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Bioessence's Anti-Flab Mud Treatment

Like probably most of you, I have been wanting to loose the extra pounds I gained over the holidays so I am currently back to my regular walking exercise and been controlling my carbo intake.  But then I’m afraid these aren’t doing much to my existing flabs though, if anything they just prevent me from gaining additional pounds. So you can just imagine how delighted I was when Bioessence invited me to try their Anti-Flab Mud Treatment, a non-invasive slimming treatment that aims to tone and firm the skin (target areas: tummy, thighs, arms), eliminate existing fats  and reduce cellulite formation.
I went to Bioessence Bacoor last Sunday for the treatment. There are three things I usually check out whenever I go to a spa, slimming, and skin treatment clinic:  place, staff, and service.
First thing I noticed  as soon as I entered the clinic was how welcoming and inviting the whole place is.  The treatment area is cozy and well-kept . The muted lights, soft tones, and soothing music made my body relax instantly. The common treatment area at the center is spacious and has several beds lined up beside each other, this is where the massage services and skin treatments are usually done.   They have several small private consoles as well where treatments that need to be done privately are performed.
I was assisted by Leri who has been with  Bioessence for the past nine years. The fact that she has worked that long in Bioessence for me says a lot about the company. I liked her right away especially after she gave me a heavenly massage.  I also like how the whole staff greets everyone with a smile and how attentive and accommodating they all are.
Shortly after I arrived, I was ushered in to one of the private  rooms where I was provided with a bathrobe and  fresh change of undies.  First step was a 10 minute session with the Slim Toning Machine. This machine looks a lot like the threadmill, the only difference is that instead of running or walking, you just stand on it and let yourself be literally shaken by the machine. This helps move and detach  fats from the body in preparation for the other treatments that will follow. I felt all my fats loosening up a bit during the exercise . People with vertigo and migraine problems though can opt not to take this because it can trigger an attack.
After that, I was brought to the other room for the Sauna, a heat treatment that increases metabolism, relaxes all muscles and flush out toxins in the body. I was a bit concerned with the intensity of the heat at first as this is my first time to try this. Turns out I didn’t have to worry at all as it is tolerable, my body actually welcomed the heat.  During the 15 minutes  Sauna treatment, I worked out a sweat and after that,  I felt good, relaxed, and destressed. For those persons whose blood pressure tends to shoot up easily, this treatment is highly discouraged. I appreciate the fact though that they do random blood pressure check up before the procedure.
Leri then prepared me for the cold mud treatment by first massaging my whole stomach with salt scrubs as this is the area where most of my flabs are concentrated. The salt scrub helps remove dead skin cells while the massage using anti-cellulite oil helps firm and tone up the tummy. After that, my tummy did feel a lot smoother and firmer to touch.
She then applied the Cold Fango mud on my whole tummy area. This rich mud which originated from the sea contains natural minerals and peppermint oil that helps  firm and tone the skin. It has tiny particles that cleanse and remove toxins caused by cellulite formations. It has the following ingredients: sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, bromine, selenium, spirulina, and St. John’s wort. All these minerals are known to aid cell metabolism and stabilize skin moisture. After the application of the cold fango mud, my torso was wrapped using plastic film for fast and easy absorption.  While we were waiting for the cold mud to work its magic on my tummy, Leri  massaged my whole body using anti-cellulite oil to relieve stress and to improve blood circulation.
After the cold fango mud, I was hooked up to the faradic machine for 30 minutes. Faradic is a spot reduction treatment used to firm and tone sagging tissues. Thirty minutes of faradic treatment is equivalent to 150-300 sit-ups. It is a form of electrical stimulation that uses a higher intensity current which is delivered through electrically conductive pads that are positioned over specific muscle groups. As the current passes through the conductive pads, it stimulates the motor points of the muscle triggering a visible muscle contraction. In my case, the conductive pads where placed along my tummy all the way to my back where toning and firming are needed most. The Faradic treatment is ideally used for body contouring as well.
Before the treatment, my waist and tummy circumferences were measured. After the two hour treatment, I lost 2 lbs. in both areas and my tummy is noticeably firmer and smaller.
I highly encouraged you to try this treatment because it is for me the safest way to loose the flabs instantly because it is non-invasive.  It also uses natural minerals and is designed not only to tone and firm muscles but to flush out the toxins and rejuvenate the whole body. Plus, it is very affordable especially now that they are on a promo till January 31.  For only 2,000 pesos you get two sessions of the Anti-Flab Treatment. So if you’re determined like me to loose those flabs, do not let this perfect opportunity pass, go the nearest Bioessence branch and try this now. Believe me, you won’t regret it. 🙂
To know more about Bioessence products and services, visit their website HERE. You may also connect with them on facebook HERE.
In case you want to book an appointment with them or inquire about their services you may dial 0918-8-BEAUTY (376.7106).
Since I was clearly satisfied with the Anti-Flab Treatment, Bioessence and I are giving away this Bioessence pouch filled with goodies.
All you have to do is share this post on your facebook or twitter pages with the following status message: “Check out @Bioessence’s Anti-Flab Treatment via @Blancnotes. #bioessence #blancnotes”  (Please don’t forget to tag Blancnotes and Bioessence) then send me the link using the comment box below together with your name, twitter handle (in case you shared this via twitter), and email address. I will be picking the winner via on Friday.

