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Honeysuckle Breastmilk Bag

Two weeks ago, one of our colleagues in the faculty was looking for breastmilk to give to her three-week old granddaughter who was in the Neonatal ICU. The mom was unable to produce breastmilk which the baby needed so she can be strong and fight the pneumonia that has afflicted her. I wasn’t sure if they were able to get enough for her though because last week we learned that the little angel succumbed to death.

I was unable to produce my own breastmilk too when I gave birth to my daughter so I really envy moms with newborns whose only problem is how to properly store and handle their own breastmilk. When my daughter, Bianca, had cancer last year, it did occur to me that perhaps she wouldn’t have it if I had breastfed her when she was a baby. But then of course that’s more like my guilt talking to me than Science. Anyway, I know the importance of having a good stock of breastmilk and a proper storage kit that would keep it safe until it is ready to be consumed by the baby. I have heard it enough from my mom friends to know that pumping breastmilk is one thing and keeping it from getting spoiled is quite another.

My two best buddies recently gave birth and we were just so thrilled when I received a package with Honeysuckle breastmilk bag inside. I just had to share it to them. They have been looking for one that is handy so they can pump and store their breastmilk easily especially when they return back to work. And of course something that is proven safe to use for storing their oh so precious mama milk. We were so glad to know that HoneySuckle® which is 100% tamper-evident, BPA-free, Oxo-biodegradable and recyclable is already available in the market.



HoneySuckle® is the more enhanced version of the popular reclosable breastmilk bag Lansinoh® which inventor Nossi Taheri created in 2002. HoneySuckle® as compared to its predecessor, has wider side seals, double zipper and ribbed gusset to protect and prevent breastmilk from leaking during storage. It has a pour spout that would eliminate spills when transferring breastmilk in bottles and an outer write-on tab to help mommies date and organize their breastmilks. It doesn’t take much space as it can lay flat in the freezer and can stand on the counter too when needed. It is the strongest and most economical breastmilk storage bag in the market today.



With HoneySuckle® babies need not take alternative food when mom is not around and mommies need not worry about how to save their precious breastmilk after working so hard to pump them. Two less worries for mommies if I may say so. To know more about HoneySuckle®, you may check

Kids One Yoga

Who says only grown ups can do Yoga? Kids can too! Summer is the perfect time to engage your kids in Yoga as this is the time when most of them are rushing from one summer activity to another in our quest to make them busy and burned out too.


If you want your kids to enjoy the benefits of Yoga while still young, why not bring them to Kids One Yoga, they offer fun Yoga summer classes for kids aged 3-13 years. What’s good about it also is that they are implemeting the KidzYoga”-Australia Curriculum which is an educational-based yoga program that aims to develop life long interest in learning. It integrates creative lessons that are guranteed to turn your children into brilliant inquirers, as well as caring, committed, disciplined and empowered learners.



So if you want your kids to develop focus and concentration; improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination; experience increased calm and decreased stress and anxiety through relaxation techniques; improve impulse control; increase self awareness; develop understanding and empathy for others; learn natural conflict resolution skills; find skillful ways to respond to difficult emotions; and make healthy choices in the future, enroll them at Kids One Yoga now! Summer is the perfect time to get those matts ready for them. Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to make your kids aware that there’s more to summer than the great outdoors and the beach.

To know more about KIDS ONE YOGA SUMMER CLASSES, visit their website HERE.

Kids One Yoga is at Dainty Slippers Studio, Unit K, 7/F Westgate Tower, Alabang Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa City. Call/Text 09158965327 or 09178469443.

Mustela Skin Care Products + A Giveaway

I remember that a month after I gave birth to my daughter Bianca, she developed severe skin rashes all over her face, neck and body.  I couldn’t bear seeing her like that at that time as I can only imagine how uncomfortable it made her feel. It didn’t help also that three months after, the skin on her head started peeling off together with her tiny cap of baby hair too.

