I thought my first day back to work yesterday after my loooong christmas break will be dreadful. I was preparing myself for a really bad day ahead when my colleague at work handed me this box. When I saw what was inside, all my “back-to-work” blues flew out of the window.:)

My friend at work, Carmela, was kind enough to hunt the entire mall strip of Bangkok for the newly opened Cath Kidston store there just so she could snag this one for me. Thank God for her wanderlust feet she found the store despite her busy shopping schedule in Bangkok. And after hearing how she prayed to God to show her the way to the store, how she got lost in the shopping jungles of Bangkok and how she had a mirage in one of the stores there selling Cath Kidston knock offs, I have nothing but overflowing gratefulness to her for feeding my addiction(*wink*wink).

I became aware of Cath Kidston eight years ago when one of my girlfriends at work gifted me with a small coin purse with cute floral print design from her recent trip to the US. That time Cath Kidston wasn’t a household name yet, but nevertheless I was so attracted by its dainty and ultra-feminine design that I searched for her products here everywhere. And “back in the old days” too, globalization was just merely a term and internet/shopping online was unheard off, so eventually Cath Kidston soon became lost to my distant memory. It was only recently that my love affair with Cath Kidston resurfaced when I learned about their website from one of the blogs that I follow. I became the instant fan girl again.

trademark logo

Cath Kidston Ltd was founded in 1992 by designer Cath Kidston. She began her brand empire by selling vintage fabrics, wallpapers and brightly-painted junk furniture she remembered fondly from her childhood . Her first store was a tiny shop in Holland Park, London. Her clever, witty re-working of traditional English country house style created for her a huge cult following. To date, she still showcases her creativity by designing her own prints and products. Her aim has always been to create well-priced, good quality products that are fun, practical and original. The quirky and distinctive floral print has become known as Cath Kidston’s signature look. From fabrics, wallpaper and furnitures, her products expanded steadily to include an extensive range of home wares and women’s fashion accessories.
My first Cath Kidston bag was this Flower Spray tote bag, I just love how roomy it is inside and how the oilcloth fabric serves me well during rainy days. I bought this in one of the Duty Free shops in Subic, the only place I know where you can find a good number of authentic Cath Kidston bags. You have to be careful though as I spotted some with tears at the sides and chip at the leather zipper pull. The store lady says most of them get damaged during handling and shipping.

Flower Spray tote

The bag that my friend Carmela got for me is of the same Spot design as Kate Middleton’s Cath Kidston Holdall which she used as her carry on bag during her recent trip to Canada. Pictures of her toting this overnight bag became viral and soon after, this same bag design became one of the bag “must haves” in London .

Kate Middleton's Cath Kidston Holdall Bag

Here are some Cath Kidston products from their website that I would love, love, love to have for my own, they are currently on sale right now:

zipper wallet

English Rose Day Bag

shooting star travel purse

English Rose Hanging Tidy

Regal Rose Pillow Case

Rose Bath Towels

Here in Asia, Cath Kidston has eight stores in Japan and one in Bangkok, Thailand. So if you happen to be in Bangkok, do check out Cath Kidston’s flagship store in Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 (2nd floor).

Bangkok flagship store

For those of you who who can’t travel to Bangkok yet can’t wait to get their hands on some of these great Cath Kidston stuffs, you can now order online and have it shipped. Just visit their websites Cath Kidston USA and Cath Kidston UK . Cath Kidston products are currently on 50% off Sale in their websites.
Happy shopping! Cath Kidston is definitely love, love, love.:)

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