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Ten Things I Learned From Motherhood

1. Babies don’t really come in neat little packages labeled cute.???? ???? Most often, they come in mismatched clothes and soiled diapers. But hey, they always smell good with or without the poop. ????
2. There is no truth to the “Terrible Twos” or “Terrific Threes” theory because they can drag on even way past the age of 2 or 3. ????
3. Typical doesn’t even begin to describe your kid. ????
4. You never really know what reserved energy is until you’ve become a mom. ????
5. In most cases, joy comes not from seeing your child happy and carefree, but from seeing him asleep, peacefully and soundly in his bed. ????????????
6. There is nothing glamorous about motherhood because by the time your child becomes a teen, you’ve already turned into a momzilla or worse, a momster! ????????????
7. God made children difficult to sanctify and purify us.???? They are our means to heaven.????????
8. All things being equal, our children will have their turn when they become parents. Trust me, I know. ????????
9. Motherhood is not a vocation like what Hallmark claimed it to be. It is a loving devotion where double portions of grace are given. ????
10. Motherhood is always worth every face-palm and hair-pulling moments. ????????????
Happy Mother’s Day to all the badass ladies out there who’ve managed to keep their wits together despite the challenging role of being moms to your kids. You sure have earned yourself a spot in heaven.☺️

Six Mom Advocates and Their Inspiring Stories

Much has been said about motherhood being the toughest job in the world, but then ask any mom and you would be surprised to know that at any given time, the task of mothering is less of a burden but more of a joy for most of them.  In fact, some have even wholeheartedly embraced the calling so much that they have took it upon themselves to nurture the community as a whole. They have continuously work to ensure that the needs of other children in the coummunity are provided and met.  They have also empowered fellow women to become good mothers to their children by sharing what they know. This month in Working Mom magazine, I interviewed six amazing moms who have dared to make a difference through their chosen advocacies while staying loving and devoted to their own family. Here they are:
Michelle Aventajado 
Down Syndrome Advocate
Michelle has been championing the cause of children with special needs since giving birth to her youngest, Evangelina. She chronicles her experiences as a mom of a child with Down Syndrome in her blog, mommanmanila.com.  She is active in organizations such as the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. (DSAPI) and The Center Of Possibilities whose programs caters to children with special needs and their families.

Jenny Ong
Breastfeeding and Natural Parenting Advocate
Jenny is a peer counselor for LATCH, Inc., an organization that provides breastfeeding classes for pregnant women and their families. She supports organizations such as Arugaan, a grassroots community based organization in the fight for the strict implementation of the Milk Code and Filipino Association of Babywearers, a group who strongly advocates the babywearing lifestyle. She is the blogger behind www.chroniclesofanursingmom.com.  She actively promotes the natural parenting lifestyle by giving talks on cloth diapering, breastfeeding and babywearing. 

Janice Trillo
Women and Children Causes Advocate
Janice is the reigning Mrs. Philippines Globe 2014 title holder who represented the country in the recently concluded Mrs. Globe World Finals at Shenzhen, China. She bagged The Philanthropy of the Year award and made it to the Top 16. She’s 37 years old with five kids.  She has been involved in different social and charitable activities in Subic and Olongapo as past President and now Secretary of Rotary Club Subic Pearl. 

Denise Manlapaz
Likhang Bata Online Gallery
Teacher Dindi is the founder and art teacher of Likhang Bata. She was a graphic designer, marketing image consultantant, and advertising teacher before she decided to concentrate full time in sharing and cultivating appreciation for the unique Filipino culture through her online arts gallery, Likhang Bata  (www.likhangbata.weebly.com).  She continues to organizes art workshops, festivals and summer camps in partnership with other institutions. 

Patricia Gonzales-Cruz
Kinder Project
Teacher Tisha has been a childhood educator since 1991. She founded Kinder Project which provides teacher training support and quality teaching materials to the poorest kindergarten classrooms in the country. A class project with her kindergarten students way back in 2002 brought them in Miarayon, Bukidnon where the lack of learning materials fuelled her desire to create teaching tools for classrooms that needed them most. She shares her mission to help in her website www.learninglion.ph

Joy T. Mendoza
Homeschooling Advocate
Joy is a homeschooling mom who blogs at Teach With Joy (www.teachwithjoy.com), a webpage devoted to faith, marriage, parenting, and homeschooling.  She is married to Edric Mendoza, who shares the passion for homeschooling with her and together, they have five children. All homeschooled. 
Check out the inspiring stories of these six amazing women in the Mother’s Day issue of Working Mom magazine. 

