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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October, I am one with the thousand others in celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month, wether it be in remembering every cancer patient, family, relative, or friend who has lost their battle to breast cancer or honoring the survivors and those who are still courageously fighting with the disease.
I know first hand how physically, emotionally, and even spiritually trying this disease can be both for the sick and her family. My only daughter, Bianca, was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer, Papillary Carcinoma (Thyroid Cancer in layman’s term) back in 2012. Sometimes the memory of her difficult experience during surgery and RAI treatment still knock the wind out of me. The fear alone that this lifetime disease would recur in the future is enough to stress the life out of anyone.
My daughter is not cancer free yet but we are certain in time, she’ll be. I am sure a lot would agree with me when I say that when you have invested enough in this fight, you’ll do everything to achieve victory. That’s what my daughter as well as the other cancer patients, survivors, and care givers I know have been doing. And it is for this reason that I have nothing but deep admiration for them for remaining positive and strong in the face of this dreaded disease. Their tenacity, will power, and faith during and after the ordeal are truly inspiring.
Despite the heartache, I still must say that I would always see cancer as a blessing rather than a misfortune in my family. It is because it has become a way for us to receive God’s amazing grace and boundless blessings. It also continue to serve as a great reminder for us everyday to celebrate life and its many big and even little yet significant victories.

Latest Fad to Hit Town: Cancer

Yep, you read it right. The latest fad to hit town is cancer. Cancer which used to be a hush hush topic before, cancer that at one time in the past only embraced few people we know are now invading our comfort zones with such rapidity and at an alarming rate. Now, I’m sure you know of one person personally who has cancer. Before, it used to hit only the elderly and the weak but now even young children and the healthy ones are suddenly afflicted with cancer.
I was having a nice lunch in our own little haven in our faculty last week when I decided to read this article about cancer which totally freaked me out. I realized that if there is such a thing as Search for Outstanding Cancer Candidate, the title would go to me hands down.   It says there in the article that each of us have cancer cells in our body, the kind of lifestyle that we have and the strength of our immune system will determine if these cancer cells will mutate in big numbers or shall we say stay at a level that is safe. Cancer cells like to party on in an acidic environment.  Meat lovers out there like me produced so much acid in the intestine. I’m sure the cancer cells in me are having a blast everytime I eat those crispy pata, steak and inihaw na liempo. Geez! It goes on in saying that cancer cell diet is mostly protein based, meaning the more you eat red meat which are high sources of bad protein, the more you are feeding those cancer cells making them big and strong, and not to mention multiply in numbers. And those icky green vegetables are just what we need to control these pesky cancer cells. These greens contain oxidants that flushed out acids and such other things in our body. I am a certified meat lover, fish and anything coming straight out of the water are absolutely not in my food list. But after reading that article, I guess i have to change my eating habits if i still want to enjoy life and not be haunted by the thought that I’m a walking cancer bomb waiting to explode. More greens, fish and chicken meat which are sources of good protein are highly recommended.
Of course genes also count. If there is cancer history in your  family, the more you need to be vigilant in living a full, healthy life. Living a full healthy life doesn’t only mean eating the right food and adapting a healthy lifestyle (resting and getting a good amount of sleeping everyday to rejuvenate dying cells and repair damaged good cells which can fight off cancer cell) but also having that positive outlook in life. The article goes on in saying that negativity such as anger, selfishness, unforgiving attitude and stress make our body produce deadly acids and toxins that are food for these cancer cells. So next time you get mad, think and say those negative words, think of the thousand toxins you release inside your body and the thousand cancer cells happily lapping it up. The stress in your life is actually your own doing,  you create stress when you choose to respond to something in a negative way. So when you feel an anger boiling in the surface, intense pressure at work or frustration over an unresolved problem– stop, relax a bit, pray, do a quick meditation or settle into your yoga position, or call someone whom you can release all of these stressors with so they won’t go inside your body as fuels for toxins but simply out of your system.  Or better yet think happy positive thoughts…:)
May cancer not be with you…:)