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Educating The Mind and The Heart The Paref Woodrose Way

“There, the child grew in stature and strength, and was filled with wisdom: the grace of God was with him.”
It was when I became a mother that the decision to teach began forming in my mind. I wanted a job that would allow me to spend as much time as I can with my baby. I figured with shorter work hours and paid vacation, teaching was the perfect job for me. So teaching was more of a calculated move rather than an inspired decision. At the start, I told myself that I have to choose an institution where I would eventually want Bianca to study so everytime I’d go for job interviews before, I ended up asking more questions about the school than the interviewer herself. I accepted Growing Place Pre-school’s offer. It is smaller than Casa Montessori Internationale and less popular than Elizabeth Seaton but more homey and progressive, perfect for Bianca I thought. The following year, I enrolled Bianca in Nursery. That was where she bloomed and where I first fell in love with teaching.
It was when she was in Pre-Kinder that I started scouting for big schools where I can teach. Between Southville International, De La Salle Zobel, Seaton, and Woodrose, I chose the later because of its personal formation. I want a school that gives strong emphasis on family and values formation, I found that in Woodrose. A year after I joined the faculty, I enrolled Bianca in Grade 1.
When friends ask me how I managed to raise a well-adjusted, cheerful, and resilient kid, I always tell them most of the credit go to Woodrose. Our mediocre parenting is nothing compared to the doctrinal and personal formations that the school provides. In our family we taught her love and respect for others, in Woodrose she learned empathy and a much deeper sense of caring and responsibility towards others. We introduced her to our faith but it is really Woodrose that deepened her love for our faith.
I appreciated the Woodrose education all the more when my husband, Nan, passed away two years ago and when Bianca was battling with cancer. During those difficult times, her strength of character and steadfast love for God never wavered. In fact, between the two of us, she was the epitome of amazing strength and grace. I can never credit my genes or emotional parenting for that. I often tell this to parents deciding where to put their child: our children will spend most of their time in school so we have to choose the one where we can feel God’s presence the most.

Woodrose Bodega Sale 2013

Following the success of last year’s ‘Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale,’ Paref Woodrose is opening it’s doors once again and inviting everyone to do their early christmas shopping here.
This year’s Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale promises to be more exciting with new additions on the list of  product line ups available on sale. Aside from the usual apparels, accessories,  and linens, shoppers can also score great deals on kitchenwares, glasswares, hotel-restaurant equipments and many more. Paticipating merchants include popular brands such as 101 New York, XOXO, Toy Kingdom, Imarflex, Claire’s, Popstar, and Krispy Kreme, among others.
The Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale will be from November 13 to 16, 2013 (Wednesday to Saturday) at the Woodrose Promenade.  This is a fundraising project for the benefit of the Friends of Woodrose Scholarship Program.

Paref Woodrose's JOG

Join Paref Woodrose as it celebrates family, fitness, and fun in it’s this year’s JOG (Joy Of Giving). Woodrose Fun Run has never been this special. For more details please click on the poster below or go to http://woodrosejog.runningmate.ph/ See you there!:)

Paref Woodrose School's Eucharistic Procession

Yesterday was a special day for the whole Paref Woodrose School community as it was the day that the school celebrated the Eucharistic Procession. The event was timed to coincide with the celebration of Christ the King today.
The eucharistic procession is considered as the most awaited event in school, bigger than Family Day and more important than the Grade School or High School graduation simply because the main celebrant here is the Lord who has made all things possible.
For some of you who does not know, eucharistic procession is a Catholic practice that dates back to the 13th century. Here, the consecrated host is reverently carried in a procession throughout the streets where people await to express their devotion through singing, praying, or simply keeping silent. It was the late Pope John Paul II who revived this tradition and brought the procession outside the Vatican City into the streets of Rome where buidlings and houses within the processional route were decorated as a way of honoring the Eucharistic Christ.
In the case of Paref Woodrose School, it has brought the eucharistic procession to a whole new level by adorning the path where the Lord will pass with beautiful handmade floral carpets lovingly prepared by students, parents, staff, and alumnaes.

Usually it takes the whole school half a day to ready the floral carpets for the following day’s eucharistic procession. Students, parents, staff, and alumnaes come prepared both physically and spiritually for a day of selfless service for the Lord. They are unmindful of the heat and discomfort while working on the floral carpets as there is only one thing in their minds, that is to make the path for the Lord beautiful. The funds used to buy flowers of every imaginable kind come from the generous donations and personal contributions of students, staff, and parents themselves. For them, the time and money spent preparing for this special event are little compared to the abundant and overflowing love and blessings that the Lord continuously shower them.

I have been working in this institution for the past 7 years and I always look forward to this, most especially this year. There’s a lot to be thankful for in my life despite my grief and loss, number one of which is the Lord’s constant presence in my life throughout my ordeal. He has made my path to marriage all rosy and beautiful, and with his grace, he has given me the strength to accept perhaps the most painful thorn of loosing my better half to death last August. Like probably the others, the eucharistic procession serves as a gentle yet concrete reminder to me of God’s unfailing love. Through this eucharistic procession, he made His presence known and felt in the four corners of the school and in the deep crevices of our hearts.

As He walked the path that we laid out for Him, He left his footprints in our hearts and made us realize that He really is the beginning and the end of everything. He made us see clearly why He should be our first and last thought everyday. He who is the Alpha and the Omega. And as He passed by in front of us all we can do is fall to our knees in complete humility, adoration, worship and surrender for He who holds the key to our past, present, and future, has graciously blessed us yet again with His loving presence.

Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale at Paref Woodrose School

Don’t forget to check out Friends of Woodrose Foundation’s Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale next week at Paref Woodrose School, Alabang especially if you are within the area. Get a chance to score great deals from international brands like XOXO, 101 New York and many more!

This Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale is for the benefit of the Friends of Woodrose Foundation’ scholarship fund. See you there!

Friends of Woodrose's Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale

So have you started shopping for Christmas? This is that time of the year when we troop to different malls, outlet stores, and bazaars and shop to our hearts content.  I am sure by this time, you have already marked the red letter dates in your calendar.
Well for people living in the south, you have another set of dates to mark as Paref Woodorose School is opening its door to early christmas shoppers this Nov. 14-18. The Friends of Woodrose Foundation has organized a Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale where you can score great deals from international brands like Canadian Linens, XOXO, 101 New York, Toys R Us and many more.

So before hitting the mall or checking out different bazaars do drop by the Friends of Woodose Bodega Sale first. Not only will you satisfy the inner shopping goddess inside you but you will also able to help fulfill the FOW’s mission of  providing scholarships to bright and promising young girls.
For more updates regarding the much awaited Friends of Woodrose Pre-Christmas Bodega sale, check out Paref Woodrose School’s official website here.