Archive of ‘Games and Gadgets’ category “Ang di na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!” continues to dominate the online buy-and-sell category with latest campaign

An old guitar, a jacket now three sizes smaller, or an unused handbag may have been sitting at the bottom of your closet at home. What if someone is willing to pay for any of these items you have already forgotten about? This thought is what’s behind the latest campaign of “Ang hindi na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!”. continues to dominate_photo 2

 A follow-up on last year’s buyer-targeted campaign ‘Ano hanap mo?’, the new campaign is part of’s bid to maintain its leadership in online buy-and-sell.

 “We hope that our latest campaign will resonate with many Filipinos who have a penchant for keeping things that are no longer being used. Instead of just taking up huge space in their house, these items can be sold to fetch earnings for the family,” said managing director RJ David. continues to dominate_photo 1

David was just 26 years old when he founded the company less than seven years ago in his bedroom, with only P2,400 as capital. Together with girlfriend (now wife) Arianne, he built a free platform for posting classified ads on a wide range of categories, from clothing and accessories, to tools and gadgets, furniture and appliances, and many more.

From its humble beginnings, has evolved into a corporation called Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc., which now has 90 employees reporting to a plush two-floor office space in Ortigas.

Moreover, it now takes pride in having 2 million registered users, 2 billion pageviews last year, and an average of 10 million daily pageviews and 700,000 daily unique visitors. Their mobile pageviews and visitors are also showing remarkable strength, receiving an average of 1.8 million daily pageviews and 112,000 daily unique visitors.

Featuring the special participation of bloggers, continues their partnership with World Vision. They have invited bloggers to bring a pre-loved item and sell it through their website. The total amount of sales will then be matched by, and donated for World Vision’s humanitarian efforts.

 “Our company motto has always been to “pay it forward” and I’m excited that we got the chance to partner with top bloggers for this fundraising project for World Vision,” explained David.

To learn more about what’s new at, interested parties may follow their social media accounts:, and @sulit on Twitter and Instagram.’s newest TVC, ‘Ang hindi na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!’ may be accessed on YouTube at

Just Released: Streetfood Tycoon For Android

I just got a word from Streetfood Tycoon developer himself, Erick Garayblas of Kuyi Mobile, that the most popular tycoon game in iOS is now available on Android.  Android users can now virtually enjoy selling a variety of the world’s most popular streetfood–french fries, kwe-kwek, squidball, corndog–and become the next Streetfood Tycoon.

This comes as a good news to parents who recently purchased affordable tablets that run on Android for their children. Now children can enjoy playing this game that will teach them how to earn, spend, and save at the same time on their Android devices.

Like its iOS counterpart, the Android version is fully loaded with awesome features such as full-color high resolution cartoon graphics and dozens of unlock and upgrade features. My daughter tried playing the game on her android tablet and according to her it runs on the same speed if not faster than the one we downloaded in our iOS device. Plus she enjoyed having the new celebrity customers buy off her food cart.:)

So Android users out there, what are you waiting for, download the game now at the Google Play Store and be the next Streetfood Tycoon!

NOTE: Kuyi Mobile  is working hard to ensure that Streetfood Tycoon runs on as many Android devices as possible. If it does not run on yours, please drop them an email at



Juan Tamad…Not!

You probably know the story of Juan Tamad and why he is called as such if you were born in the same era as I am.  Maybe at some point, you have been called by your parents with this name too when laziness kicked in.  But then your kids will just probably give you the blank look they are so good at if you use this moniker on them now. Like our very own language Tagalog, our folktales are of no interest to them as well.

Well its high time you introduce them to Juan Tamad if they are the type of kids who knows how to operate the iPad like the back of their hand. This time though, introduce them to the reinvented Juan Tamad, the one who they can set goals with and help make things happen.

I am talking about Juan Tamad, the new Pinoy iOS game app designed for iPad by Tooch Inc., a proudly Pinoy gaming/digital company.  The objective of the game is quite simple, players help Juan solve visual puzzles for him to reach his prize. In short, it s up to them to make an honest boy or should I say a resourceful boy out of Juan and completely erase the “tamad” stigma. The game is distinctly Pinoy from the kulintang inspired music down to its rich colorful graphics.


