Most of you must have been in shock like me when news of the flashfloods in some parts of Metro Manila were being aired in the different TV channels last Saturday. It was something I never would have imagined happening to the people living in these places, yet at the back of my mind I know that this has long been coming. It was like a bad dream unfolding right before our very eyes. Although my family and I were not directly affected, I felt an urgent need at that time to do some head count just to make sure my relatives and friends are okay. Like everyone, I fervently prayed for the storm to pass, for the rain not to start again and for the victims’ ordeal to be over. We are up to now tuned in to the news, eager to know the progress of the rescue efforts and the well being of the people still trapped or waiting to be rescued.
To the victims of this tragedy: you must have been at some point during your ordeal cursing heaven for this tragedy that has befallen you or your family. You must have been at some point questioning the universe why it has to happen to you. I can just imagine how difficult it must be but I guess when things like this happen, when tragedy like this struck, we need not understand, we need not comprehend. We just need to embrace everything, how difficult it may be, and allow people, help–God’s presence– to come to our life. We just have to have that blind trust and faith in God that he will make everything alright. We just have to believe that eventually things will get better. This too shall pass.
To those spared by this tragedy: we must have done something good or we must have made the universe happy at some point to be spared of this tragedy. Or maybe we are for now just on the other side of the fence waiting in line for our turn to receive our crash course on life 101. Let us thank our lucky stars, our guardian angels, our God for giving us another chance to realize just how lucky we are. Our help, in whatever way we can, will serve as the balm that would heal the broken spirits of the victims of this tragedy. Let us make them feel that they are not alone in this fight, let us make things alright for them. The worst is over, with our help, things will get better for them. This too shall pass.
Omnea en bonum (everything for the good)

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