June 30, 2010 marked yet again another milestone in our history. That of officially putting into office Mr. Noynoy Aquino, son of the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino and late Pres. Corazon Aquino. Thanks to the first ever automated election held last May 10 that made it almost impossible for cheating to occur, we now have a President truly mandated by the people to assume the highest position in the country.
Let me start of by saying that I did not vote for Noynoy, I went Gibo all the way. The main reason was Noynoy’s “portfolio” did not impress me at all. To me, he doesn’t seem to possess that impressive political track record that I was hoping our next president will have. But then, when the smoke cleared and everything settled down, I came to the realization that in the true fight for presidency, it doesn’t really matter how thin or thick your portfolio is. What truly matters is that big amount of trust you were able to gain from the people, for the rise to presidency is dictated by faith and fate. Noynoy Aquino for that alone rightfully deserves the presidency. I believe that what Noynoy lacks in competence, he more than makes up in character. Competence he can easily acquire with the help of sound political advisers, well meaning friends, supportive family members and a whole wealth of personal and professional experiences that would surely come his way in due time. Character, on the other hand, is something that he already has within himself. A product of virtues and values that he was able to gain over time through his natural inclination towards common good and his deep sense of what is right. Competence will make a very good president but Character I believe will make a very good leader. If we are to determine where he stands right now, he is neither way ahead of us like Pres. Arroyo nor way behind us like Pres. Estrada. He is at the moment, right beside us, clearly in our level, ready to march on with us towards change and progress.
To you P. NOY (as you wish to be called), though I did not personally vote for you, I still wish you nothing but the best. May you possess the courage to go against the tides if need be, like your father, who moved head on and fought for what was right even if the odds proved to be very little on his side. May you always be guided by your faith like your mother, who did as much work as she could with deep fervor in the presence of God. Like her, may you bow down and worship no one but God. May you aspire not to be the greatest president the Philippines has ever seen but instead the greatest leader the Philippines will ever have. May you also LEAD instead of rule, and lead not according to the laws that govern our society, for even that can bend and weaken in the hands of mishandled power, but according to your principles and beliefs that are clearly anchored on church’s teachings. As you lead, use not an iron hand but instead the gentle but firm hand of a true gentleman. May you always always carry with you these three things (which the previous presidents seemed to lack) as you move this nation towards greatness— true Compassion, Concern and Conscience. Make us proud Mr. President, you have the whole trust of the Filipino people behind you. In the end, may you give the whole nation that sense of pride in knowing that they made the right choice in choosing you.
To my fellow Filipino, let’s start working on that change now. It is now or never. P-Noy may have won the presidency but we are still the ones who will call the shots in our lives. The future is way too big for Pres. Noynoy’s hands alone.

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