My Mama

Maybe because it’s Mother’s day on Sunday or me and my mama are pretty much always together these days that is why I am feeling a bit sentimental towards her lately. Me and my mama has been together of course since birth, I often feels like my umbilical cord haven’t really been cut out from her totally because since I was still young I always have a hard time being separated from her. I secretly agreed to live with my parents and not move house when I got married because I just can’t leave my mama behind or bring her with us. I remember when we were young, our lolas will borrow my sister from my mom and dad during vacations and weekends, but me they don’t want to borrow me because I often cry for my mama come night time. The only time they were able to fool me into going with them, they regretted it, because I didn’t sleep a wink. I was literally waiting for the sun to come up because they promised me I would see my mama as soon as the sun was up.

Life was never easy for mama. She was born to a poor family, she had to live with some of her aunt and uncle just so she can go to college. But she studied and worked hard, she graduated summa cum laude and spent most of her professional life teaching in public school. She married my dad and had the two us. She had difficulty giving birth that is why we were preemies, me 8 months and my sister 6 months. She was a traditional wife and a devoted mother. She is some sort of a Maria Clara, she used to wear only pencil skirts even during sportsfest, it is only now that she wears those Capri pants. She is soft spoken but I remember before when I was a kid, when she would get mad at my sister, she would give that loud holler “Elena!!!!!.” My cousins used to envy us because we have a mama who is very sweet and kind. She is not very hard to please also, even the corniest joke can make her laugh. Her being kid at heart is what makes her hit it off quite so well with my daughter. She can outsmart even me in a game of snake in her cellphone She and my dad struggled to give us a comfortable life. I remember trips with mama to SM when I was young every June to buy new bags, shoes and school things, mass and dress shopping every Sunday in Baclaran, lunch date with her in Max’s every report card giving day and trips to the palengke to buy Barbie clothes. She just know how to cut those letters for HE class perfectly, she sew and mend clothes really well up until now, and she cooks a mean kare-kare, morcon, and mechado. She knows how to take care of me when I am sick, somehow, just her presence makes you feel better. I love it when she is fussing over me. She seems tireless. I used to think she was superwoman when I was a kid for she can do many things at the same time. Keep the house, do the laundry, cook our food, take care of our school things, take care of my dad, and teach these pesky high schoolers.

For the past two years, my dad was very sick. It was during this time that I appreciated her more than ever. It was during this time also when I realized just how remarkable she is. She took care of my dad all through out his sickness, never complaining, never resenting the situation, never questioning God. She took everything in stride. She gave all that she can ever give. My dad is a difficult man when he was not sick and all the more difficult when he got sick. But my mom, she never failed him. She stood by his man until his last breath. During dad’s wild days when they were just starting out, during my dad’s dangerous days as a law enforcer, my dad promising days when he completed his college and MBA’s, my dad’s dark days when he was having problems seeing with his eyes, my dad’s struggling days when he was going in and out of the hospital for dialysis, my dad’s last day when he fell right into the arms of my mama never to wake up again. She was right there holding him in her arms when he let go of life.

My mama, she was devastated when my dad died last year. For her, if there is one thing she is very good at, it is taking care of my dad and us. Suddenly, she was robbed of this chance to take care of the only man in her life. It took a while before the haunted look left her, before the smile reached her eyes again, before she can give a hearty and sincere laugh again. There are times when I want to slug my husband for all these silly things that he likes to do and say but whenever I see mama laugh at my husband’s silly antics, I let it go. Because when mama laughs, when she is in a good mood, when she is happy and well, everything is right in our world.

My mama is growing in years, she is feeling aches and pains she never felt before. She is struggling to walk due to arthritis, there are times when she would cry in pain. I wish I can take all that away. But her strength, her resiliency, her love for me, my sister, my husband who also loves her dearly and my daughter who is the apple of her eyes, I know gives her the strength to brush aside the pains.  I love my mama so much, I never really experience that thing about your world falling apart in my entire life…but I know when my mama get separated from me permanently, not only will my world fall apart but my entire universe as well…happy mother’s day mama!:)