I am not referring to my cravings at the moment here but the Cravings restaurant cafe that has been around for more than a decade. Last week, my sister and I dropped by their cafe to grab some sweet treats to celebrate her not being sick. She thought she had pneumonia but it turned out that the cough was a result of acid reflux in her tummy (and there we were indulging in food again!).

the inside

I last dined at Cravings when a friend back in college celebrated her debut in one of their branches in Quezon City, can’t remember where was that exactly for it was like ten years ago. Anyway, upon entering I noticed that the lights were too dim, it gave some sort of a subdued atmosphere, I miss the bright and cherry atmosphere of most cafes and dessert places. I guess they were trying to create an intimate atmosphere without succeeding. Upon entering, we were welcomed by the salad bar.

But of course, good girls gone bad that we are, we totally ignored the veggies and ordered two junior size cakes. I wanted to order the Belgian Dark Rich Chocolate Cheesecake but it wasn’t available so I just settled for the Chocolate Medley at random, it was described in the menu as, a luscious cake layered with chocolate mouse and coffee custard topped with chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Medley

Look at all these sweetness!

Sissy on the other hand ordered the Junior size Devil’s Food Cake, a dark and decadent chocolate cake filled with light coffee custard and luscious marshmallow as described in the menu.

Devil's Food Cake

Just perfect!

Okay the verdict, mine is too sweet, I wasn’t able to finish it off while sissy’s cake was delicious. We ended up sharing hers instead. I must admit that I got a little carried away by the title and did not pay too much attention to the description. The fact that there’s already chocolate mouse, coffee custard plus chocolate shavings on top written there should have warned me that it would be too sweet. I left everything to chance since my first choice was not anymore available. Lesson learned, no more impulsive order especially when it comes to dessert. Like they say, decisions even as simple as dessert should be taken with careful consideration. They are just too important to leave to chance.:)

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