Being a young fist time mom then, I was at a complete loss on what to do. Good thing her Pedia was very patient with me. It turned out that early onset of asthma started manifesting itself on her skin.She recommended for us to use lactacyd blue diluted in water for her bath as she is too young to use steroidal creams. But then that didn’t work and I didn’t like using it on her.  I wasn’t comfortable with the thought that it contains strong chemicals as it has a very strong scent. We also tried using Johnson’s baby bath and later on Cetaphil but even those failed to satisfy me as the rashes didn’t completely disappear.

My mom’s friend who’s working in the states, upon learning about Bianca’s condition, sent over a box full of baby skin care products for us to try.  She sent me an Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment, Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream  and some Mustela products which include  Mustela Hair & Body Wash, Baby Shampoo, Stelatopia Emollient Cream and  Stelatopia Cleansing Cream.  I didn’t know where she got them but I was glad that she did send the Mustela products over because after using the stelatopia creams and the hair and body wash, Bianca’s face and body cleared out of rashes. Even her cradle cap softened and gently peeled off.  That was my first introduction to Mustela and I have since become a great fan of the product. I actually felt extremely sad when our Mustela supply ran out as they were not available locally back then.

Mustela is a 60 year old French brand whose mission is to provide moms and babies with the safest skin care products that would address their specific skin needs. Since protection of mommy and baby’s skin is Mustela’s ultimate concern, it uses only ingredients of natural origin and leaves out harmful chemicals typically found in many skincare ranges such as parabens, phenoxyethanol and phthalates.

Mustela products are tested and formulated under strict medical supervision.  They were developed under close collaboration with healthcare professionals (e.g. pharmacist, dermatologist, allergologist, toxicologist and gynaecologist) so they are guaranteed safe to use on newborns, babies and children. Now on its 60th year, Mustela continues to improve itself by coming up with new innovation and scientific breakthroughs in skin care treatment for babies and mothers.  And because of this it has now become the leading skin care product for moms and babies in Europe.

Mustela’s complete range of products  caters to the specific skin care needs of  not just newborns, babies, and children but of new and expectant mothers as well.  All of its four skin care range are hypoallergenic and tested following the strictest standards of quality, high tolerance, and optimum safety.

Mustela 9 Months

This range is specially formulated to accompany mothers during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy periods where the skin undergoes delicate changes. This is the perfect Baby Shower gift that you can give to a preggy friend.


Mustela Bébé

This complete range of dermo-cosmetic products are  specifically formulated to protect newborn and baby’s sensitive skin during daily hygiene, bath time, diaper change and skin protection routine. I remember bathing Bianca using the hair and body bath, and it was such pleasurable experience. And since my daughter and I can’t tolerate very strong perfume due to our asthma, we absolutely love the alcohol-free Musti Eau de Soin from this range. The scent is light and tender, not too overpowering.

Mustela Dermo-Pediatrics

This range answers the specific skin problems of newborns, babies and children such as dry skin with eczema, hypersensitive and intolerant skin, irritated areas, nappy rash and cradle cap. It will be good to always have a stock of Stelatria cream on hand as it is the perfect home cure for sudden rash breakouts, burns, chicken pox and insect stings.

Mustela Sun Protection

The Mustela Sun Protection range protects the fragile and intolerant skin of babies and children against those harmful UV rays. They also contain 100% mineral or organo-mineral screens. Perfect as go to skin protection during hot summer days.

