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32 and Loving It

Today, I turned 32. I believe I am neither young nor old. I am in that comfortable spot called “in between”:) That only means there are still a lot of things that I can get away with (like maybe wearing my comfortable mini skirts?hehe) without getting snickers and jeers from the younger set or the censure of the much older ones. It also means that I still have more chances to follow my dreams and much more opportunities to make the grand plans in my head happen.

This is the first time that I don’t have anything profound to say on my birthday. Usually I become philosophical and all. I guess, there’s really nothing much left to say but “Thank you” to God for never failing to bring a smile of wonder and delight on my face everyday. He always surprises me with abundant blessings wrapped in love, miracles that come in big and small packages, and angels in disguise.
I will be forever grateful to Him for giving me my…
Family. They have given me a sense of purpose. It is because of them that I feel like a superwoman, ready to take on whatever life throws my way. It is for them that I strive to be the best daughter, sister, cousin, wife and mom.
In-laws. They make me experience what it’s like to belong to a big family. They taught me what true family bonding is all about and how families should look after each other.
Girlfriends. They are there whenever, wherever and whatever. They know me well enough to anticipate my next move and the crazy things that are on my mind. I just cannot escape their knowing eyes.:) It is with them that I share some of those great heart-warming, gut-wrenching talks and those crazy belly laughs.:)
Students. They make me feel that I am finally doing something great. I grow ten feet tall everytime I receive letters and drawing that they lovingly scribbled for me. My heart does a small dance everytime they surprise me with their sweet bear hugs.
Colleagues. It is because of them that I know in my heart that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. They have taught me how it is to be a true professional without losing that “human touch.”
Parents of my mentees. They have given this wonderful gift called trust. They have wholeheartedly shared their daughters with me and for that, I feel humbled.
Strangers who prove to be Good Samaritans. Their random acts of kindness reminds me to make a conscious effort to see the good in every person that I meet and to spread kindness all around.
These wonderful people I am blessed with, they make my life complete. They beat all the expensive gifts I can ever imagine receiving on this special day. They give my life so much meaning and make my soul so rich with love. At this point I can truly say, I could not ask for anything more.:)

My "Wow" Moments

I need a perk up. It’s been difficult lately. I am a bit shaken by some thoughts of impending changes in our life that might be too soon in coming. I have to remind myself to think happy, positive thoughts. And so I will, by writing down the moments in my life that bring/brought smile on my face and that make/made me feel grateful and happy..
Here are some of those moments when the word WOW aptly describes everything…
the first time I had a heart to heart talk with my dad, who just did the opposite of what i expected would be his first reaction. Instead of getting mad at me and throwing me out of the house he laughed at me and hugged me and promised me that he would take care of everything
the first time my husband and I kissed and made love
the first time I held my daughter in my arms
the first time my daughter walked her first steps and said her first word
the first time I witnessed a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis
the first time I saw all these amazing sea creatures up close especially my favorite sting ray
the first time I sat behind the wheel again and drive after seven years of not driving
everytime my husband hugs me and kiss me and says I love you unexpectedly
everytime my husband go to great lengths just to please me
everytime my husband wakes up at an ungodly hour without complaints just to get me water or to accompany me or my daughter in the bathroom to pee
eveytime one of my close friend says exactly the right words that i need to hear or words that will soothe me and make me feel alright
everytime I receive answered prayers
everytime I experience deja’ vu
everytime I wake up without the help of my handy alarm clock at exactly the time that I am supposed to wake up
everytime I meet twins and the thought that I have nephews who are twins also
everytime I notice some semblance of myself or my husband in my daughter
everytime I find underneath drawers or cabinets things I have long forgotten already
everytime I gaze at our pictures in our photo albums and seeing how much we’ve grown and changed over the years
everytime I receive unexpected windfalls especially when we need it most
my bridal march during my wedding day with my daddy sniffling loudly at the background
those times before when my dad tirelessly played with my daughter and turned putty in her hands when he was still alive–he was after all a Police Colonel..:)
that time when my dad survived despite being in critical condition in the hospital for a month and how he was able to live another full month where he made sure to leave us many a happy memories that are still vivid in my mind
the sight of our flowers blooming everyday in our garden patch thus affirming my husband’s long standing belief that he has a green thumb
witnessing a garbage dumpsite successfully becoming a Gawad Kalinga community and being part of it all
being told by a student that I am the best teacher in the whole world
receiving a spontaneous hug from a student who is not part of my class but who just feels like giving me one
being told by this kid all the time that I look like 20 rather than my age 30 not so much because I really
look like it I’m sure, but because she just wants to go out of her way to make me feel good about myself and to see me smile
not experiencing any serious accident, injuries and illness for the past 30 years
staying married to the same guy for the past 8 years and still feeling blissfully happy with it despite of some minor problems that happen once in awhile
thinking about how everything always turns out well and how everything in my life just feels like a thousand puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together right from the start
the thought that whatever will happen, it has been planned and carefully thought out by that Mighty Hand…and the feeling right now that amidst all the confusions and uncertainties I feel at peace knowing that He will always bless me and my family and will always make sure to give me lots of things that will make feel..Wow..