Most of you are probably planning your summer escapades by now what with the different airlines coming up with online seat sales almost every week. Currently, travel period of the latest seat sales are right smack in the middle of summer, March-May.
But then, most of you would probably agree with me that in most cases, booking on-line during a summer seat sale in Cebu Pacific Air is a bit stressful. With the sudden surge of online hits, errors in connection occur. I remember last year when I was booking my family for our inbound flight from Singapore, I was so tensed the whole time because the seats were selling like hotcakes and my wifi connection chose at that moment to go haywire. I thought I was gonna faint from all that suspense, excitement, and frustration. I was never really good in dealing with stress.

Anyway, last Thursday, I found myself in a rather uncompromising situation. My booking for our summer trip (imagine I was the only one in our group) was cancelled by the travel agency due to miscommunication, so I had to book my flight myself (the good side of this though is my fare is much cheaper than the rest. Hehe). There was an on-going Cebu Pacific seat sale that day so I was in my “no precious time to loose” mode. But since christmas happened, the limits of my credit cards were down to a big fat 0, I had to find another alternative.
I called 720888, Cebu Pacific customer service hotline, to inquire if they accept debit card in online transaction. Actually I knew the answer to that so it was sort of like “wishful thinking out loud” on my part. Of course, they don’t . BUT I discovered one of their services that I can try, phone booking. I am sure this isn’t something new to some, but it was my first time to actually use this service so indulge me. My first concern was if the prices quoted in their online seat sale are the same as that of phone booking because if I remember it right, there are certain seat sales that are available to online transactions only. I am happy to share that it is. Like online booking, you can pick the best deal for you, and one good thing about it is that a customer service agent will be there to assist and do the booking for you. They will collect your general information as well as your chosen flight. You can either make a reservation for yourself if you are still unsure of the date and time, or book it right away. You will be given 24 hours for your reservation and then they will automatically cancel it if you don’t respond. If you book it straight away, you can pay through credit card or deposit the payment in any BDO bank. If you choose to deposit your payment, they will provide you with an account number. You have to deposit the payment before 11:59 pm of the same day otherwise booking will be cancelled. Once payment has been confirmed, they will send you your Itinerary Receipt via email at 12 noon the following day. I paid through BDO and so far, my phone booking transaction was successful. I received my itinerary receipt at around 9 am the following day.
I don’t see any downside to this service. It was not hard calling their hotline number, after pressing the right buttons my call was put through. All in all my transaction took only 15 minutes to complete. The customer service agent, Ms. Serena was cordial and patient. For me, it actually is far better than doing online booking yourself especially if you don’t have an internet connection at home or a stable and reliable wifi signal. Saves you the stress and trouble of wondering if your online booking went through after your computer screen went blank and you didn’t receive the confirmation message.
For this service alone, I am giving Cebu Pacific Air three thumbs up. This service is definitely a good Juan (one)! 🙂

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