I have the most boring wardrobe. I tend to go on fashion phases and usually it takes a while for me to snap out of my current fashion phase. So far I am done with my all-things-black phase, I remember my mom would say everytime she sees me before, “ano ba yan para kang pupunta lagi sa patay.” Haha. What the heck, I am living out my black chic drama. I’ve always felt that you can never go wrong with the little black dress and pearls.:) I am also done with my all-things-checkered phase. It was cut short because one time, we attended a gathering and the table cloth looked screamingly like my top so that sort of did the reality check for me. Funny, but I went through all-things-animal prints too, but that didn’t last long too. Even I realized that yes it looks good on some people but definitely not on me:) As for my all-things-flowery prints, I am sort of not over that yet, but it isn’t totally consuming me as the other ones, and I mostly like them on bags and pouches.
Right now, I am currently in my all-things-striped phase. There’s something about stripes that makes me so drawn to it. I like how seamless and fluid it is. I like how clean it makes you look. I like how when you pair it with red, my favorite color, you’ll still get away with it. I don’t care how the horizontal lines make me look fat, it just make me feel good every time I wear stripes. They say stripes is the new black, and I totally agree!:)

love the contrast

the belt did it!:)

"smart casual" in stripes

stripes + red = fab

And at any given day, I don’t dress for fashion, I dress for myself.:)

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I am better known as Nan’s widow, Bianca Angela’s mom, and Woodrose’s Mrs. Dela Cruz.  I am a full time teacher and mentor, a freelance writer for various print and online publications, a marathoner, and a curator of inspiring faith stories.
I am also the author of the best selling book, Grace Upon Grace: A widow’s journey.:)


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“This book describes the author’s personal journey in faith and grace as a widow and single mother to her cancer warrior child. It chronicles how she managed to rise above her fears and found joy even in moments of grief and sorrow. …”

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