Christmas is coming.  I can feel it in the air.  The cool breeze that greets me each morning clearly spells christmas.  I am starting to get giddy with excitement.  I am excited to put up that christmas tree, hang that capiz chistmas lantern, set-up the belen, plan the christmas menu and  of course hit the malls and different bazaars for my christmas shopping.  Over the years my list has become shorter and shorter.  Not because I’ve become stingy at this old age but because giving gifts for me has become short of something special.  Hey, I’m no Santa Claus, I am more likely one the reinders cursing Santa for putting us through those long agony of delivering presents all over the world if I had ever lived during his time.  Anyway, back to my stinginess, I mean my reinvented gift giving.  I used to give everyone I know gifts. I used to spend my whole christmas bonus buying gifts.  I would buy things in bulk and give them away, you know, whatever is cheap in bulk in divisoria so I can give everyone gifts.  But after receiving the same items that i gave away for christmas myself one christmas, I started to feel aghast and question my whole point of christmas gift giving.  And so I lay down the rules for myself, i would only give gifts to people who are very dear to me and I would only buy gifts for them that I know they would truly like and love.  I don’t want them to feel disappointed every time they open up their gift after tearing the wrapper in excitement only find the top ten worst christmas gift ever..that’s truly a heartbreak…so if you really, truly care about the person you would give gifts to this christmas, do not give them these:
10. Fruticake…Whoever invented this cake, I want to strangle him/her.  Every year we receive a lot and not even one we eat coz we suspect that these things called fruticakes are just doing the rounds because not everybody wants it.
9.  Rosary…I mean everybody has one special one so why think that he/she needs another one.  We only need one to be able to pray the rosary.
8.  Scented Candles…no imagination at all, the giver of this.  The regular brownout is long gone so people don’t really need this, it will definitely just stay in one corner until given away as recycled gift or will be used to shoo away the flies during a party. Sad.
7.  Handmade Soaps…let’s face it, not everyone will experiment with their skin and use these handmade soaps all at once.  Besides, anyone I know has already his/her own brand that he/she absolutely swears on.
6.  Picture Frame in plastic, in wood or in cheap crystals...not everyone is a picture display addict.  Now, they would rather store it in there notebook/laptop and click it at their own convenience.
5. Handkerchief/face towel with name…man! this is so last year! or worst so last decade! I mean the person you’re giving it to would totally not forget you–that is everytime he/she wipes his/her sweat or blows his/her nose..ew! you don’t want to be remembered that way, believe me!
4.   Silver/gold Parker pen…it is so unimaginative and boring, unless he/she has this peculiar way of collecting these kind of pens.  It is for people who can’t waste time in thinking so they resort to the most convenient gift–pens.
3.   Chinese coin purses..if you give this, the ones in divisoria or in the streets of baclaran…you have this word written all over you—MAKUNAT a.k.a STINGY.
2.  Planner/calendar…you are in deep danger of becoming a relly boring christmas gift giver if you resort to giving away this one.  You will not be the only one giving away a calendar or plannerr to that person believe me.  By the end of the year, that person will have 2 or more of those calendars and that person definitely will use only one unless he/she puts them in every corner of the room.  So unless its something chic, unique or personalized, scrap this from your gift giving ideas.
1.  Mugs...if you give this away as gift you definitely are makunat (stingy), unimaginative and boring rolled into one.  Absolutely no originality and creativity in his/her bone.  You will be at the lowest level in the eyes of your recepient, a total crass.  Why? because you gave away something he/she already has since he/she graduated from the bottle and learned how to drink from the cup! Each person has one special one that he/she uses from his/her milk guzzling years down to his/her beer guzzling moments now.  Replacing his/her special mug is unthinkable.  So, your mug will just do the rounds like the others after the usually hypocrite “oh, so cute!” because nothing can replace the goo ol’ mug that a person’s mouth has been used to.  Shame on you for even thinking about it!:)
So if you want to be remembered in a nice way, do not give these gifts to your loved ones this christmas.  They say it is the thought that counts.  For me, it is not only the way the person remembered you that matters,  but add to that also are the exta mile that that person willingly went through, and the thought that that person put into that gift just so that he/she can give you the perfect one also matter.
Happy christmas shopping!:)

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