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The Best of My 2010 Travels

Travel wise, 2010 has been a great year for me. Chance, fate and opportunity presented me with these travel experiences that I never would have imagine happening, even in my wildest dream,in just a span of a year.
April 16-18, 2010
Palawan was one of my dream places to visit. That is why when our school planned an outing/outreach activity there last summer, I signed up for it right a way. It was everything I imagined it to be and more. I simply love the place–the fantastic beaches, the many wonders of nature that you can see around and the locals living there who are just so passionate and protective about their hometown. I will never forget our island hopping adventure along Honda Bay, a place that can be describe as marine biodiversity at its finest and our visit to the Underground River which left us awestruck by the sheer beauty of the captivating stalagmite and stalactite formations (see my related post here). I was a half-hearted environmental warrior before Palawan, but after the trip, I throw myself wholeheartedly into the fight for a clean and green environment.

one of the isles along Honda Bay, Palawan

Snake Island in Honda Bay

St. Paul Mountain, Underground River

going inside Underground River

October 14-17, 2010
Since I was chosen last October as one of the winners of a blog writing contest sponsored by Cebu Pacific, my husband and I also had the opportunity to stay at Badian Island Resort and Spa in Cebu for three glorious days (see my related post here). It was my first time to travel to Cebu, so you can just imagine how thrilled speechless I was especially after seeing the place where my husband and I were to celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary. Badian Island Resort and Spa is simply paradise. I am a beach freak so I had a great time kayaking, sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. I particularly like the romantic lunch in Coral Garden arranged by the resort, where we also had the most humbling snorkeling experience. It was my first time to see up close huge, colorful and beautiful corals and starfish swaying in harmony with the other sea creatures. It made me realize how truly blessed we are for having all of these wonderful natural treasures right here in our country. Of course, trip to Cebu will not be complete without doing the extreme Skywalk and Edge Coaster adventure in Crown Regency, which I absolutely love, love, love. It provided the perfect opportunity for me to overcome my fear of heights. Indeed, Cebu is one of the best local places to be, if you are out looking for varied outdoor activities.
Badian Island Resort and Spa

enjoying the poolside

Coral Garden--Badian Island, Cebu

Skywalk Adventure (Crown Regency, Cebu)

April 30 – May 11, 2010
I never planned on going back to Singapore too soon after having been there just the previous summer (2009) but because my sister, who is based there for some years now, extended an invitation too good to resist, I found myself in my favorite tiger city once again last May. Just in time for the soft opening of Universal Studios Singapore (see my related post here). Who would have thought that two crazy adults would love Universal Studios! My sister and I were literally giddy the whole time we were there. We were like children on the loose. It was like reliving all of our fondest childhood memories. Since I stayed there for almost two weeks, I also had the chance to explore the places I didn’t get to visit before such as the Chinese and Indian temples and China Town, the one place I often frequented when I was there. I just loved how it gave me that culture-high and how the place just hustles and bustles. Since I traveled on my own for this particular trip (read: without my husband and kid), I did my own version of Eat, Pray, Love in Singapore. 🙂 It was liberating in away, learning so much about the culture and getting the feel of a foreign place. It left me warmheartedly full.
Kingdom Far Far Away (Universal Studios Singapore)

Universal Studios Singapore

Chinatown, Singapore

Indian Temple, Singapore

Chinese Temple, Singapore

2010, I was riding high with all these travel experiences that life presented me. It made me realized that once you start travelling, the wanderlust feeling seem to stay. I have a few places in my mind that I would like to visit this year, though I doubt if I will ever get to be that lucky again in the travel department like last year. But the way I see it, you don’t really need luck and chance that much when planning your travels, all you need are a good travel agency and an online classified ads website who can provide you with the best travel deals and leads such as Trajet Tours and Travel and Sulit.com.ph and you will surely be all set and ready to go in no time.:)
As of this writing, I already booked a flight Southeast and is dreaming of Hong Kong. (sigh!)
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Badian Island Resort and Spa

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary a month ahead of our actual 10th year in this little island paradise in Cebu. This place is just perfect for that second honeymoon that we’ve been dreaming of having. It was made possible by Cebu Pacific, who held a contest a couple of months, from which I emerge as one of the winners.

as we were approaching the island

Badian Island Resort and Spa is part of the rural town of Badian which is situated southwest of Cebu. It is a good 2.5 hours travel by land from Cebu International Airport and 5 minute boat ride from the drop off point. At the onset, I was a bit apprehensive about travelling that long since it was our first time in Cebu and we really don’t know much of the place, but all my worries flew out the window when we started passing by quaint rural towns that I used to hear only in the news like Baliri and Carcar. I happily took in the sights like a little girl out on her first ride.
our welcome party

Badian Island Resort and Spa is, what can I say, simply breathtaking. It is like nature’s perfect canvass where the elements of sun, sand and sea clearly mixed very well together. It is postcard perfect, weather and all.
my husband lounging by the beach
my favorite photo of the beach
family villas



We stayed in this beautiful island resort for three days where we were cocooned in one of their pool villas, which is spacious, warm and cozy. I liked the thoughtful way they left tropical flowers everywhere, giving the whole room that intimate “Aloha” feel.
our villa
our welcome leis and drinks

I super loved our room which has its own mini-infinity pool with the perfect view of the landscape at the deck area. I also enjoyed taking endless showers (with hubby*wink*) in this sun bathroom.
our own terraza
our very own mini-infinity pool

the bathtub
We stayed out during most of the days though, dipping in the pool, frolicking in the sun, and swimming in the beach.
staying out in the sun

doing my yoga thing

On our first night, the resort hosted a “South Sea Evening” dinner where we were entertained by the island’s resident crooner and booty dancers. We wined, dined and danced the night away. It was truly an enjoyable night.

king and queen of the night
On our second day on the island, we hopped on the boat and proceeded to the Coral Garden on the opposite side of the island, where we did some serious snorkeling since this is the best site in the whole island for that. There was indeed an amazing garden full of the most beautiful and colorful corals that I have ever seen in my whole life in there. They are even better than the corals of Palawan. Some are as huge if not bigger than me. We also had the most romantic lunch by the sea courtesy of the resort.
where corals abound

Coral Garden

romantic lunch by the beach

Back in the resort, we also tried the spa in their Natural Thalasso and Spa. I had the Baidan Island Spa and my hubby opted for the Badian Hilot. It was heavenly, we were treated by expert hands indeed.
Thalasso Spa

hubby getting his foot massage
most heavenly massage

We super loved our stay in this beautiful island. We had the most romantic time. It truly is the perfect getaway for honeymooners and for those married couples renewing their vows. The place really grows on you. I was teary-eyed when the whole staff serenaded us with their send off song as we were leaving the island. It was a memorable three days for me, something that my husband and I would always look back to when the going gets really tough and we need to hold on to some happy memories to keep us moving.:)
last picture before we left the island

the wonderful staff of Badian

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