There’s always a Mustela product that would answer your baby’s skin care needs.  And what’s good about it is that now, they are available locally.  You need not ask your relatives from overseas to purchase them for you. I greatly recommend Mustela products to anyone as I saw for myself how they have effectively cured my daughter’s skin problem.  I always believe that since it is good for the babies, it is  good for adults too (*wink*wink) like the Stelatopia creams, the Musti spray, the skin freshner etc. 🙂 You can now grab them at the following shops:

1.  Ayala Trinoma, 1st level (near Cafe Mary Grace)

2.  Robinson’s Manila, 1st Level Midtown Wing (beside Topshop)

3.  Glorietta 4, 3rd level (near Mary Grace)

4.  Megamall A, 2nd level (in front of Esprit)

5.  Shangri-la Mall, 4th level (in front of Mothercare)

6.  The Shops, Greenhills Shopping Center 1st level (in front of Watson’s and Mary Grace)

7.  Alabang Town Center, near ( Near Havin’ a Baby and Face Shop)

Also distributed at the following:

1.  Purebeauty, 2nd Floor, Serendra, BGC

2.  All Landmark Department Stores

3.  All Rustan’s Department Stores

Now the good news, Mustela Philippines is giving away 1 dermo cleansing gel 200ml worth P540 and 1 skin freshener worth P490  to one lucky follower of Blancnotes and Mustela Philippines.

Skin Freshner (200 ml)

Dermo Cleansing Gel (200 ml)

This giveaway is open to moms and even to those who are not moms yet so long as you have a baby in mind you want to give the products to.  You can also join if you want to use these baby products yourself like me (*wink*wink). Winner must be able to claim the prize in any Mustela branch of her choice though. To join the giveaway, simply follow the mechanics below (remember to do all 4 steps):

  1.  Like Mustela Philippines in facebook.
  2.  Like Blancnotes in facebook.
  3.  Share this giveaway on your facebook status with the following message: “@Mustela Philippines and @Blancnotes are giving away Mustela skin care products. Join now @friend1, @friend2, and @friend3. Giveaway ends on July 25! #mustela #blancnotes” (Don’t forget to properly tag Mustela, Blancnotes, your 3 friends.)
  4.  Answer the question, “What do you love about Mustela?”, using  the comment box below. Don’t forget to leave your complete name, email add, URL of your facebook post, city, and preferred branch together with your answer.

You can send in your entries until 11:59 pm of July 25. I will pick the winner thru Goodluck!:)

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey

It’s been ages since I last sat down and read a book. I do miss reading that is why whenever I get the chance to read, I really make sure that the book is something that I would surely enjoy. Today, I was able to squeeze in some reading time because I happened to see my Grade 2 student reading this particular book. I am a great fan of children’s books as I used to teach in Pre-school before as well as self-help/inspirational books as I have always been fascinated with psychology.  So whenever I see a book that fits both pegs perfectly, I wouldn’t stop until I read that book.  I literally cajoled and begged my Grade 2 student to let me borrow her book, and she reluctantly obliged after I promised her a hundred times that I will return it back tom.:)

The book, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, is a children’s book that teaches the kids the timeless values and principles written in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Penned by Sean Covey, son of Stephen Covey himself, author of the highly acclaimed book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the book contains amusing stories that children 3 years onwards can easily relate to. The stories present the 7 habits that we should help instill in our children for them to reach their full potential and live a well balanced life.

The stories are all well-written, Sean Covey wrote them with so much warmth that children and parents alike can easily relate to them. The illustrations by cartoonist Stacy Curtis are endearingly eye-catching, they made reading the book a pleasurable experience indeed. At the end of each story, guide questions and tips on how to discuss and reinforce the habit are provided, making it easy for parents to relate the habits to their children’s lives for proper application.

