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My Memorable Songs

While I was driving home from work last thursday, I got a pleasant surprise when the radio of my car suddenly worked, it has been dead for weeks already. So the amusement of hearing my daughter snore beside me was replaced by sudden excitement. Coz instead of cursing the reckless drivers and the MMDAs for my being stuck in traffic, I diverted my attention to the music being played on the radio.

It made me think about those songs that remind me of certain people who have been part of my life, places that have been special to me and wonderful events of my past…here’s my list at random…

I’ll Be Over You by Toto- my first heartbreak

Songs of Barry Manilow- what I used to play when I am in luuuuv

Weak by Swing Out Sisters– fourth year high school and lovestruck

Stars and Angelina– second year high school at SJA

Bizaare Love Triangle– my cousin Crystal, she has a tape of this one and we keep on playing it in our component

Tell Me Will I Ever Survive– Erwin Guerrero (my childhood loveteam)

In My Life- SJA Batch ’95

143 by Rivermaya- Fourth year graduation ball of SJA batch ‘95

Am I the Same Girl- Glennis’ concert when we were in 3rd year high school at Heartbeat Mega Disco (my first ever legitimate night out)

Jon Bon Jovi- Pam Otado Cross (yeah!)

One Hello– Andy Lobitaña (he went to my house one night just to give me the lyrics of this song leaving me wondering what the hell was that supposed to mean?!)hehehe…

Your Love by Alamid– this guy named Cris who was for a while there went gaga over me (wahhahaha)

All I Want by Toad and the Wet Sprocket– summer of fourth year high school

Dreams by the Corrs– fourth year college, cramming for thesis

Roam- Candon, Vigan, Pagudpud road trip

Buttercup– Jenie Pineda (I don’t know why but this song is definitely her)

Bohemian Rhapsody- Gemma Sawal Chua (sa bilibid Gemma naaalala mo..hahaha)

Tell Me and I’ve Fallen For You– Luh Santos (we used to play this in her apartment when we were going gaga over Rene Vergara (UST ’99)–hahaha)

I’ll Remember You by Skidrow– Eric Melendez (he was the only one who knows this song when we were in college and he gave me the complete lyrics of this one)

Basket Case by Greenday- 1st year high college in USTCollege of Arts and Letters

Harana- My Don Quijote Mansion apartment near UST with the crazy college kids

Can’t Get You Out of my Mind by Kylie Minogue- dancing the night away at Virgin Café in Greenbelt with some friends during college days

Hands to Heaven- guitar jamming with ate mae and ate do at our apartment in Dapitan

Fra Lippo Lippi songs– hanging out at Imee’s place with my UBIX barkada

All My life– nan and I drunk and dancing at Tia Maria’s, we looked like fools bec. we were supposed to do slow dancing here but we were dancing like crazy with this later became my wedding song.

Songs of Earth, Wind and Fire- Reasons bar in Pasay Road were we used to hang out after work

New Wave songs– friday night dates with nan at Ten Years After, Malate

Rainbow Connection– my stint at Growing Place Pre-school

Fame- videoke marathon at Pearl Beach resort with my Woodrose friends

Power of Two- when Bianca was toddler and singing with me this song

Ulan by Aegis- Melai Salcedo (ewan ko girlie ha, basta ikaw naalala ko pagnaririnig ko Aegis!hahaha)

Ballad for Adeleine (The Helen Vela Song)- nan because this instrumental song makes him cry and think about his childhood

Ahh, so good reminiscing the good old days with songs from yesteryears and remembering the people who have made my life so colorful…

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