I never wear make-up except during those very few occasions where I needed to paint my face a decent hue in order to look presentable. Unlike my sister who have mastered the art of painting faces, I usually have to struggle with the eye liner, mascara and eyeshadow. The only thing that I never fail to put on is my red lipstick. Eversince college, I have this thing about red lipstick. I’ve always felt that I am ready to take the world as long I am wearing  red on my lips. This is like my perk up everyday, my happiness in a tube.  I carry this notion  that the only thing that I need to look good and feel good is red lipstick. Call me weird but I feel bare and vulnerable without my red lipstick on.

                                                         Source: likica.tumblr.com via Blanca on Pinterest

There’s this funny story about me and my red lips. We used to rent an apartment near UST, as you know in that area, there a lot of crazy people in the streets.  So there I was waiting for a taxi one day, in all my pregnant glory, feeling pretty satisfied with myself because I had the perfect shade of red lipstick on when suddenly a crazy guy came up to me and said “PENGE PISO!”. I was so nervous I frantically searched inside my bag. He had a ballpen pointed aimingly at my pregnant tummy, while on the other hand he was holding a rolled up newspaper. I was so afraid that he would hit my head with it and punched my tummy with his red ballpen that I gave all my coins to him which was like a handful. He grabbed the coins and was starting to walk away when he stopped and looked disgustingly at me again. I was rooted in my place, waiting for him to do something bad. Then he screamed and said  “WALANGHIYA KA, ANG INIT INIT NAKA-RED LIPSTICK KA PA!!!”, then stormed away. I was left there staring after him with my mouth wide open while people around me who clearly heard what the crazy man said were laughing and snickering. It became a standing joke between my husband and I, whenever he sees me wearing a new shade of red, he would say the crazy man’s line.:)
I am currently using two shades of red lipstick. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red which is in Matte so I usually put a lip balm on top to keep my lips moisturized. I have been a fan of Revlon since college. I like how they stay on for hours and how they don’t crack on your lips as the shade fades even without putting on balm.

                                                                  Source: fragrantica.com via Blanca on Pinterest

I am also using Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Burnt Red. My sister is a huge fan of Bobbi Brown and she gave this to me when she came home recently. I love its orangy red shade. This is matted also so I put on lip balm with it too.

In between Revlon lipsticks, I use Maybelline’s Moisture Rich Lipstick in Red Wine or Very Cherry. I like that it has that moisture component already and it is very cheap too.


A few years back, a cousin gave me a Channel no. 5 which I absolutely love, love, love. It’s quite expensive so I am waiting for the perfect ocassion (and excuse) to buy one.:)

If you ask me what my fashion statement is, I would probably say, forever red lips drama. Stessed or not, sick or well, as long as I’m wearing my red lipstick on, everything is right in my world.