Paref Woodrose's JOG

Join Paref Woodrose as it celebrates family, fitness, and fun in it’s this year’s JOG (Joy Of Giving). Woodrose Fun Run has never been this special. For more details please click on the poster below or go to See you there!:)

On The State of Our Airports and The Digichive Issue

An online article reacting on reports that Philippines has the worst airports in the world caught my attention yesterday.  Not so much because the news comes as a surprise to me (it does not since I have read about it a couple of times already) but because of the rather disturbing issue associated with it.
I am admittedly not a seasoned traveler but  I’ve been to some of our airports a couple of times to honestly say that they aren’t as bad as others claim them to be.  Most of them are  well kept and clean though we can’t really discount the fact that some if not most of them badly need a major make over too.

Busuanga Airport

 (Busuanga Airport)

I remember when we landed at Cebu International airport, the first thing that came to my mind was, it doesn’t look like an international airport at all, it looks rather beaten and old.  And when my group was at Busuanga airport following our trip to Coron, Palawan, I was rather shock to discover that they don’t have an xray machine, the airport personnels literally check each and every luggage themselves.
The few occasions I got to travel overseas,  I also can’t help but compare NAIA terminal 1, 2, and 3. In my personal opinion, NAIA 2 and 3 can hold their own against other international airports in Asia in terms of upkeep, façade and facilities but can’t say the same thing with NAIA 1.  It needs more than a facelift, it badly needs a total renovation especially since it is the official landing strip of almost if not all international inbound flights . It can do with a newly improved look.

NAIA 2 (I liked that's its relatively small, no chance of getting lost and missing the flight)

NAIA Terminal  2

NAIA 3 (The wide space tends to make that trip to the boarding gates rather tiring)

