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Paref Woodrose School's Eucharistic Procession

Yesterday was a special day for the whole Paref Woodrose School community as it was the day that the school celebrated the Eucharistic Procession. The event was timed to coincide with the celebration of Christ the King today.
The eucharistic procession is considered as the most awaited event in school, bigger than Family Day and more important than the Grade School or High School graduation simply because the main celebrant here is the Lord who has made all things possible.
For some of you who does not know, eucharistic procession is a Catholic practice that dates back to the 13th century. Here, the consecrated host is reverently carried in a procession throughout the streets where people await to express their devotion through singing, praying, or simply keeping silent. It was the late Pope John Paul II who revived this tradition and brought the procession outside the Vatican City into the streets of Rome where buidlings and houses within the processional route were decorated as a way of honoring the Eucharistic Christ.
In the case of Paref Woodrose School, it has brought the eucharistic procession to a whole new level by adorning the path where the Lord will pass with beautiful handmade floral carpets lovingly prepared by students, parents, staff, and alumnaes.

Usually it takes the whole school half a day to ready the floral carpets for the following day’s eucharistic procession. Students, parents, staff, and alumnaes come prepared both physically and spiritually for a day of selfless service for the Lord. They are unmindful of the heat and discomfort while working on the floral carpets as there is only one thing in their minds, that is to make the path for the Lord beautiful. The funds used to buy flowers of every imaginable kind come from the generous donations and personal contributions of students, staff, and parents themselves. For them, the time and money spent preparing for this special event are little compared to the abundant and overflowing love and blessings that the Lord continuously shower them.

I have been working in this institution for the past 7 years and I always look forward to this, most especially this year. There’s a lot to be thankful for in my life despite my grief and loss, number one of which is the Lord’s constant presence in my life throughout my ordeal. He has made my path to marriage all rosy and beautiful, and with his grace, he has given me the strength to accept perhaps the most painful thorn of loosing my better half to death last August. Like probably the others, the eucharistic procession serves as a gentle yet concrete reminder to me of God’s unfailing love. Through this eucharistic procession, he made His presence known and felt in the four corners of the school and in the deep crevices of our hearts.

As He walked the path that we laid out for Him, He left his footprints in our hearts and made us realize that He really is the beginning and the end of everything. He made us see clearly why He should be our first and last thought everyday. He who is the Alpha and the Omega. And as He passed by in front of us all we can do is fall to our knees in complete humility, adoration, worship and surrender for He who holds the key to our past, present, and future, has graciously blessed us yet again with His loving presence.

Random Giveaway: Filed 2013 Doodle Planner

So have you decided which planner you’ll  get for yourself  this 2013? I am pretty sure a lot of you have done your research already and been to the bookstore to check out some of them. And I know that a good number of you has been frequenting  coffee shops as well, not so much for the coffee but for the stickers.  Trust me, I understand how you feel because year after year, I always find myself in the same situation.
This year though it’ll be different, a week before my husband passed away, he gifted me with a July 2012-Dec. 2013 pocket planner so I will be using that for now.  But this does not mean though that I have set aside my quest for the perfect planner.  I am still at it but this time not to buy for myself but to share with you which one is worth your money.
Last year, my daughter’s ninang gifted her with a doodle planner from Filed and I have to say we both fell in love with it. And this year, I will be buying her another one again too! The concept of this doodle planner is very unique. You can use them in a lot of ways.  It is not your usual generic planner where you only jot down your plans, schedule, to-do’s,  expenses, and that’s it.  It is all that and more.

The Filed 2012-2013 planner comes in two colors, black and white.  When you purchase one now you can get the limited edition plushy toy, Moodi. What’s good about this doddle planner is that you can color and decorate the artwork featured every month any way you want and like it!

It provides a lot of spaces where you can doodle whenever the mood strikes you.

It is not all about schedules and tasks, you can also engage in super fun goal setting and future planning with its cute features.

