I spent a fun-filled three days and two nights stay in Baguio with the rest of the “mean girls”…have to say that I love my stay there because I had such good company…I can’t remember ever laughing heartily so hard and so much in my entire life…the mean girls were just so plain crazy (but that would be for another blog entry)…While in Baguio, I came up with this nice idea for this blog, that is to check out the place and compare it to my all time favorite weekend get-away…Tagaytay…

We stayed in this, well, nice place called El Cielito Inn…we had the best room I guess, an apartelle with a sala, mini-kitchen, two bedroom and a bathroom. The Inn was cozy although the breakfast that they serve is just ordinary nothing special. We went around Baguio checking out places such as Burnham, Mines View and the much talked about Session road and SM Baguio. We went all the way to La Trinidad, Benguet (with soaking feet because it was raining so hard that fateful afternoon) just to buy strawberries. What can I say, Baguio known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the way I see it, is a big mound of sprouting mushroom of houses…gone where the scenic sites, the “Ahhhhh” views, the “Ooohhhh” sceneries. Instead it was replaced by houses, condos, apartelles, and more houses. Traffic was a bit horrendous in some parts because of rerouting and on-going road constructions. I would have mistaken Session road for Divisoria with its crowded streets and filthy corners if not for the cool and windy weather…It’s a sad reality, this famous City of Pines has become so congested and commercialized that vacationing there can get a little bit stressful and not relaxing anymore….I would have to say Luneta now is much more beautiful compared to Burnham and Mines View now. Burnham just have so many vendors in its street and the view in Mines View is blocked by the many tianges lining up its sides.  They lost their magic. The things I love in Baguio though are the shopping, for the pasalubong and other things, plus of course the fog and the cool, windy weather..I just love it especially during the night when we took a stroll in the streets, in the early mornings when we wake up and in the mid afternoon when the sun is hot but you don’t get that icky sweaty feeling. I also love the honest cab drivers who don’t charge high. I love the drive up north to Baguio where you can see lots of trees lining up the road and the ricefields going to Tarlac.I love the ‘Fried Chicken in Chinese sauce’ in this place called Star Café, a restaurant built in the 1940s and still stands up to this day. The ube of Good Sheperd and of course the strawberries of Benguet. I love the night spent drinking booze where the mean girls were thus born and created. The days spent combing the streets looking for great fun.

There are times during my stay when I would think about Tagaytay, with its cool windy weather and its scenic spots. The Tagaytay Picinic Groove where you can get nice views in places tucked in its secret corners. The great spots nearby such as Pink Sisters, Sonya’s Garden and Caluruega. The highlands and the clean rows of restaurants with the surprisingly perfect view of the famous Taal volcano at their back. The bulalo, oohhh the bulalo of Leslie’s. I would think about the hassle-free trip going there and the feeling of homecoming every time you step out of the car…the peace and quiet and the unhurried way everybody moves there..

So, I threw this question to the other mean girls over bottles of vodka cruiser and bailey’s…North vs. South..hmm…for the mean girls Cavite chapter (hahaha!!!) its south..What about you? What’s your vote…let me know okay…just post your comment ..:)

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