I love food but I hate cooking. The only time my family trust me in front of the stove is when I am tasked to heat something or when I tell them that I will whip up their favorite Baked Spaghetti, the one and only dish I can decently cook. So I am no kitchen queen but then aside from my Baked Spaghetti (which I don’t really bake, mind you! whahaha), I also have another one up my tattered chef’s sleeve. My (in)famous Potato Salad. A lot of people say that my potato salad is one of the best they’ve ever tasted which is funny because it has absolutely no fancy ingredients. The ones that I use in my Potato Salad are stuffs that you can easily buy in the sari-sari store and palengke. No exotic herbs or spices.
This is how my potato salad looks like:

My Po-ta-to Salad. Fierce!

And here’s a quick guide on how to do it:
1. Boil potatoes. Add a dash of salt. (I trust that you will know when to stop dumping salt in your water. You most probably are smart enough to know when enough is enough.hehe).
2. Boil chicken meat separately. Add a dash of salt. (Again I trust you to know when enough is enough when it comes to salt. Don’t get carried away)
3. When the potatoes are ready (Prick it with a fork. When it is medium soft, then it is ready. When it breaks when you prick it, my gawd! You overboiled it), drain water and let the potatoes cool. Cut them into small cubes.
4. Drain water from the chicken boil (I am sure you’ll know when it is cooked already.heehee). Let it cool and then tear chicken meat into little strips (Don’t forget to wash your hands first)
5. Mix the chickens strips and potatoes in a bowl. Add some pickles (you can buy the minced pickles in bottles)
6. Add salt. Mix all the ingredients well. (Don’t just look at it and wonder if the salt or pickles that you put are just enough. Taste it! Adjust the taste by adding some salt or pickles if need be)
7. Add Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise. (Trust me this recipe will not work well with any other mayonnaise. It has to be Lady’s Choice (yeah righ?!). haha.
8. Mix well. Do some taste test. Again, add a little more salt, or pickles, or mayonnaise until you are satisfied with the taste.
7. Let it chill for a while before serving.
See, it is that simple and easy. It is nothing fancy but I can assure you, it tastes just perfect.
If there’s one thing I learn from my mom when it comes to cooking (she’s the dalai lama of our kitchen by the way), it is this: It is not so much the fancy stuffs that you use in your recipe that would make people fall in love with your cooking but the loving attention you give to each dish that you prepare knowing that it would not only give the one who will eat it a full stomach but happy, warm memories of the dish too. Happy, warm memories that will stay with him long before the food is gone.
Any dish, however simple or fancy you’ve prepared it, as long as it is sprinkled with a lot of love and seasoned with thoughtful attention, is a sure sure winner!:)

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