If you are fond of  coloring, scribbling, and doodling at the back pages of notebooks like my daughter and I, this planner is definitely “tHe oNe” for you. I highly recommend this as Christmas gift to friends or to  your tween or teenage daughters/sons or “inaanaks” as this will not only teach them the skills of planning and organization but will hone their creativity as well.  This planner will encourage them to think out of the box and express themselves through art and writing. It definitely leaves a LOT of room for creativity and imagination. And what’s more it is proudly a Pinoy brand! All the more that we should buy and use this.  Hey, we gotta love our own, so enough of the american pop culture inspired planner, its time we proudly flash our very own unique planner.:)
Best part  is, Filed is giving away two 2013 doodle planners with bandoliers (one black, one white) to two lucky reader/follower of Blancnotes. All you have to do to join the raffle is follow these simple steps  (remember to do all steps to qualify):

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You can send in your entries until 11:59 pm of November 30. Contest is open to Luzon residents only. I will pick the winner thru Goodluck!:)
To order the 2013 Doodle Planner, CLICK HERE.

To Heaven and Back

Aside from the funeral, today is perhaps the most difficult Sunday of my life because today my husband and I would have been 12 years. I’ve always thought that we would grow old together but I guess God planned for me to grow old alone because maybe he needed Nan more in heaven. When my husband died, I never really questioned God why he took him away from me that fast because I always knew in my heart all along that he wasn’t mine to keep in the first place, he was the Lord’s.
To my dear God, I don’t hold any bitterness in my heart for You despite my grief and longing for my husband, only gratefulness to You for choosing Nan to be my better half and giving us ample time to make wonderful memories before you took  him back.
To my man, my better half, and my bestfriend, Nan, I cry for the years that we would’ve have spent loving each other more. Years that I could’ve spent making you happy.  I can only wish and imagine hugging you tight and kissing you back right now. The 12 wonderful years with you were the best years of my life. Like what I always say, life with you was pure bliss.  Sometimes I look up in the sky and imagine you there looking down at me from heaven or I just close my eyes and  remember all that we were.  If I was given a choice that day when you died if I would keep you or let you go, if the Lord left it all up to me, I would still choose to let you go because I know in my heart that I could never give you the kind of happiness that you now enjoy with the Lord no matter how hard I’ll try. Don’t worry about me, about us, we will be okay. I have your friends, my friends and our families to get me through christmas, new year, birthday, Bianca’s graduation, debut, and wedding etc.
It feels so lonely here without you but then again just the thought that you are now at peace with the Lord, makes these loneliness all worthwhile. We never got the chance to renew our wedding vows just like you’ve always planned and wanted for our 15th year, there just wasn’t that much time anymore, so I just made us a post-nuptial video.

Know that you will always be in my heart forever and I love you to heaven and back. Enriching Lives Through Technology and Innovation

Back in 2010, I wrote about how I discovered (CLICK HERE TO READ).  At that time, it has already made a name for itself as the leading local online classified ads where you can score great deals. And since then, I have been an avid fan and follower, most especially of their promos and contests.   I have always been impressed by the bold and innovative ideas that the young and dynamic Sulit team always come up with. From its easy to managed and  easy to maneuver interface, efficient buy and sell mechanism, strong security features, and its aggressive marketing strategies, I say it has clearly  gone a long way from being an experimental project  meant  to gather data and test the feasibility of an idea to where it is today.

photo source:

Sulit was founded by boyfriend-girlfriend turned husband and wife team of RJ and Arianne David.  It was a product of both their dream and vision of creating an online classified ads that would provide earning opportunities to Filipinos.
Backed by Arianne and RJ’s self acquired skills through years of experience in the IT industry particularly in web development and design as well as RJ’s know how in software/product testing, plus fueled by their desire to create a place where people will have the opportunity to offer their service, talents and skills, was finally launched in September 2006 at RJ’s bedroom.   For the complete story of RJ and Arianne’s Sulit journey,  listen to this audio presentation.

Sulit’s rise to fame in the field of online classified ads was clearly not just a product of  sheer luck.  It might have started as a stroke of genius but since its inception, it has worked within the parameter of  sound technical expertise.  Sulit is  managed by a team of technical experts, with RJ at the helm, who has broad knowledge in search engine optimization and has a good pulse of the how the “netosphere” works. The many citations and awards that Sulit received are testaments to its successful climb to the top.