NAIA Terminal 3

With the big influx of tourists and travellers coming in and out of the country everyday, you would think that MIAA would have by now accumulated enough funds to start or continue their upgrade and upkeep projects, but sad to say that’s not the case at all. Everyday it is loosing money due to mismanagement of funds, income, and revenues.  The news on about the Digichive Philippine’s  aiport advertising contract  issue with MIAA is a prime example. According to the article, MIAA has not been getting its fair share of advertising revenue from  Digichive, the ad agency that has been managing the ad spaces in our airports.  It was reported that Digichive pays only about 13.5 million advertising revenue to MIAA when the revenue that it should be receiving is supposed to be much more than that. When Mr. Honrado took over the management and decided to rebid the exclusive advertising concession rights, Digichive scrambled to offer a much higher revenue commitment than what it has previously been giving. And when Digichive didn’t win, it requested a temporary restraining order on the awarding of the project to the highest bidder. I don’t know, this act definitely looks shady. The fact that Digichive Philippines gave a meager advertising revenue to MIAA than what it rightfully deserve all these years does cast a shadow of doubt to its integrity and intention.  My two cents, we should know better by this time based on how the events are playing out.
My hat goes off to MIAA’s general manager, Jose Angel Honrado’s wise move though. I agree with Mr. Honrado’s decision of putting the exclusive advertising concession rights up for bidding, this gives equal footing to all interested parties. I personally believe that every contract that a government agency enters into has to be transparent and has to go through proper bidding process.
Hopefully, when MIAA manages to bring some order to its revenue collections, it will prioritize the upgrading of all the security and navigational equipments of our airports, improvement of  all their facilities, expansion of those with limited space, and completion of pending airport projects & addition of more airports in key provinces.

Bidding 2012 Goodbye With A Heavy Heart

If there’s one year that I won’t ever forget, it’s 2012. I will always remember it as bittersweet.
2012 was a good year for Blancnotes. This is the year that I went beyond myself and write more  for and about others.   This has made me more in tune, involved, and responsive to the world. Somehow it has also given me a new perspective,  and has kept me grounded and appreciative of the little and big things around me. This is also the year that I fullfilled my dream for Blancnotes of being the bearer of blessings to others.
I am happy to note also that Blancnotes finally took form and began to have an identity of its own this 2012. For the first time in years, I had a clear vision of where I want this little space to go. Blancnotes welcomed  many opportunities to discover and share the extraordinary things of  everyday life this year. It  also graduated from being just a personal blog and took on the bigger responsibility of informing and inspiring others this 2012.
This has been my personal blog for the past 3 years before it became the Blancnotes that it is today. The one person that encouraged me to take blogging to the next level is my husband. He was my biggest supporter. He encouraged me to make that leap of faith and believe in myself, in my own capacity to move others with my writing. He was there when I was dreaming big things for this site and  he was also there when some of these dreams started becoming realities.
My husband passed away last August. Though 2012 was  great for me at the start, I cannot say the same for its ending. I am usually excited to bid a year goodbye as I am always looking forward to the year ahead with all its unspoken promises. I am having a hard time doing that now. With a heavy heart I bid 2012, the year of many peaks and pits for me, goodbye.  I just can’t see beyond now and into 2013 like I used to everytime a new year comes. If there’s one thing I realized from this experience though, all that’s happened in the last 12 years has brought me to this very moment and so like an obedient child I will just take all this in and believe that the purpose of the Lord will become clear to me in His own perfect time. As I stand at the threshold of 2012 and stare at the face of 2013, I will take another leap of faith and bet that 2013 will be good if not a better year for us.
Happy New Year. Vive bene, spesso l’ amore, di risata molto (Live well, laugh much, love often) this 2013.

The Mayan Calendar And Why The World Didn't End Yesterday

I know how most of us are slaves of time. Our life depends so much on the calendar itself. This little fact might even explain why some of us would kill ourselves with coffee just so we can get the planner that would dictate how we will live our life for the rest of the year.
But I guess the most popular calendar right now is not the one issued by Starbucks but the one made by the Mayans thousands of years ago. It foretold the future some people believed,  more specifically the end of the world which is said to happen tomorrow. Crazy or not, it got a lot of people all worked up.
And so I want to share with you this video made by NASA which is set to be released on Dec. 22. For some reasons, they have decided to post it up ahead of time, maybe to end the speculation and to shed light on the issue.  It explains the Mayan Calendar and why the end of the world is so not happening tomorrow.

The world might probably end tomorrow or maybe not. Fact is, we cannot really tell. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that we can’t outsmart God or get one step ahead of Him. So there’s really no point in getting ourselves all strung up over this end of the world issue. Believing or even entertaining such thought shows little faith in God. He is the Master of our Universe, and the only one who can tell our beginning and end.

