My daughter and I were window shopping a while ago at SM when this caught our eye.

"For Only One Hundred Pesos You Can Make A Child Happy"

Of course, my daughter, who has half of her christmas money in her pocket and all psyched up to spend all of it on books, cannot resist buying one. Especially when she saw these cute little bears.

They come in purple, blue and yellow colors.:)

I was encouraging her to buy at least two more since this is for a good cause but I guess one is the most her generous tween heart can give, and I don’t want to push it. Hehe.

SM Cares Bear is one of the many philantrophic projects of SM Corporation. To participate in this heartwarming project, you have to simply approach the SM Cares Bear booth in any SM supermalls. Place your donation of 100 pesos in exchange for a bear that you will hang on their big christmas tree. Or if you are feeling extremely generous you can buy the three bear colors. These SM Cares Bears as well as your 100 pesos will go to various orphanages and charitable organizations through the SM Cares Program.

In exchange for your donation they will issue you an official receipt and you will get this cute donation certificate.

proud of being part of it.:)

But the best deal you’ll get for being part of this project, according to my daughter, is you’ll walk away feeling a hundred bucks richer too for doing something great. 🙂

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