Sulit’s success can also be attributed to it’s goal of providing only the best service to both its online buyers and sellers.  Their quick customer response to queries and concerns have earned for them the trust and loyalty of their customers.  It is this service oriented nature that has made them enjoy  excellent rating in terms of page views and rank consistently.


Every aspect of it may it be buying, selling, and marketing has always been conceptualized and designed with the whole Sulit community in mind. PLDT SME Nation acknowledged this when they awarded the founders RJ and Arianne David the 2012 PLDT MVP Bossing Award.  This award is given to outstanding individuals who have shown exemplary leadership in the field of entreprenuership by creating jobs and livelihood opportunities for many people.

RJ and Arianne’s mantra of  “paying it forward” has continuously provided Filipino netreprenuers  more opportunities to improve their lives. The many fun contests and promos that they launch with amazing prizes also show how serious the company is in sharing the blessings that it enjoys with the whole Sulit community.  And part of its goal of maintaining good interrelationship within community, it also hosts gatherings and parties where all Sulit staff, sulitizens and media partners get to know each other.

At present, is continuously reinventing and improving itself in order to provide its users  a safe and efficient system where they can do their business, may it be selling or buying . As it updates itself to keep up with the changing times, it still continues to uphold the very same values of teamwork, respect, integrity, social responsibility, and innovation that helped them reach the top. It also continues to build and maintain an online community that breeds on honesty, mutual trust, and perseverance. With the rate things are going, we can expect Sulit in the future continuing  if not exceeding its current self in its deep desire to enrich lives through technology and innovation.


Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale at Paref Woodrose School

Don’t forget to check out Friends of Woodrose Foundation’s Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale next week at Paref Woodrose School, Alabang especially if you are within the area. Get a chance to score great deals from international brands like XOXO, 101 New York and many more!

This Pre-Christmas Bodega Sale is for the benefit of the Friends of Woodrose Foundation’ scholarship fund. See you there!

Chiz Escudero: Will You Vote For Him Again?

I don’t know about you but I am starting to note down the senators who are deserving of my vote come election next year.  I vow to myself  after some senators proved to be such a disappointment that I will be a wise voter next time around.  As most of the candidates seem to be making their presence known again in different media after successfully managing to fade in the background after the 2007 election, I thought it wise to share some of my thoughts here.
An online article written by Janette Toral on top senatorial bet Chiz Escudero caught my attention. It referred back to an earlier post she wrote about him in 2007 where Chiz Escudero laid his cards on the table. He spoke of his plans of working on a legislation that would “guarantee accessibility of education to all Filipinos up to college and not only up to high school.”  He also mentioned of creating programs for the “protection and security of our nationals working abroad, fair terms of employment and forward looking policies to predict labor demands from abroad” among other things. Five years later, I dare ask,”What happened to all these plans?”
I tried to search in the net for some information about legislations or bills that he authored, co-authored, presented or seen to the very end in relation to his supposed political plans and programs, but sad to say I didn’t find any that can be attributed to him as the father or primary proponent. Although Lexi Fenando in her article, Senator Chiz Escudero for 2013?, did mention that she found  a number of bills and resolutions he sponsored, co-sponsored, co-authored, these are not easily available in the internet for reference too.  There was  a law that he voted to be approved, the Cybercrime Law, which he later admitted was a mistake and oversight on his part since he missed reading the part about libel.  This has attracted much criticism on his part as being a senator, people expected him to thoroughly review documents with razor sharp eyes before approving it.  It didn’t help also that in one interview he disclosed that, “Nakalusot sa amin yun, nung pumirma naman kami nun wala pa yun.  Inamin namin yun agad kaya nga amendatory bill ang agad naming ifile,” (see complete story here).I can’t help but wonder again, Ano pa kaya nakalusot sa kanila? and Ano na kaya nangyari sa ammendatory bill?
Sad to say, among the top results of my searches on Chiz was that of his current relationship with showbiz princess, Heart Evangelista and his annulment to his then wife, Chistine Robles Flores.  And then there are those articles that called him a fake and a traitor too.  Since I am not privy to his personal affairs, I will take his word that he found true love with Heart at face value and believe that it is real and not politically motivated like how some believe. They seemed genuinely in-love and I know for a fact that love is not easy to fake.
I understand why he is the top choice as senator, he’s articulate, he has proven to be an engaging conversationalist, he can keep up and exchange quick fire ideas in a snap of a finger and he’s pleasant looking. The youths love him because he can relate with them like no one else can never mind if he was vocal in his support for the abolition of Sangguniang Kabataan before . He was able to successfully established himself in the online community as well in the boob tube by aggressively using these two media as tools to reach the “generation connect” which  admittedly will be the driving force this coming election. What seems to be lacking though  is an effective machinery, may it be in print or online, where people can easily refer to to know how far he has accomplished his supposed plans and programs  (more than his rising popularity in TV hosting and guesting). As of the moment, there seems to be none of that, his official pages sad to say are not up to date.
As a mom, working professional, and citizen hungry for leaders with thick professional portfolios and impeccable track records, it makes me wonder yet again if Chiz Escudero truly deserves my second vote? As it is I only have his TV appearances,  guestings, and interviews as basis for now.  What do you think, I will be happy to read your thoughts here.