New Year Means Kissing Acne Goodbye

Don’t be alarmed my friends, I am not going under the knife to have some  sort of plastic surgery or face lift. I am just going to have the surface of my face scrapped off so I wouldn’t have to stare at my pimple laden face everyday. Kidding aside though, one of the things that I promised myself to do this 2013 is to take good care of my skin by keeping my acne under control. I am one of those people still asleep when the goddess of beauty decided sprinkle some fair, clear, blemish free magic skin powder all around. With the rate my pimples are going, it  looks like they’re here to stay for life so I have appointed 2013 as the year that I will seriously do something about it.
Acne as you probably know cannot be cured. It is a condition characterized by blemishes that form when  hormonally triggered sticky sebum (oil glands) combine with dead skin cells to clog pores and form blackheads or whiteheads.  Everyone’s skin has a P. acnes bacteria, when this gets trapped inside these clogged pores and multiply, it causes infections under the surface.  And this leads to inflammations or the visible red, raised and often swollen and sore lesions  we know as pimples.
Acne is a continuous cycle of clogging of the dead skin cell pores, acne bacteria growth and multiplication, oil accumulation, and inflammation and swelling.  This cycle leads to breakouts. The acne cycle starts two to three weeks before the actual breakout becomes visible. It can happen simultaneously in any of the thousands pores on the face. This condition can last for about 5 to 7 years, some data shows though that the average woman with adult acne  can have it for 20 years since it is also associated with menstrual cycle, stress, hot/humid environment, and heavy make up use. It can occur and recur throughout the age of 20s, 30s and 40s.
Though it is incurable, it can be kept under control by starting a daily skin regimen that includes medicines to unclog the pores, decrease the bacteria, and calm the inflammation.  Daily maintenance with a medicated program is the key to avoid an unexpected breakout that can lead to temporary or permanent scarring.
Successful acne treatment starts with finding the right product that would prevent acne from getting out of hand. One of the trusted anti acne system  is Proactiv. Developed by Drs. Rodan and Fields, Proactiv addresses the factors that maybe silently occurring in any one of the 10,000 pores on the face.   It uses a combination therapy system, the first of its kind, which has several products that heals the blemishes you currently have and helps keep the face from forming new pimples .  Reports showed that most people who used Proactiv noticed an improvement in skin texture, tone, and pore size within the first few days of use. With continued use of Proactiv twice daily, fewer breakouts occur and further clearing is expected.
zproactiv 1
Proactiv doesn’t cure acne condition since we have established that it is incurable, its ingredients though like allantoin, panthenol, ale vera, glycolic acid work well to improve overall texture, tone, and appearance of skin. So with continued use, it may also clear away dark spots and help fade discoloration on all skin type since it helps exfoliate dead skin cell for better penetration of the medications.
zproactiv 2
We should keep in mind that acne will always be there as long as the reasons for it are there (e.g. oil accumulation, bacteria proliferation, inflammation, and dead skin cells). And also as long as we keep on stressing ourselves, doesn’t watch out our food intake, and experiences hormonal imbalance. Completely understanding the causes of acne, how treatment should be effectively done, and continued use of the best nonstop treatment for acne such as Proactiv are the only ways to control it.
I have to admit that I sometimes fail to stick to my acne medication treatment due to lack of time and I guess laziness that is why I do get humongous breakouts all the time. This 2013, I promised to be more disciplined in keeping with my skin regimen. I also promise to watch what I eat, and slow down a little to avoid stressing myself too much.
For those of you interested in kissing your acne goodbye this year, Proactiv Solution is available in the following outlets:

  1. Door to Door delivery hotlines (7292222, 180087298888, 180010889444, 09178018888)
  2. Proactiv Mall Kiosk:
  • Glorietta, Ground Floor
  • Trinoma, 2nd Floor
  • Robinson’s Galleria, 3rd Floor
  • Marquee Mall, Ground Floor

Proactiv Kit has the following items and it also provides a Money Back Gurantee:
Step 1:  Renewing Cleanser
Step 2:  Revitalizing Toner
Step 3:  Repairing Treatment
Free:  Refining Mask
Face the Facts Booklet
Price:  Proactiv 30 Day Kit (P 2495) / Proactiv 60 Day Kit (P3395)

Christmas Gift Ideas

I finally am getting into the groove of christmas. I figured yesterday that christmas after all is not all about me and my grief but all about Christ, our Lord and Savior. So after what seems like ages, I finally put up the christmas tree and the belen yesterday. Somehow, it did bring some christmas cheer.


