Khristine Pact is the artist behind Handmade by Khristine whose products and services include crafting and designing party/event invitations, personalized gifts and giveaways for any occasion.

Khristine and I have known each other from way back since she is a good friend of my sister. When she decided to bank on her talent and started her arts and crafts business about 7 years ago, I instantly became one of her fan girls devoted clients. It was Khristine who made the personalized cartoon invitation of my daughter for her 7th birthday as well as my nephews’ cartoons for their 1st birthday invitations. My cousin from the States was so impressed with her cartooning that she even gifted her friends and family with cartoons of themselves done by Khristine.

my daughter's cartoon

Teng's parents (our family friend)

Her passion for creative arts started as early as kindergarten where she would spend hours drawing. From a small box of crayons, she has gone a long way in terms of the medium that she uses in her creations. She credits this from the years she spent studying Architecture in UST which has honed her artistic skills and broadened her knowledge in creative arts.

She loves Japanese art, so it was no wonder then that her newest creation would be Japanese inspired also. About 5 years ago, she fell in love with Kokeshi Dolls. She started collecting pictures and books of these dolls. She even built a small collection of her own. The idea of making her own version of Kokeshi Dolls just hit her one day. After doing some research from craft books and other internet resources, and finding it do-able, she went full blast with her plan. Something about transforming an ordinary piece of wood into a work of art and incorporating it to a wedding theme as cake toppers both challenged and excited her. She figured by making a mini symbolic representation of the wedding couple, they would not only have a beautiful concept cake but a special keepsake of their special day to take home with them as well. Thus, Kokeshi Dolls Cake Toppers was added to her line of products.

She has to date made a lot of couples happy on their wedding day with her customized Kokeshi Dolls. She personally handles everything from conceptualization which includes planning and making rough sketches of how the dolls will look like with her clients, painting, packaging, and shipping/pick-up. She cites drawing and painting the general parts of the doll (ex. facial features, skin and the base color of the dolls) as the most difficult. This to her would “break and make” the overall look of the doll. She enjoys the detailing though where she gets to “bling” up the dolls by putting props. And of course, she finds seeing the smiles on her clients’ faces after opening the box and hearing the words “Honey, it’s us” as the highlight of the whole process.

Passion and love for her art are the driving forces behind Handmade by Khristine. Each of her cartoons and Kokeshi dolls are excellently crafted because there’s so much love and passion involved during its creation. The way she thoughtfully gives close attention to details and the way she seamlessly incorporates her clients’ inputs and ideas with her own creative concept has made her product an instant delight to anyone who sees it. And because of this, her clients often walk away happy and satisfied like they have just been given an excellent piece of art collection that is hard to find.

And now we’ve come to the best part. As a way of giving back, Khristine will be giving away a pair of customized Kokeshi Dolls to one lucky follower of both Handmade by Khristine and Blancnotes. If chosen, you can have the dolls customized for you and your husband/partner/special someone as keepsakes OR give them as gifts to your loved ones who are getting married or celebrating a milestone. Here’s how you can win the customized Kokeshi Dolls from Handmade by Khristine:
1. Like Handmade by Khristine in facebook.
2. Like Blancnotes in facebook.
3. Share this giveaway and tag two of your friends on your facebook wall with the following message:
“@Handmade by Khristine and @Blancnotes are giving away a pair of customized Kokeshi Dolls. Join now! @Friend1 and @Friend 2. Giveaway ends on January 31st”
Note: Make sure to set your account to public and tag Blancnotes, Handmade by Khristine and your two friends properly.
How to Tag: When you are writing your status update, just include the “@” symbol beforehand. As you type the name, for example Blancnotes, a drop-down menu will appear that would allow you to choose from your list of friends and other connections. Just choose Blancnotes. The “@” symbol will not be displayed in the published status update or post after you’ve added your tags.
4. Leave a comment on this blogpost using the format below:
“I want to win the pair of customized Kokeshi Dolls for me and my______(husband/boyfriend/partner/child) OR for my _______(parents/friends/children) because________________”
Your Name:
Facebook URL of your post:
Your Email address:
Important Reminders:
* This contest is open to Philippine residents only.
* This will start on January 17 and end at 11:59 of January 31st.
* For your entry to be valid, you have to follow all four steps
* Winner will be picked randomly using
* Winner will be required to submit pictures and other infos that would be needed in making the dolls.
* Winner will have to wait at least 3-4 weeks for the dolls to be shipped since the whole process in making one takes time.
Goodluck !
Handmade by Khristine’s customized Kokeshi Dolls are priced as follows:
For single doll – Php1,800 (with a small base) excluding shipping fee
For couples – Php3,500-Php4,000 (depending on difficulty –with a choice of personalized base or a max. of 3 props either painted on the doll or displayed beside them) excluding shipping fee
Lead time is 2~4 weeks (upon approval of sketch and depending on the difficulty of design)
50% down payment thru RCBC Bank is required. The remaining balance upon pick up or before shipping.
If you wish to order, you may visit Handmade by Khristine’s official website here.

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