Yes, I had my part II of Universal Studios two weeks ago when we went there (CLICK here to see my previous post on Universal Studios). Nothing changed much, except that Sci Fi City and Jurassic are now fully operational. We went there last year when it was on its soft opening, so we were able to enjoy the $7 food voucher and $4 shopping voucher that comes with the ticket. I came with my family this time and we did the rounds of the shows such as Shrek 4D, Monster Rock and Underwater World, the programs are still very much the same, which is short of saying amazing. Last year, my sister and I missed Donkey Live, so I was quite excited when we lined up for this one. Unfortunately though it didn’t meet much my expectation. I was all looking forward to a stand up commedian playing donkey and was not up to an animated donkey talking on a wide screen. So this one is a bit of a disappointment. I brought my family to watch Steven Spielberg’s Special Effects and got spellbound once again. Eventhough I’ve seen this already last year, it still left me feeling WOW, definitely a must-see I will say.
Here are some pictures taken at some of my favorite picture-perfecty corners of Universal Studios and some with the “celebrities” that I missed having pictures with last year.

with the family

another one with the fam

steven spielberg's studio

the ever beautiful Marilyn Monroe. hihihi

with Princess Fiona and Shrek

the Rockafellas (aka Streetboys) bantering with the crowd

one of the perfromers in Holyywood strip

We ate again at Goldilocks since I had some gastronomic good time there last year. The fried chicken still tastes as great but the mashed potato wasn’t as good as last year’s. I suggest that you buy the tumblers that they sell for $16 so you can avail of the unlimited refill for only $2 at any drinks stall for great savings. You will definitely crave for some drinks as Singapore can get really hot especially around noontime. The Jurassic hall, which is like a food court, is now open so there are more budget friendly meals there now that you can choose from.

at Goldilock's, we had to stay outside since it was a full house that day

the Jurassic tubler that we got which served as pass for $2 refill drinks and souvenir.

I had a super great time with my family there. My daughter, her friend, and my husband, who are fearless when it comes to rides, rode all the roller coasters and they had nothing but raves and praises about them. I conquered my fear and rode one roller coaster because my sister said it was an easy ride, The Revenge of the Mummy. Let me tell you, it was no easy ride but from the looks of it, it is one of the best one so far in Universal Studios. I was scared shitless but no regrets, it was FUN!!! We were lining up at the entrance promptly at nine am and we left just when the last ember of the fireworks died. We stayed there for 12 straight hours, would you believe, that’s how fun it is to be there.

morning shot

night shot

and here are some of my favorite chocolatey fun shots.:)

I say, what made it twice the fun this year is that I was with my whole family this time, there’s nothing like a good family bonding where you are at Universal Studios.:)

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