Anytime Fitness is Paving the Way to a Healthier Place. Anytime Fitness is the leading global neighborhood gym, providing convenient and unconstrained 24-hour access to members, 365 days a year. With currently more than 4,000 gyms open worldwide across a span of 30 countries—and over 70 operational branches just within the Philippines, Anytime Fitness has enjoyed extraordinary growth since it was first founded in 2002 alongside its dedication to its members’ fitness both in and out of the trademark purple gym.

The brand’s constant support for healthy lifestyles outside the gym is what spurs this latest campaign: “My Healthier Place,” a series of pop-up classes and competitions happening throughout the month of August 2018. There will be three major events happening in popular locations across the country: one in Metro Manila, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo specifically. Each event has been paired with their own selection of special classes and demos hosted by certified Anytime Fitness instructors and special partner brands.

More than a decade after its founding, Anytime Fitness has stayed loyal to its core principle that the healthy lifestyle should be as accessible and unhindered as it can possibly be. Now, the brand aims to bring the healthy lifestyle even closer to everyday life—because even if Anytime Fitness has their gyms available 24/7, the average gym-goer only spends about 30 minutes to an hour inside. In fact, 30 minutes of exercise is all that’s necessary to maintain the regular adult’s health. But in bringing fun exercise trends closer to the everyday Filipino, Anytime Fitness allows both the gym buffs and the average human to spend more time thinking about taking care of their health.


“My Healthier Place” is not just for the gym buffs or fitness gurus. It’s a much-needed reminder that everyone’s gym—no matter how convenient, well-equipped, accommodating, or purple—is still just the starting point. Whether your everyday routine involves walking to the office, doing a quick home workout, or having a yoga session during that beach vacation, the real gym-goers are accountable to their body’s fitness anytime, anywhere. So why not join Anytime Fitness as they explore and celebrate the different healthier places of members both in or outside the gym?
The Anytime Fitness “My Healthier Place” campaign culminates on August 25, from 8:00AM to 8:00PM, at Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater with the crowning of their various contest winners. As a bonus, Anytime Fitness will also be hosting free fitness classes! To top it all off, awesome prizes will be awarded by sponsors throughout the day of games and activities.

Serving as a timely reminder that fitness takes many different shapes and sizes, “The Search for the Next Digital Ambassador,” which has been running since July 30, will also conclude the ceremonies at BGC. The online contest was open to everyone willing to participate, and the candidate with the most likes on their Facebook post and highest score awarded from a panel of Anytime Fitness judges will be crowned the Next Digital Ambassador 2018. Finally, there is also the much-awaited tournament: The Battle of the Purple Warriors, where five qualifying teams made up of Anytime Fitness’ best and most loyal members and coaches will battle it out in an exciting series of obstacles—from the standard push ups and sit ups to more challenging attempts like deadlifting weights. This is a battle that will surely have contestants breaking a sweat, while juggling elements like time and finesse. Only the best of the best will be given the honor of being crowned the new Battle of the Purple Warrior Champions.

Anytime Fitness is eager to host these upcoming days of fitness fun and activities. In keeping aligned with our mission of making exercise as accessible as possible, everyone is invited! All of our special fitness classes, headed by some of our best certified AF instructors, happening in these locations will be available to non-members as well as members. Your first time? Experience some of the hottest fitness trends like Yoga, Zumba, Pound, Circuit, Metapower, and more. Membership is not necessary here. (But we can talk membership after.) The Anytime Fitness My Healthier Place Campaign is co-presented by Havaianas, with our official hydratio partner Gatorade, supported by New Balance, Arena, Pro Touch, McCormick, La Espanola, ProSource, Sabrina’s Kitchen, Treetop, Regilaif, Nestle, Precor, Finix,, and Samsung. Media partners include, InqPOP, CNN Philippines, TV5, Espn Sports and Manila Bulletin.

You can still join us at culminating events at Bonifacio Highstreet, BGC, Taguig City, by pre-registering on with your details to save a slot and score some free Anytime Fitness merchandise! Step out of the gym for Anytime Fitness’ “My Healthier Place” and let’s make fitness part of live, anytime, anywhere.

Anytime Fitness SM CDO Downtown Premier on August 4
Classes: Metapower, Yoga, Zumba
Anytime Fitness Greenfield District, Iloilo on August 11
Classes: Circuit, Yoga, Zumba
Culminating event: Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig on August 25
Classes: Yoga, Belly Dancing, Pound