I’ve jotted down some notes (remember I just borrowed the book from a 7 years old, I have to give it back!) and I would like to share them with you.  I promised myself that I will buy my own copy so I can hand it down to my daughter when it’s her turn to raise her own kids. Here are the 7 habits in a nutshell:

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive (You’re In Charge).  Teach your children to take charge of  their life–of their own happiness, studies, acivities etc.)
  • Habit 2: Begin With An End In Mind (Have a Plan). Instill in them the habit of having a plan. Teach them that planning ahead leads to good things, including being in a better  position to help others. Encourage them to pick one thing they need to do better and start doing it.
  • Habit 3: Put First Things First (Work First, Then Play).  As parents we must have to learn to delay gratification and encourage our children to do the hard things first. “Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.”
  • Habit 4: Think Win-Win (Everyone Can Win).
  • Habit 5:  Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood (Listen Before You Talk)
  • Habit 6:  Synergize (Together is Better). We must teach our children synergy, that is valuing differences and then working together to create a better solution than what anyone could do alone. We must teach them to acknowledge each and everyone’s unique’s strength and began playing as a team.
  • Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw (Balance Feels Best). We must teach our children to take time to renew the 4 parts of who we are: body, heart, mind, and soul in order to find balance in our life.

Funny thing is while I was reading the book, I realized that I might as well instill these habits myself as these are habits that can make us adults live a happy life as well. 🙂

The Art of Letting Go: Ava Says Goodbye To Her Pacifier

Have you seen this video? Fr. Jason Joson shared this video with us today during his lecture on The Theology of the Body. I can’t help but smile when I learned that the little girl was crying in pain because she had to say goodbye to her pacifier.  Her father decided to “send it away to paci heaven” because he thinks that she does not need it anymore because she is a big girl already.

Ava surely can’t understand yet why she doesn’t need it anymore but she willingly let go of it no matter how painful and heartbreaking it is because  she believed her dad when he said that it is what’s best for her.

We’re like Ava in a lot of ways, sometimes we simply can’t let go of our own “pacifiers” because they give us pleasure. They give us comfort. They give us a jaded sense of security. They serve as the perfect excuse for us not to face up to the challenge of growing up and changing our ways. But then one day it will come, the time when we need to let go of our own pacifier because it is stunting our growth. It is doing us more harm than good. It is getting in the way of our own maturity. When the time comes for us to let go of it, we have to listen to the voice of reason.  You may question its decision or argue its point like what Ava did,  but in the end we have to heed its advice. It maybe too painful and difficult to handle but we must do it for it is only when we let go of our own pacifiers  that we will discover the many wonderful things that life has to offer like milk shakes and cereals, fruits and candies. Life’s little pleasures that we won’t know till we let go of the one that’s keeping us from enjoying them to the fullest.

Lactum 3+ & 6+ Builds 100% Panatag World

Lactum 3+ & 6+ recently launched the 100% Panatag World as a one-of-a-kind event that offers tips, techniques, and tools that will help moms be 100% Panatag when it comes to their children’s health and nutrition. It is set to visit various malls in the Metro in the coming weeks.

The 100% Panatag World Event is in line with Lactum 3+ % 6+ offering, the New Lactum 3+ & 6+ formulation with a high source of Appetite Support Nutrients. Paul Richards,  Mead Johnson Nutrition Philippines ‘General Manager and President, has this to say about their new product, “At cetain stages, children are difficult to feed and sometimes, they are just plain picky which can cause them to miss out on important nutrients.  Lactum 3+ & 6+ never stops looking for ways to help moms nourish their children and this new innovation is a testament to that commitment. New Lactum 3+ & 6+ with Appetite Support Nutrients is a high source of Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid, Thiamin, and Vitamin B12 to help ensure that children gets adequate amounts of these nutrients.”

I had the chance to visit the 100% Panatag World at SM Megamall today. The event was graced by Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo herself, Lactum’s Brand Ambassador. Various Activity Areas were set up to further educate moms on Appetite Support Nutrients.  Judy-Ann in partnership with Yummy and Smart Parenting Magazines also shared her recipes and demoed how to creatively style fruits and vegetables at the Nutrition Tips & Techniques Demo Area to help moms motivate their children to eat them. A licensed nutritionist was also present at the Meal Plan Workshop to guide parents on how to prepare a proper balanced meal for their children using the food pyramid as standard .