Saridon and It's Safety Issue

I have been reading up a couple of online posts about this drug Saridon which is said to provide fast acting relief from headaches.  Based from the website The Filipino Doctor, it provides instant relief from headache in as fast as 15 minutes and is trusted worldwide in over 80 countries.  It seems that it is also the most popular  choice of medicine for headache in the Visayas and Mindanao regions  as it is relatively cheap compared to other analgesic medicines. Saridon contains three active ingredients: Paracetamol (250 mg.), Propyphenazone (150 mg), and Caffeine  (50 mg.). This triple action formula makes it better than individual doses of paracetamol and Ibuprofen for some.

photo source:

But then there have been quite a number of posts  now questioning the safe use this drug due to one of  its active ingredient, Propyphenazone (Propyphenazone is structurally related to aminophenazone, a drug highly associated with severe blood dyscrasias).  According to Mr. Ducky Paredes in his recent blogpost on Saridon, Lareb, a Dutch Pharmacovigilance Center, cited 20 harmful effects of Saridon  ten of which are being said to cause nausea, fainting, low blood pressure, weakening of the heart, and worst even death. Ms. Janette Toral in her column dated Oct. 30 at also mentioned that countries such as  Sri Lanka, Korea, Malaysia and Turkey have banned and restricted the use of Saridon. This makes me wonder then if extensive studies here in the Philippines have been done prior to its approval.
I was trying to search online for statements from DOH and Bayer clarifying the issue but did not find any. The one link I found which would direct me to the official statement and explanation of a Dr. Abola of Bayer, appeared to have been taken down from the net.  Unless there is a clear reference whether online or in print, where people can elevate their concerns or where Bayer and DOH can issue official statements to alleviate  people’s fears and doubts, the big shadow of doubt about its safe use will continue to persist.
After doing my own online research, I completely understand the hype about Saridon. I have close family and friends who suffer from migraines, I shudder at the thought that they might be taking this drug whose safety is in big question. According to Wikipedia, Saridon is the only pain medication in the country that has three active ingredients, and the only one listing caffeine as one of its ingredients. All the more that people should be careful in taking this without official clarification from DOH or Bayer. There’s much to be said about combination drugs.
Keeping this note open for official  response from the DOH and Bayer. As of the moment, they are still mum on the issue. Will update this as soon as I get hold of their official statements.

