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Of Red Shoes and Solemate

For many weeks now, I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect red shoes. I figured with christmas coming and all, finding the perfect pair will be a breeze . But then I realized, after a few trips to different shoe stores, that it is kinda hard finding the perfect pair that will not only fit you beautifully but will fit your budget as well.
I spotted a couple of red shoes while doing the rounds of my favorite malls (Robinsons, ATC and Filinvest). But, they are either too red or too pale. Some doesn’t compliment my feet well or extremely nice but extremely expensive too. My last shot was SM Southmall and true enough, I found my perfect red shoes there.

Oooops, this red shoes is fab but this is not "the one."

I got myself a red ballerina-style flat shoes from Solemate, a brand exclusively made for SM department store. They have a wide selection of flats in different styles and colors. They are super affordable too as they sell for only 299.75 a pair.
'the one"

Solemate reminds me of my favorite shoe shop in Singapore, Rubi, which has the cutest flats. They both offer flats in pretty styles and colors.
solemates flats in trendy colors

Aside from red, I like the flats in gray shade and flower printed design. Solemate shoes are made of canvass though just like some of Rubi shoes, so they are exclusively for sunny days use only. One thing I love about Solemate’s flats is how super comfortable they are on the feet, you won’t have to worry about getting blisters when you wear them for the first time.
flower prints and bright colors

Upon close inspection, stitching and soles are done smoothly, so no need to worry about ribbon getting off or soles getting left behind as you walk, after a couple of use.

For 300 pesos you can get yourself a solemate from SM! I got mine in red, just in time for christmas.:)

My Love Affair with Rubi Shoes

I found the ultimate flat shoes paradise in Singapore. There is this funky shop, Rubi, that sells comfortable, durable and stylish flat shoes at a bargain. Think ultra chic flat shoes that come in many fabulous colors for 2 for $25 or a pair for $10 or $15 dollars.

I love flats!!!

I felt like I’ve died and gone to heaven while shoe shopping there. Rubi shoes are also available at this (sigh!) fab shop called Cotton On, both stores are all over SG. You definitely won’t miss it because if you are a certified flat shoes addict like me, you will just know that it is THE SHOP just by looking at the displays.
with my goodies!

That distinct heartbeat when you pick up a pair is something hard to miss. And that sudden rush of excitement that flows through your body which signals you to BUY is something that is hard to resist. In no time at all you will find yourself walking away with a pair (or two) and a big big smile pasted on your face.
My little, as in, very small collection of Rubi flats.
my flats

Looking forward to my future additions (sponsored by sister dear).:)
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