Since the 100% Panatag World is not only for moms but for children too, kids enjoyed the different nutrition games at the activity booths. They played wire maze games, creative food styling games, and kiddie ball pool at the Fun & Games Area. They also had a good time drinking nutritious and delicious Lactum 3+ & 6+ at the Milk Station. To top it all off, both moms and kids were entertained with educational production numbers with Judy Ann santos at the Entertainment Area.

To learn more about how to ensure that your children receive proper nutrition and how Lactum can help you, participate in the 100% Panatag World as it will be reaching out to even more families in the coming weeks through its mall tours. Catch them at these dates and places:

Puregold Caloocan (June 2-3)

Trinoma Mall (Jne 16-17)

CSI Dagupan (June 23-24)

Puregold Tanza (June 30-July 1)

Robinson’s Novaliches (July 7-8)

Ever Commonwealth (July 14-15)

Waltermart North Edsa (July 28-29)

For more Lactum updates, visit their official Facebook Fan Page here.



Random Thoughts This Mother’s Day

I have been contemplating since yesterday if I am going to write a Mother’s Day post or not. Not because I have ran out of nice things to say about my mom or my experience as a mother but because as it is, much have been said about motherhood.

It is ironic how people put so much effort on this day given the fact that for the rest of the 364 days a mother consistently puts in the same amount of time and effort in providing, giving, and loving.

I think we should all the more be doing these sweet gestures to our mothers during ordinary days since it is during this period that our mothers do these small and big things that never fail to make us feel really special.

I received the best Mother’s Day gift today but I must say that what I will remember most about it is not so much the gift itself or the ceremonial way it was handed to me but the thought that my daughter took notice of the many things that make me happy during the days that we spent time together. And armed with these thoughts, she sought to find the perfect one that would delight me the most. I guess the fact that it wasn’t just any random gift but a well thought out one makes it really special.

My Mother's Day Gift: Cath Kidston In Print (a book)

My mom specifically requested for us not to go out today to celebrate Mother’s Day. She wanted us to just stay at home so she can cook for us our favorite Kare-Kare. Cooking has always been her source of joy. She does this ordinary task daily with so much love and passion that every meal is always a special one. Today, we just had to indulge her. But not after stopping by McDo for a simple breakfast.

Mother's Day breakfast with mommy

She is at her happiest when she is in the palengke, picking the best choice of meat, walking along the vegetable aisle, and surveying the wide array of fruits. She is in her best element when she is haggling with the vendors or cooking behind the stove. As usual we had the best Mother’s Day lunch courtesy of our very own in-house Chef, Mommy. You see, the best thing about my mom is, she always manages to make each day extraordinary with her cooking and loving and given that, we have learned to surprise her with little gifts or bring her out on dates even when there is no special occassion.

In the end, what matters most to us mothers is not so much the gifts and the fanfare that come with the celebration of Mother’s Day but those little thoughtful things that you will do with great love for us Mother’s Day or not.

Kumon: Readying Children For The Future

Last week, I was invited to the Press Launch of Kumon Philippines’ upcoming Education and Parenting Seminar which will be held on May 19, 2:00-4:30 pm at SM North Edsa, The Block. With this year’s theme, “Achievers of Today, Ready for the Future!” (How Parents Can Guide Their Children Amidst the Changing Landscape of the Philippine Education), Kumon aims to impart once again values and insights to parents and educators that will help them effectively support their children in achieving their full potential despite current changes in  Philippine education.

The press launch was held at Chateau 1771 at Greenbelt 5. Over sumptuous buffet and delicious dessert,  Mr. Tadashi Nakatsuka, President of Kumon Philippines and Ms. Inna Duller, Kumon Philippines’ Public Relations Leader, shared with us the  mission, vision and thrust of Kumon Philippines as well as how it can help students withstand the challenges of the K12 curiculum.