Today, my daughter and I decided to start our christmas shopping so off to ATC we go. I have to admit we ended up buying more for ourselves but we did manage to finish half of our christmas list. I was able to find some cheap but functional items to give to my friends this christmas. I am fond of collecting pouches and coin purses so I usually give these away for christmas too since I know how these little soldiers can come in handy anytime. Here are some of the things I found in one of my favorite stores, Beabi. Super cheap and cute stuffs.
Clear cases for php 95 each

Coin purses in cute colors for php 165 each

Unisex Toiletry bag for php 365

Since some of my friends love to travel, I got them this travel mate
for php 49 only from National Bookstore!

My daughter found the perfect gift for her bestfriends too, a book pad called Listalicious, My Life In List. It has some really cute slumbook-type pages. And it’s a steal at php 199.




I am glad we hit the mall today, it got me into the holiday spirit. I still have half of my christmas list to think of so my quest for relatively cheap but functionally fab gifts still continues. Will post some great christmas gift ideas again soon.

Honda Donates 1 Million To Victims of Typhoon “Pablo” in Mindanao

With the news of widespread devastation, loss of lives, and displacement of families and communities caused by typhoon Pablo in Mindanao, Honda Foundation Inc. lost no time in reaching out to its partner institution, ABS-CBN Foundation Inc., and donated Php1million to sustain rescue and relief efforts to severely affected areas.
HFI is the corporate social responsibility arm of the subsidiaries of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) in the Philippines. The subsidiaries of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) in the Philippines are comprised of Honda Philippines, Inc., Honda Cars Phils., Inc., Honda Parts Manufacturing Corp., and Honda Trading Phils., Ecozone Corp.
HFI had also donated to victims of strong typhoons such as Ondoy, Sendong, and Habagat.

Filed Doodle Planner Winners

Thank you for joining this giveaway. Filed and I enjoyed reading your entries. I wouldn’t make this post long as I know a lot of you are excited to know if you are one of the lucky two. So without further ado, I want to congratulate the winner of the black doodle planner:

And the winner of the white doodle planner:

Congratulations ladies, please wait for my email with instruction on how to claim your prize.:) To those who didn’t win,  we’ll still have a lot of giveaways in store for you, so stay tuned here.:)

Just Released: Streetfood Tycoon For Android

I just got a word from Streetfood Tycoon developer himself, Erick Garayblas of Kuyi Mobile, that the most popular tycoon game in iOS is now available on Android.  Android users can now virtually enjoy selling a variety of the world’s most popular streetfood–french fries, kwe-kwek, squidball, corndog–and become the next Streetfood Tycoon.
This comes as a good news to parents who recently purchased affordable tablets that run on Android for their children. Now children can enjoy playing this game that will teach them how to earn, spend, and save at the same time on their Android devices.

Like its iOS counterpart, the Android version is fully loaded with awesome features such as full-color high resolution cartoon graphics and dozens of unlock and upgrade features. My daughter tried playing the game on her android tablet and according to her it runs on the same speed if not faster than the one we downloaded in our iOS device. Plus she enjoyed having the new celebrity customers buy off her food cart.:)

So Android users out there, what are you waiting for, download the game now at the Google Play Store and be the next Streetfood Tycoon!
NOTE: Kuyi Mobile  is working hard to ensure that Streetfood Tycoon runs on as many Android devices as possible. If it does not run on yours, please drop them an email at