Blancnotes Turns 1

” In the end, maybe its wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices.” –Eat, Pray, Love
And that’s all I have to say as Blancnotes turns 1. One big THANK YOU. To you my dear readers, sponsors, and friends, thank you. Without your full support, Blancnotes will not be where it is right now.
This website is a dream come true. It ‘s everything that I wished for and hope for. My main goal when I started this was to make this little space a source of happiness and inspiration. I would like to think that I was able to achieve that goal on Blacnotes’ first year given its strong and steady following now. I won’t complicate things anymore, you can expect the same things from Blancnotes this year and maybe some.  I will continue to feature people, places, events, product reviews and giveaways, causes, and advocacies close to my heart that would incite you to think and do something. I will continue to share here things that will touch your heart or make you smile.
There are actually two persons behind Blancnotes. Me, the owner and writer and Mr. Marlon Cruz, Blancnotes’ website developer and SEO manager. I would like to virtually (as oppose to personally) thank Kuya  Marlon for keeping Blancnotes on its toes. I only know how to write, he’s the one who makes sure that Blancnotes is running without glitches.:)
Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you will continue to stick around as I have a couple of surprises in store for you especially on this anniversary month.;)

Chinkee Tan's "The Power of Mindset"

It’s been two months since my husband died and I have been asked  countless times by concerned friends and people I know how I have been holding up so far. Usually I get that odd look of surprise (or even wonder) when I appeared to be pretty much okay inspite of what happened.  I can’t say I blame them, I know that the thought of being a widow at a young age of 34 with an 11 year old kid at that is really heartbreaking.
Well, all I can say is that there are good days and there are bad days. But you see, I can cry my heart out, mop around all day, and completely shut the whole world  out since I have the perfect excuse, I am grieving, but then I always end up thinking so where does this leaves me? Where does this leaves my daughter?  Life has dealt me a big blow, one that had me reeling in utter pain, shock, and fright. I get that, but then I was also given a choice, that is to let myself drown in self despair or bravely face the world and try to move on. I choose the latter. If there’s one thing I learned from my father which my husband had made me see as well, my thoughts direct my actions.  So if you ask me what gets me through each day following the loss of my husband, it’s the way I programmed my mind. Everyday, I try hard to see the good out of this situation,  believe that help, blessings and opportunities will come, and feel God’s loving presence through my family and friends who have never left my side.
You will probably be the first one to say that it is easier said than done, believe me I more than agree with you as I struggle with it every single day, but having experienced such tragedy, I can only say that it’s the only way I can face each day without loosing my mind. It has made dealing with this loss much easier to bear.
Having the proper mindset is no mean feat that is why we need all the help we can get if we want to make it work for us. Reading self-help books such as The Secret and The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes, and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin in my case have helped a lot, but still there’s nothing like hearing it straight out from people who have spent a great deal of their career sharing how it has worked well in their lives.
Great news is, Chinkee Tan, the much celebrated inspirational and motivational speaker, is due to have another life-changing and exclusive event this year entitled “The Power of Mindset” We can all benefit from this experience. Here, Mr. Chinkee Tan will make us understand where our negative thoughts come from and how we can overcome and transform them into positive actions. He will describe how we can control our emotions and reprogram the way we think, feel, and act. He will teach us how we can turn tragedy into opportunity and replace the old worn out beliefs that we have acquired with new thought provoking ones which will help alter and change our mindset in a healthy and wealthy way.

He will be joined by no less than another motivational guru himself, Mr. Francis Kong. This much awaited event will be happening on November 14 from 8 am to 5 pm at The Victory (4th Level V-Mall Greenhills, San Juan). Tickets to this event ranges from Gold 2800 PhP, Silver 2100 PhP, Bronze 1400 PhP. Not bad considering that two of the most sought after inspirational and motivational speakers will give us a hand in programming our mindsets.

To register to this event, follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow this link (CLICK HERE) and you will be directed to Chinkee Tan’s facebook page.
  2. You will see the Power of Mindset Tab, click the Add to Cart found just below it.
  3. You will be directed to C-Tech Trading site where you can indicate the number of tickets you would like to get and the total amount of your purchase.
  4. When done, click CHECKOUT.
  5. You will be directed to the payment tab where you can choose how you would like to pay. There are two options: Option 1 is payment via 7/11 or M Lhuillier Stores (there’s a 25 pesos pay cash charge for this) and Option 2 is via your Cash Sense account.
  6. Then, fill out the customer info sheet. When done, click next. You will then be given a reference number which you will present to the cashier at any 7 Eleven or M Lhuillier branch. In the case of cash sense, you will be receiving a SMS instructing you how you can complete the payment.
  7. Receipt will be issued upon payment.