I had a chance to check out the game using a friend’s iPad (I hope they will come up with the android version asap too so my daughter and I can enjoy it using her own android tablet).  I like how Juan Tamad’s tales are told in limerick form and how it enhances the player’s visual logic skills through puzzle building.  This is perfect for kids aged 5 and up.  I know how our kids’ iPads are like barbies/GI Joes to us before.   If we can’t prod it away from them, then the best thing to do is let them play games on their iPads that will sharpen their minds and form their character. Juan Tamad is definitely that.


The game developers, Teddy Catuira and Sandy Lichauco  clearly have put a lot of thought in the creation of this game app.  The fact that they came up with something close to the hearts of the Filipinos and completely turn it around to give it a more positive vibe is really something.

I have been a big fan and supporter of  Pinoy game developers because they have always immortalized our culture in the games that they create. I think utilizing technology in bringing to the youngs’ consciousness our unique culture is one way we can prevent it from waning. Kudos Tooch Inc, may Juan Tamad go a long way!

Juan Tamad is a free iOS app currently available on the Apple iTunes store. Download it now.


Proudly Pinoy: Streetfood Tycoon

There’s another game in the app store that got me excited. I am very proud and happy to share that this game was developed and released by a fellow Filipino, Erick Garayblas of Kuyi Mobile. Yep, this is proudly Pinoy made. It is aptly titled Streetfood Tycoon. As we all know, this type of food is very much popular here in the Philippines as this can be seen almost everywhere.

Streetfood Tycoon is an iphone game application that can be downloaded for free from the Itunes App Store. It is a management game where you have to fill in the customer’s order by combining the right ingredients while at the same time dealing with restocking, buying better ingredients and upgrading facilities.

The game is easy to play. The main objective is to earn enough coins by selling food. When a customer approaches the cart they will tell you their order through a picture bubble. You just need to tap all the ingredients as shown correctly in the picture to create an order. You then need to drag the order to the customer to complete the sale. In case you mess up and want to start over, you can tap the trash at the bottom left side of the screen to scrap your previous creation. There’s a time limit for every order, if you don’t respond right away, the customer will not accept the order and leave in a huff. There are also those little things like stocks running low, food spills, and left over crumbs that need cleaning-up that had to be addressed right away to avoid getting into a fix. You can only restock one item at a time, so you need to make quick decisions too based on what your business needs at the moment.

As you progresses in the game, you’ll be able to move to 4 new locations. You will also be able to upgrade your cart to serve more and better quality food (aside from corn dog and fries) such as kwek kwek and fishballs.

Visually, the background is pleasing enough to the eyes. It has a dreamy quality to it as it appears washed up. What I like most about this application is the cart itself. I love how the food are graphically presented. When you fill in orders you can see the food supply being reduced and when you restock, you can actually see it getting refilled. I like the animations too such as the musical notes and tipping jar. The character graphics though can still be improved as some have very sharp features. It would be better if they can make the features of the ladies appear softer and tone down the features of the men a bit too to make them look more friendly. Since this game can be played by not just adults but children and teens as well, it would be good to make them more attractive and less intimidating.

softer features please.:)

needs a little toning down.:)

The sound effects are on the mediocre side. It doesn’t do much to the game itself. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to change this into a more lively and catchy tune to pump up playing time. The character responses are repetitive too, it is kind of funny the way a macho guy would suddenly let out a whiny “bye” or how an old lady would suddenly emit a manly growl before she leaves.

While playing, pop-ups with little instructions and suggestions such as this will appear on your screen. This will literally walk you through the whole application:

I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in putting up her own food cart business or basically those who want to have some fun playing streetfood vendor. This is a good way of putting into practice the business skills you have acquired. It provides a venue where you can exercise your skill in making hard and fast decisions, managing finances well, increasing customer satisfaction, balancing restocking, and observing good sanitation.

With parental guidance, children aged 7 onwards and teens can easily enjoy the challenge of earning, spending and saving as nothing comes here for free. Everything has to be purchased with coins. Playing this game with your children is a good way of teaching them the value of handling money wisely and working your way up.

Overall, this is a great game to play. It is both fun and addicting. This game provides enough challenges that would make you want to play it again and again. With streetfood tycoon, you can be the savvy streetfood vendor in no time. Somehow, it exercises your brain to do more than flick your finger on the screen, it gets your mind working while you’re having fun.

