I realized that there are a thousand things I want to do in my life. Some I have started doing last year and just need follow through, some I had totally forgotten until now and a lot more other things that I haven’t started yet…
So now, I’m back at my desk again just like last year making a list of things that will occupy my mind and energy for the whole year…here are some…
EXERCISE…I intend to do this regularly. Not to have that body to die for (I would leave that to my single friends) but to have that strong and healthy body that I need as a wife and mom. I’m sure nobody would want an obese and sickly wife and mom. I owe this much to myself and family.
LAUGH…Don’t get me wrong, I do laugh, what I really mean is that I would not take life much too seriously and enjoy life to the fullest. They say laughing exercises a thousand muscles in our faces and releases happy hormones in our body that rejuvenates our whole system thus making us feel real good.
COMMIT TO A CAUSE…I think that with so much blessings I receive everyday, it is time to give something back by helping others. I will give a piece of me in this future cause for I know that whichever cause I will involve myself with will complete me as a person.
START MY OWN BUSINESS…I have grand ideas in my mind but up until now they are all still in my head. This year, I will make them happen.
TRAVEL…I’ve been wanting to go to these places for quite some time now and this year I will see to it that I will be at least in one of those places with my loved ones…I can almost see us there.
WRITE…I still have a lot of things I want to write about and I will. For writing makes me see things differently and helps keep me grounded.
LIVE NOW…yesterday’s the past and tomorrow’s the future. Sometimes I tend to dwell too much from the past and get stressed over the future. To save myself from regrets and worry, I will take each day as it is. For like what they say you cannot change things that happened already nor outrun time, but you can do something about now.
BE FINANCIALLY WISE…I will put a balance in our spending and saving. I will be a smart buyer, a wise spender and definitely a very good investor this year.
GO BACK TO SCHOOL…yup, time to stop putting off going back to school. I will take that long overdue master’s degree or any short courses that would interests me this year. It is something that will help me become better in my field.
ATTEND A RECOLLECTION/RETREAT…I am fortunate to be working in an institution that takes care not only of our professional well being but spiritual well being too. This year, I plan to take advantage of the monthly recollection that they give so I can feed and nourish my soul.
GO OUT ON DATES…more often with my husband. We have very few “together” moments lately because there of a lot of things happening in our life right now but I know we need this to keep us insanely in love with each other more. I will definitely resurrect this.
BE WITH MY DAUGHTER…we are together in the house and goes to the same place for school and work everyday, and yet sometimes I feel like I am not giving her quality time. This year I will. We will have girls day out, we’ll talk more often about trivial things and do funny, silly stuffs together.
KEEP IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS… I realized that I haven’t been in contact with some of my close friends. This year, I will be in touch with them constantly so as not to loose the connection we were able to build because aside from family they are my treasures.
And there’s a lot more, a whole lot more. I guess I have my whole lifetime to do them so there’s really no hurry. The important thing is I have a lot in my hand this year to keep me busy.:)

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