Chateau 1771

sumptuous buffet

delicious dessert

Ms. Inna Duller

Mr. Tadashi Nakatsuka

Kumon is not something new to me. In fact, I often hear it said and mentioned by my students and their parents.  But then it was only during the press launch that I fully grasp the extent of Kumon’s commitment in instilling the right values and discipline among children. Values and discipline that would help them develop their love for learning and in the process make them independent and responsible for their own studies.

In order to fully understand the Kumon Method, Ms. Inna Duller explained it  in the context of what KUMON stands for:

K.   Kindness Movement.

Kumon Method of Learning was founded by Mr. Toru Kumon. It  started when he decided to create arithmetic materials for his own child to help him improve on Arithmetic, the subject that he was struggling with. He designed original math problems that allowed his child to progress on his own and improve his math skills gradually. Through his method, his child discovered for himself his own abilities and gained confidence in his own capabilities. Mr. Toru Kumon was a firm believer of  the undiscovered potential and abilities of children that surpass even the expectations of adults.  He also believed  that what was possible for one child was possible for others too and so he set out to offer to others the opportunity to study with his Method.

U.  Understanding the child.

Kumon’s key factor is individualized instruction. Kumon believes that the key to individualized instruction is studying at the “just the right” level where at any time, with maximum effort, a student can progress on his own without being specifically taught. It aims to develop among children the joy of learning and of achieving something so the starting point of each Kumon student is determined individually at a level where they can attain a perfect score of 100 on their own. And from there, he would gradually progress until he reach his optimum level.

M.  Mastery of the basic skills.
O.   On their Own.

Kumon empowers, at first hand, the child to attain mastery of the basic skills needed in order to move to higher content. The worksheets are designed in such a way that a student progresses in small steps until he advance smoothly at the level appropriate for him. The examples and explanations provided encourages a student to self-learn and be independent.

N.   No Two Children Are Alike

Kumon sees each child as unique thus, the Kumon instructor observes each student’s study behaviors. Every Kumon Instructor’s primary concern is to ensure that the student experience over and over the sense of accomplishment and confidence that resulted from thinking through and solving problems independently. Careful observation of each child is done by every Kumon instructor in order to provide the appropriate instruction and proper guidance that each child needs.

Kumon’s Logo is a child’s thinking face because it represents the faces of children who learn, think and grow within KUMON Centers.

Since 1954, Kumon Method of Learning has been equipping children with important life skills needed to help them face challenges in the future proactively and with the right attitude. They have been instilling values of self -confidence, perseverance, positivity and independence among children. Values needed to make them ready for the future.

If you want to know more about the Kumon Method, you may visit them at this website. And if you want to know more about how you can help your child be ready for the future, you can join us on May 19 at SM North, The Block for Kumon Philippines Education and Parenting Seminar. The event is free of admission. It will be hosted by Ms. Chiqui Roa Puno. Come and listen as Mr.Henry Tenedero, an Education and Reform Advocate and President of the Center for Learning and Teaching Styles Philippines (CLTS, Phils.) talks about the different challenges in our education system and Ms. Susie Tsoi, Kumon Instructor of 10 years, gives helpful tips on how you can effectively guide your children in facing the current challenges in the educational system.

Mr. Henry Tenedero

Ms. Susie Tsoi


To register for the said event, email your complete name, mobile no., and general address to or call 8850226.

See you there!

Review: Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition

Last night while I was surfing the internet, I heard my 10 year old daughter and husband give out loud guffaws. So I got curious and checked out what they were watching. I was surprised to learn that they were watching Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. It was our first time to watch the new PBB Teen Edition but I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately, mostly negative feedback. I have to tell you honestly, I was shocked at some scenes.

I don’t want to judge but if this is some sort of a gauge of how our teens are turning out to be these days, then this is really a cause for alarm. The show is running for just merely two weeks and already there’s a lot of teen pairing and rowdiness going around in Big Brother’s house. If you are an outsider watching the scenes, I wouldn’t be surprise if you will conclude that these kids are definitely lacking in good morals and values formation. My heart particularly went out to the parents of this girl, Karen, who shared last night in National TV how she had kept all her love relationships a secret from her parents. My gosh! And she’s only 15! I wonder what her parents felt while watching her disclose this information in National TV–hurt? betrayed? angry?

