While some would claim that chicken rice is Singapore’s signature dish. For me, it’s actually this super tasty chicken barbeque. I had tons of this while I was there and man, this little charmers are delicious.

barbequed chicken wings

I also gobbled quite a number of times this spin off of our very own fresh lumpiang ubod. In Singapore, they call these Popia. It has a sweet and tangy taste, with a kick of spice.


My husband, on the other hand, went gaga over Tom Yam Kung shrimp soup which is originally a Thai delicacy. It is a magical mixture of mushrooms, red chillies, lemongrass, scallion, cilantro and kaffir lime leaves, as well as the famous nam pla fish sauce. The end result–a sweat inducing, mouth watering bomb of a soup.

Tom Yam Kung Shrimp Soup

These foodies can be easily found in Food Republic, a food court which has to me a complete list of food representations from all over the world. They have branches in almost all major malls in Singapore. The food prices here are reasonable too, just perfect for tourist working on a budget.

my mom and I at Food Republic in Vivo City

fresh produce from Food Republic

Another foodie place that we always frequented when we were there was Makasuntra Glutton’s Bay, near City Hall, right beside the Esplanade Bay Theatres. It is one of the most popular hawker (read: street food) centers in Singapore. It is like a food tiangge which serves a wide variety of dishes both comfort food and exotic ones. You need not worry about cleanliness and sanitation, the food is totally germ free and well-handled, I guarantee you. The food prices are easy on the pocket too, you wouldn’t think twice in ordering one or two sets of viands. I suggest you try the satays, the sting ray, and the barbecued chicken wings, they sure were quite a hit there.

busy at around 7-8 pm

one of the best sellers here is the curied sting ray

I love desserts. Singapore has some of the most yummy ones, they compliment my palate as I don’t really like overly sweet ones. Here are some of my recent favorite sugar picks:

Both are utterly yummy, but the best one is the ice cream cake on top from Han's cakeshop. Heaven!=)

chewy cheese cream puffs from Chewy Junior. They come in many different flavors

my friends are actually waiting in the wings ready to grab one while I was taking a picture of these yummy treats from J. Co.

During this 10 day trip alone, I gained 3 kilos. I love to eat and being in Singapore didn’t help me much in the diet area. While I was there, I had this weirded notion that with so much walking I had to do, I had to take in as much yummy food that I can too. Singapore I must say is truly a Glutton’s paradise, ask any OFW or PR there, and they would surely agree.
Meanwhile, I need to get down to this serious business of exercising these food weight off as I will be going back to work in a couple of weeks, it would be such a heartbreak if i don’t fit into my uniformed pants anymore. (sigh! jitters!)

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