When I was a child, as soon as the calendar hits Dec. 1, my sister and I would be giddy with excitement. We would choose the oldest, tackiest work socks of my dad, and we would hang them by the window and wait in anticipation for morning to come. True enough, every morning till christmas, there would be treats inside our socks–chocnut, tirador candy, piso etc. “Santa” always delivered the “goods.” But then, we never caught Santa in the act, just like the rest of the humanity. It was when we saw my dad one night, drunk and all, and struggling to put some candies in our socks that reality hit us–there was no Santa Claus, there were only sweet daddies who would willingly go to great lengths just so their children can have the best magical christmas experience.
Though disillusioned by the whole Santa thing, the sight of the big old guy in full red get-up still never fails to excite me even up to now. Every year, my first glimpse of the big red guy in department stores or anywhere marks for me the beginning of christmas. And up until now, I still wait with batted breath for the Coke christmas commercial to air on TV because they always portray Santa the best. And no fail, I’d still get same warm, fuzzy feeling everytime I watch it.
Last weekend, I discovered this nice place in Imus, Cavite called Majical Store that sells great Santa stuffs. You can just imagine how giddy I was the whole time I was there. They usually open their Santa store as soon as it hits October. Their Santa miniatures are made of fiber glass and colored with automotive paints so you need not worry about Santa getting wilted and paint getting washed off of him after a night or day of rain if you choose to place him outdoors. Their prizes are reasonable too, small ones starts at 300 and the big ones range from 1,500 to 3,000 depending on the size and design. They have small Santas and big Santas, swinging Santa and flying Santa. You name it, they have it. Here are some snapshots of the big old guy in red:

bookworm Santa

Santa having a good time with Rein (deer)

string of Santas

Ponsettias in different colors

Big and small Santa

Santa checking if you are on his list

they sell candles and lots of cute stuffs too

If you happen to live in the South and is out on a hunt for the perfect Santa for your home, check out Majical Store along Buhay na Tubig in Imus, Cavite. This is where you will find lots of him, in all shapes and sizes. He definitely is Ho-Ho-Ho ready to give your home the best magical christmas experience.:)

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