Streetfood Tycoon can be downloaded using iPhone/iPad with iOS 4.03 or higher. To download, go to the iTunes App Store. Show your support to Filipino game developers by downloading and playing this game on your iPhone and iPad now.:)

Temple Run

Lately, I have been playing games in my iphone again. I recently downloaded Temple Run and because of that, my free time are the never the same again. Temple Run is an exciting running game released by Imagi Studios. The goal of this game is similar to many running games in the app store wherein with your control, the runner jumps over obstacles, slides under a tree or fire, and collect enough coins along the way to exchange for powers.

Unlike in most games though where the hero had to go through a maze full of traps, the runner here runs along a temple while being chased by vulture monsters. And unlike the single button approach, this uses an enhanced swiping mechanism. Swiping up or down will make the character jump or slide. Swiping left or right will make him turn. Tilting your screen will move the runner to the left or right making it easy to collect coins.

Although Temple Run is similar to other fast rhythm racing games, it creates enough suspense and has enough surprises that will have you hooked once you start playing. It provides lots of blocks such broken road, trunks, fire, etc.that the runner must dodged as well as sudden twists and turns that would keep you on your toes.

Scoring is standard, the longer the runner stays on track, the higher the scrore. Coins en route needs to be collected to buy utilities such as start-up boost and reincarnation, and power-ups which include coin magnets, invisibility (create bridges over gaps) and mega coin packs that can help you score higher.

Temple Run is a game of speed and sharp reflexes. It requires the player to run, jump and dodge quickly. If you dig fast racing running game, this will appeal to you as the outcome of the game will depend on the speed by which you flick your finger, and how keen you are on details as you need to make clever moves in an instant to avoid gaming over. The sound effects like the edgy background music and shrills of the vulture monsters are plus factors as they add excitement to the game. In the visual department, the use a third person camera made the game look three-dimensional. The playing environment though remains unchanged even when the runner has advanced. The graphics are a bit on the mediocre side, it has the same monochromatic hues from start to finish.

Nevertheless, there’s something about Temple Run that would really make you want to continue playing despite its shortcomings in the visual department. I find myself banging the table and stamping my foot whenever my runner gets booted out. I have stayed up late a couple of times too just to beat myself in the game. Whether it’s the desire to top your last score or accumulate more coins, you will yearn for the throbbing excitement that this game brings again and again.

This is perfect for kids in the pre-school age onwards as this can develop good eye-hand coordination. Likewise for moms like me too who need a respite from managing the household once in a while and engage in some hands on thrilling action.

Temple Run can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It runs on iphone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S as well as iPad 1 & 2.


Blancnotes has been my “happy place” for the longest time. Well, that is until I discover Pinterest. If you have a Pinterest account, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that you can get totally lost in its wonderful world of pictures and ideas once you start browsing the site. I, for one, tend to forget all about the time as soon as I start logging in.

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard that lets you organize and share the beautiful things that you find on the web. It lets you browse through the many wonderful photo ideas there and REPIN the photos you find interesting on your boards (FAVORITE PLACES & SPACES, BOOKS WORTH READING, MY STYLE, DREAM BOARD ETC.) You can either use/rename the available board templates or create new ones. You can also pin away your own photos and ideas to share with others. You can follow your friends and other members on Pinterest too so you will be updated when they share and like new stuffs.

To Repin

Pinterest is a great source of ideas when you are planning your own wedding/party, redecorating your house, discovering new recipes’, finding your style or wanting to read some inspiring quotes. I like how it lets me “shop” for stylish clothes, shoes, fancy bags, jewelries and accessories without having to literally shell out money (a girl can always dream right?!).:D Since, I have this love affair with words, I also like reading the witty, funny and inspirational quotes pinners post there.

Pinterest is currently invite-only. To get started, you can request for an invite by clicking the request for an invite button.

Then wait for the invite that will be sent via email. Once you receive the invite you can register via Facebook Connect or connect through twitter.

Based on experience though, it takes days and even weeks for the email invitation to come. I guess it depends on the bulk of requests that they are processing during the time of your request. Another great way to get started on Pinterest is by being invited by someone who is already part of Pinterest. It is much better because the email invite comes right away. I only got to create an account after I have been invited by my friend. I tried requesting for an invite twice but the invitation email never came.

Once you become a member, you can enjoy browsing, repinning, liking and commenting on the photos that you like provided that you follow the Pin Etiquette.

Pinterest was created to connect people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests. From the looks of it, it is successfully achieving its goal. It has become a good venue where women can share their bright ideas and talents to a wider audience. It has grown into a big community of women who inspire and empower each other to become smart, stylish, and creative women of today.:)