If you want to own your thoughts and use this to your advantage, do not miss this chance to listen to these great masters as they show you how you can make positive changes in your life given the proper mindset.  See you there!
To get the latest updates on this event, follow Mr.Chinkee Tan on twitter too.

Sulit Clique: A Bloggers Affair

I have been shying away from blogging events these past two months following the death of my husband. I was aware though that at some point I had to put a stop to this self imposed seclusion because one, it isn’t doing me any good and two, my husband would have wanted to see me enjoy life the same way as when he was alive.  Besides, if there is someone who is very supportive of my blogging career, it was my husband.
Anyway, last week I received an email invitation from for their first ever Bloggers Affair. Having been a fan of Sulit for years now and having followed their success story, I decided that this invitation was just too good to pass up and so I went.

And well, true to Sulit’s catchy tagline, I say the 1st Sulit Bloggers Affair can be aptly described as Hanap. Usap. Deal too.
It was an intimate gathering as only about 2o plus bloggers were present. Ms. Meanne, Sulit’s Marketing Head,  revealed during our small chitchat  that even from the start they wanted it to be  just a small gathering  so bloggers and the people from Sulit will really have that chance of getting to know each other. They personally looked (Hanap) for bloggers who would fit the Sulit Clique. And I had to say this as well, lahat ng hanap mo sa isang super fun bloggers party, Sulit provided—perfect venue, excellent food, good company, exciting games, raffles and giveaways!

Spicy Fingers, Greenbelt 1


Food was delish!

These cupakes from CUPCAKELAB are yummy too!

Bloggers glued to the program

The thing that made this an extra nice event for me is the fact that the people from Sulit really went out of their way to welcome us, from Sulit’s top man himself, Mr. RJ David who table hopped and exchanged pleasantries and stories with the bloggers, to Rachelle, the SEO copywriter who sent out the invitation and called us for confirmation. The young and dynamic Sulit marketing team made it a point to drop by our table to personally introduce themselves, check if we’re comfortable or need anything, and basically to share their own personal journey with Sulit.  The event also gave me a chance to finally meet and chat with some of the bloggers I know only in a virtual level. It was really nice to finally match their faces with their web names.

Mr. RJ David (Founder and CEO of

Ms. MeAnne Bundalian (Business Development, Sales, and Marketing Head

Ms. Jeanne Magboo, Communications and PR Supervisor

Ms. Jelly Viktor, our host

The night of course ended with us striking a deal to fully support Sulit. Who wouldn’t when you know that theirs is a classic success story worthy of dethroning Michael Zuckerberg’s the Social Network in the box office if put in film. If you haven’t heard the story yet, I will share it to you one of this day, I need a clean note page for that. Like I always say I am sucker for Pinoy success stories, I am a big supporter and advocate of Pinoy brands. To me, Sulit’s success is unparalleled because it has managed to build the brand in such a way that it will still come out unique and truly Pinoy. Hearing the top man himself, RJ David sharing that initially they ventured abroad too but decided to close down the international arm so the company can fully concentrate its efforts in improving and strenthening its local operations made me admire the man and the company tenfolds more. His goal ever since was to make the company flourish in the Philippines and be recognized globally as a Pinoy brand. Sulit does have a clear vision, and I say its 20/20 because as it is climbing up the success ladder it is not loosing sight of its Pinoy identity. So for me, supporting Sulit all the way is a done deal. I am now a proud member of the  Sulit Clique.

I will end this post on a personal note. A week before my husband died he gave my daughter the tablet that he promised her for her graduation in March. When he saw me sulking because that was not part of our plan and budget, he told me “Wag ka magalala this year bibigyan din kita, iPad naman.” Then he died a week after. Who would have thought that among the 20 or so bloggers present in that event I would be the lucky one to win the grand prize that night.  The iPad 2.  Call it luck, chance, fate, whatever but to me its my husband’s way of keeping his promise. If you ask me to describe Sulit’s 1st Bloggers Event, I’ll definitely say it was Sulit na Sulit!

To know more about’s great deals and offers visit their official web page HERE.