Eversince the dawn of cyber age, our life has never been the same again. The world has become smaller, so much so that it can actually fit right inside our computer monitor. Everything can be had in an instant. Valued information and fast track services are now just a click away in the internet. One aspect of our lifestyle that clearly underwent a total make over is shopping. Virtual sites offering hassle free transactions right at the comforts of our own home, at our own convenience, continue to emerge like mushrooms after the rain.
When the caravan of online shopping sites took the market by storm, I readily jumped in and joined the bandwagon. In no time at all, I had perfected the art of hitting the buy icon and filling out those clever order forms. And as if the lure of shopping online wasn’t enough, I also started posting items to sell in some shopping websites. But then, as much as I would like to paint a very nice picture of a successful online selling and shopping experience, I have to admit that in the end the setbacks far outweighed the benefits for me. One thing I learned about online shopping and selling is that the risks of getting used and abused in this kind of business are way too high. I had my share of bogus buyers and low quality items (that are far from the pictures posted online) from different sellers arriving at my doorstep at certain points that eventually, I decided not have anything to do anymore with online selling and buying.
A couple of months back though, my friends and relatives introduced me to Sulit.com, where they have already started selling and advertising their businesses. I have to admit that my “bitter” experiences in other online sites offering the same kind of services has made me reluctant to enter the wonderful world of Sulit.com at the onset. I was determined to observe the movements and learn more about the site first before I let myself be lured again. As luck would have it, I came across people who were more than willing to share their wonderful stories about their successful purchases in Sulit.com of items as small as books to items as big as cars and lots. These people, aside from my family and friends, all attested to the fact that Sulit.com is indeed “sulit na sulit” meaning, no money, time and energy are wasted here, the kind of investments that we really can’t afford to throw away.
I am now sold to the idea of online shopping and selling again, thanks to Sulit.com and to all those great testimonies. In fact I had already started purchasing items aand scouring Sulit for best deals. In the coming months I will also be posting items to sell, hopefully jumpstarting my Sulit career as an online seller. What I learned about Sulit that also helped paved the way for my comeback in this kind of business is this:
It is place that breeds honesty and trust among online sellers and shoppers what with its strict security features and measures that are clearly in place. It provides many great opportunities for people who does not have the adequate means and know how to jumpstart their businesses but has the determination and heart to succeed in their crafts and fields. It encourages people to exercise their freedom of choice and buying power to the limit, therefore pushing sellers to supply only high quality items at the best price possible, resulting in a best deal. It continues to stand out from among the rest for it constantly strive to evolve and improve itself so it can deliver only the best possible service to both its sellers and buyers. And the most importantly, it has the true marks of a Pinoy, always at the forefront of change and giving you the kind of service that is more than, much more than, your money’s worth.
For more of Sulit, visit their website at http://sulit.com.ph

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