know much about cooking, I say I know enough about relationship from my own personal experience (10 years of puppy love, 2 years of boy-girl relationship and 11 years of marriage, how’s that?) that you would probably believe me when I say that I have created the almost perfect recipe for love. And since I want everyone to be as happy as me in his/her relationship this season of love, let me share my own special recipe for love with you. The ingredients that I used here are all natural even the preservatives since I really want the love to be for keeps.

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So here’s what you will need:
BASIC INGREDIENTS: (you cannot omit any of these or else it wouldn’t taste as heavenly as it should be)
A hand full of Friendship and Commitment
A cup full of Faith, Loyalty and Trust
FOR SPICE: (you may opt to choose any of these ingredients. But for a more flavourful and colourful taste, I suggest you add all three)
A pinch of laughter
A dash of romance
A smidgen of fun
PRESERVATIVES (it is highly recommended that you use all three so as to prolong and preserve the L-O-V-E)
A bottle of Quality Time
A spoonful of Loving Words
A pack full of Gentle Actions
1. In low heat, melt a hand full of friendship and commitment in a heart shaped saucepan. (As these two ingredients melt, watch your relationship grow)
2. Slowly pour in a cup full of faith, loyalty and trust. ( As you patiently wait for these ingredients to work its magic in your relationship, open your eyes and witness how it will strengthen and mature both of you)

3. Add a bottle of quality time, spoonful of loving words and a pack of gentle actions.
(As you apply these in your relationship, see how you bring out the best in each other)

4. Sprinkle generously with a pinch of laughter, a dash of romance and a smidgen of fun. (As you allow your relationship to be filled with these ingredients, bask in the happiness that you bring in each others’ life)
5. Cover and let it simmer for a while.
6. Serve hot. Don’t forget to drink from each others’ cup.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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