Some were saying it’s all scripted. If that is the case, then that makes it all the more worst. Imagine using these children, these teens, to attract viewers. Imagine using what could have been teen issues, problems,and conflicts best processed in the home and by the parents just so you will gain high viewership. I understand that they want to depict big brother as somebody who can straighten out these kids but really, does it have to be at the expense of these kids? I also understand that upon joining the show, the parents were asked to sign a waiver of some sort, and probably right at this this moment, they don’t have any right anymore to make a protest. But I also believe that if your intentions are good, then you would rather create scenarios that would put this kids in good light rather than have people questioning their upbringing. I understand the nature of the show, that its reality TV, but I guess its high time we review our regulation of casting teens in reality TV. A study has to be done if casting them in this type of show will prove to be beneficial to them or not. Unlike taped show where the parents can really see and review beforehand how their teens or children will appear on the show, in reality TV, the family is left with no choice but to deal with the “surprises” as they come since they don’t have that kind provision. This somehow makes the teen/child and his family vulnerable to abuse.

I am a fan of some ABS-CBN shows like May Bukas Pa, 100 Days and the others. I am not questioning their capacity to come up with excellent shows that promote and highlight good values. I just hope that in this case, they will be all the more discerning, conscious, and vigilant in injecting these in their shows like PBB Teens. Especially now that a lot of kids are glued to the TV, day and night since it’s summer break. It would be good if all the networks, not just ABS-CBN, can provide them with shows that will not only entertain them but form their values and character as well. For really, for media to become an effective tool of communication, it must somehow convey a message that will influence and move a person to do positive actions.

What about you, what’s your take on this?

On Motherhood and Blogging

This is an official entry to Dainty Mom’s Bloggy Goodies Contest, in celebration of the Dainty Mom’s 2nd anniversary”

I see two words seamlessly intertwined whenever I think of myself these days—mom and blogger. I carry around so many titles, like most of you, but these are two titles that I am most proud of. I bask in the glory that motherhood and blogging bring. I’ve always believed that motherhood is the best thing that could ever happen to any woman. It is not falling in love, it is not finding Mr. Right, it is not getting married. It is having your own child. The greatest miracle in life is bringing into this world a child who is the best version of two persons.

Motherhood. There are so many things to hate about being a mother (sleepless nights, teething, boo-boos, poops, teenage drama) but then again, there are a lot more reasons to love being one too. I love how as a mother, I can make my child shine by providing her little and big opportunities to grow into the kind person that she would proudly call her “self.” I love how it has forced me to be at my best all the time–mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Fully nourished in body, heart, mind and soul so as to effectively give the best part of myself to my child and help her develop into the kind of person that we wish her to become. I also love the thought that through motherhood somehow, I am rightfully entitled to a spot in heaven for I was able raise a child who not only has grown confidently in faith and love but who is ready to conquer the world with her own brand of wit, charm, humor, and compassion.

Blogging. It is similar to motherhood in a sense that you do it from the heart. I love how blogging has expanded my horizon in ways that I never thought possible. I love how it has slowly opened me to a world of endless possibilities. How it has forced me to come out of my comfort zone and become involved with life itself. I love how it made me connect and reach out to people more. How it has allowed me to influence people to think, dream and become. And how through it, I can weave words into powerful thoughts from which big meaningful ideas can come.

Motherhood and Blogging, what’s not to love about them. They both have given me a sense of purpose in this world. They have made me realized that I do have something important to share, and what I do and say matter. They have made me richer in wisdom. Everyday, I wake up smiling because of them. They have given me good reasons to be proud of my own capacity to share and inspire others.

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